The voting ritual, submission, and “betrayal blindness”

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Federal Reserve Bank in San Francisco, Califor...

Many banks and courts resemble Roman Temples. This is the Federal Reserve Bank in San Francisco, California, United States. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Betrayal Blindness is a relatively accurately term [suppressing memories of things like physical torture when they are conducted by someone on whom we depend economically (AKA emotionally)]. We could more simply call this phenomenon “submission.” We submit to those who functionally rule us.


The psychology referenced in the link above is the basic idea of trauma. The experience of panic, which would normally result in flight (and fighting if flight is obstructed), is superseded by the nervous system by what we would call horror, resulting not in a fight or flight, but in freezing. That is trauma.


We could even say that freezing is a form of flight. It is not a literal flight, but “playing dead,” such as fainting. When the nutritional resources are lacking (including oxygen to the brain) and the material capacity for violence is so overpowered by one or more aggressors, there is no value to attempting to flee. Complacency arises. Submission develops.


With animal husbandry, this is called “breaking” the horse. It means to subdue.


In the military, this may be called “shock and awe” tactics. The “blitzkrieg” strategy is designed to be fast and overwhelming. The same general method was used by the US in subduing Japan with atomic bombs and in devastating civilian resistance across Southeast Asia, Central America, and today in the Middle East. Most every army and every nation uses this principle. It is the foundation of demoralizing psychological warfare.


In public education, when young children are herded together with the cooperation of their parents and guardians, then presented with an adult authority, such as a nun or a coach, the submission of the young herd to the will of the shepherd is the absolute fundamental outcome to the entire classroom procedure (and the same for pre-schools). In churches, we see the same basic pattern but with adults. In some churches there is an obvious, singular leader selected by a patriarchal hierarchy external to the congregation, and, in other churches, there is less structural rigidity. The Arabic word Islam has been translated in to English as “Submission.”


Federal reserve police car, St. Louis, MO

Federal reserve police car, St. Louis, MO (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


In courtrooms, a member of an elite priesthood conducts rituals to promote “order” in society (submission). With the military support of armies of deputies, the warlord priesthood declares (claims) the existence of tax liabilities, among other things. This is also known as extortion, except extortion is a word invented by that elite priesthood to described the UNAUTHORIZED creation of liability claims OUTSIDE of their ritual method and the hierarchy of their public oath-sworn “secret society.”


The ritual procedures of courts throughout the world originate from Roman (and earlier) roots and their “secret societies” are ultimately under the authority of the Jesuits and Papacy, which has openly claimed global dominion since 1302. These priesthoods declare what payment methods are accepted for their extortion claims.


Description: Newspaper clipping USA, Woodrow W...

Description: Newspaper clipping USA, Woodrow Wilson signs creation of the Federal Reserve. Source: Date: 24 December 1913 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


When conflicting “priesthoods” within the larger network claim the same jurisdiction, then there are a few possible outcomes: singular dominance or embedded alliance. In the case of the the US Confederacy and the Union, the Union “invaded” the Confederacy (“liberated” it). In the case of the USA and the Federal Reserve, the Federal Reserve took it’s place above the existing structure, so there are city taxes (& courts), then counties, then states, then the national government (such as the U.S. Treasury, led by the Secretary), then the Federal level (the Treasurer of the United States).


Once, I reported an incident to the Department of Justice naively expecting them to be interested and investigate. Instead, several employees with first-hand knowledge of a particular sequence of events were all replaced and fired. I expected that “blowing the whistle” would result in a loss of my job, but I did not expect that my disloyalty to the unspoken rules of the system would result in job loss for many other people.


As for “a culture of avoiding knowledge so as to evade responsibility,” that is about evading criminal prosecution and civil penalties. For bureaucrats, there is often an implicit or even explicit “responsibility” to avoid knowledge of certain things and focus on certain other things, including the explicit misrepresentation of information. That is the job of many propagandists and criminal defense lawyers- to effectively mislead.


The entire apparatus of democratic voting is a structure to marginalize the political will of the masses and to protect the key elements of the political system from public influence. Note that slavery and democracy have often coincided. The idea of individual rights is a propaganda tool. When the Jesuits want something done, they just call up the director of the CIA and get it done- without regard to individual rights.


I learned the term CYA in the social work field. It stands for “cover your ass.” The idea includes to write reports that reflect the adherence to professional standards (no matter what the actual history), not just to protect one’s own legal status, but also to protect the institution.


When Oliver North conducted illegal activities many decades ago, he did so with an expectation that, if convicted, he would be pardoned. He was convicted. Then, he was pardoned.


In other cases, “loose-lipped” bureaucrats are targeted for disloyalty- even framed. When a high-ranking general (like Patton) is deemed disloyal, that may result in re-assignment to irrelevance or assassination from within one’s own hierarchy. Same for Prime Ministers and Presidents, like Lincoln and Kennedy.


Coat of arms of the Holy Roman Empire. Blazon:...

Coat of arms of the Holy Roman Empire. Blazon: Or, an eagle displayed sable, armed, beaked, and langued gules. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Those who decline to submit may be fired from positions of authority or killed. That is the reality of the Holy Empire of the Catholic Inquisition. Prior to 1302, the claim to global domination was not explicit, but the same basic priesthood had been operating since the empires of Egypt and Babylon. As the technology for naval military supremacy advanced, the Pope in 1302 could begin things that the prior “King of Kings” would have done a thousand years earlier or three thousand years earlier, but did not have the military technology to pursue without resistance from other warlords.


The purpose of the priesthood is to produce the submission of the “human resources,” to influence them, to regulate them, to govern them, to organize their herds. To further their monopoly, they forbid (with threat of both violence and the psychological warfare of “eternal damnation”) the masses from using the “evil’ methods that they use: lying, stealing, murder, extortion, chemical warfare, nuclear weapons, etc….


If the Pope’s UN wants Iran or North Korea not to do something that the elite of the UN do themselves, that is not a betrayal. That is the fulfillment of their oaths.


Of course, when recent PUBLICITY in the UK about Mr. Saville brought disgrace to the Catholic knighthood, they made up a publicity concoction to “expel” him from the knighthood. Of course!


They control the media and the media tells us what to think about. The media tells us the rules and also tells us who is our legitimate ruler (who has the “divine right” to extort from us and dictate what payment methods are acceptable to discharge the extortion liability claims made by their priesthood).


As for Bush voters citing “honesty” as their reason, shame is the issue. With “cognitive dissonance,” when I am ashamed of dishonesty and I have already voted for a guy who is clearly dishonest, then I may irrationally dismiss his dishonesty (because of my shame about dishonesty), then cite a commitment to honesty as the reason for supporting a candidate that is widely recognized as dishonest. It actually does all make sense. The passion of incumbent-haters and incumbent-lovers is the same emotional passion.

obama us flag gold-fringe

Candidates are presented by the media as magnets for worship, including the worship by hatred, controversy, scandal, sensationalism, and hysteria. Instead of the looking at the very simple basics of the Roman system, most people focus on a few issues of current political intrigue (as directed by the media). The heads of media select the topics to feature. The lobbyists promote special interests and some of the issues are presented to the balloon while other topics are only mentioned in the “alternative press,” which is largely a mouthpiece for the disinformation campaigns of the elite.

Sincere reactionaries make documentaries like “Loose Change” and “Manufacturing Consent” to “wake up the people” to the reality of the system. Their universal desperation is to overthrow the vilified system using… information. For thousands of years, sincere civilians armed only with information have done poorly when confronted by soldiers. The populist glorification of non-violence is typical of idealistic, disempowered fanatics within totalitarian cultures.

tank protester


Protests against violence are popular rituals in the last few thousand years, and some protests have been violent and some non-violent. The USA was founded on violent protest (armed revolution, incited by the Boston Tea Party). The Protestant branch(es) of the Holy Roman Empire famously protest against the violent tyranny of the Romans, but the Protestants are still subject to the Roman courts and their tax extortion, right?


Today is election day in the US. It is one of the most popular rituals of the civil religion of the Holy Roman Empire. Voters show their good citizenship and submission by participating in the ritual. Even in places where there is only one candidate and only one office for election, masses of fanatical loyalists convene to cast their ballot to show their support for “the system.”


Flag of the Holy Roman Empire from 1438

Flag of the Holy Roman Empire from 1438 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Do researchers like Zurbrigger and Freyd really not recognize the papal system of global domination? Probably not. They may eagerly submit to it and participate in it’s rituals.


They may reveal their naivete by saying things like “politics has really gotten nasty in the last 10 days before the election, hasn’t it? Or, in the last 10 months, or last 10 years, or last 10 centuries.


military flag with eagle over gold-fringed flag

military flag with eagle over gold-fringed flag


English: Flag of the United States Federal Res...

Why do these flags have a yellow fringe? It’s the flag of the United States Federal Reserve Bank (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





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5 Responses to “The voting ritual, submission, and “betrayal blindness””

  1. Hell raising Love Monster #1 Says:

    How did the Union “liberate” the confederacy? when they invaded?

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      Yes. When the Zionists rescue the Palestinians from Islam and the tyrannical rule of the Palestinians, that is also called liberation. Liberating a few POWs is distinct from liberating people from the corruption of their own leaders by forcing them to obey new corrupt leaders.

  2. Hell raising Love Monster #1 Says:

    This isn’t clear to me.

    “In the case of the USA and the Federal Reserve, the Federal Reserve took it’s place above the existing structure, so there are city taxes (& courts), then counties, then states, then the national government (such as the U.S. Treasury, led by the Secretary), then the Federal level (the Treasurer of the United States).”

    What is the connection between the Fed taking its place above the existing structure and city taxes, counties and so on?

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      Think of the UN. It does not replace national governments, but rules over them. The Fed rules over the national government of the US, which is the debtor to the Fed. Likewise, the king of kings (the pope) may or may not replace national prime ministers, but certainly rules over them. At least that is what has been claimed openly for the last 710 years by the roman hierarchy.

      • jrfibonacci Says:

        In the case of the European Union, there was made a new central bank that rules over the jurisdictions of dozens of member nations. In the US, the Fed only rules the US directly, but the Fed’s currency is the dominant currency in the world and has been for decades. By controlling the US government (and military), the Fed now has established the closest thing to a global police state that we could mention. The USSR never had as much dominance as the US does today.

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