the sacred partners of desire, expectation, disappointment, frustration, blame, relaxation, & learning



I propose that your desire is sacred. Desire and inspiration and enthusiasm are similar labels for similar things.


Colt McCoy


From desire, a curiousity arises spontaneously to explore new actions with hope. If any activity begins to show favorable results, then hope can lead to expectation. Things may go very smoothly and easily, but not always.


English: A disappointed person

English: A disappointed person (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Expectations are sometimes unfulfilled. Disappointment may arise. Feeling disAppointed or discouraged is a fear about the future- like a future Appointment that you were counting on has been cancelled- a disAppointment.




disappointment. (Photo credit: DeeAshley)


Disappointment is actually not a big deal usually. However, you may be afraid of showing disappointment because of a fear of being condemned or attacked. Maybe other people were expecting you to produce certain results (maybe they pressured you or had hopes and desires for you). Maybe you are afraid that they will be disappointed by your results and then will get angry and condemn you, blame you, punish you.


So, if there is a fear of openly experiencing disappointment, then, rather than withdraw to the possible safety of privacy to grieve, instead, the same methods may be continued. If there is still some desire and some hope, then more activity may be pursued- perhaps even more earnestly, energetically, and anxiously so as to be insulated from expected criticisms. That persistence or insistence may lead beyond mere disappointment to frustration and even a panic of desperation.


Frustration (was: threesixtyfive | day 244)

(Photo credit: Sybren A. Stüvel)


In a panic of disAppointment and desperation, frustration can become so intense that it leads to blaming someone for (allegedly) causing the frustration. The target of an overt blame will always be someone who is perceived to be safe to blame- perhaps someone very physically distant or even a group of people far removed in space and time. Note that no one ever openly blames someone that they are terrified of arousing or disturbing. Of course, there can still be  a private resenting.


Two people in a heated argument about religion...

Two people in a heated argument about religion when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke at Columbia University. Click the audio button found above and to the left to listen to them. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Now, you may be afraid of directly showing anger (as in frustration), because you may want to be polite not rude (to be safe not condemned/punished). Caution may be very intelligent as in safe. Because of such an intelligent resistance to showing frustration, rage can build up and then burst out. Ironically, rage can be even more dangerous.


However, could rage be a signal that you have been using a method that does not fit with your desire? Could blame be a signal that you have been using a method that does not fulfill your desire? Could disappointment be a signal that your methods have not fulfilled your inspiration?


Again, I propose that your desire is sacred. Your inspiration is sacred. Your enthusiasm is sacred.


Because of all those are sacred, so also is everything that leads out of them. Your disappointment is also sacred. Your frustration is sacred. Your blame is sacred. Your rage is sacred. However, your old methods are not sacred.


Produce Vendor

Produce Vendor (Photo credit: La Grande Farmers’ Market)


If certain methods that are already familiar to you are only bringing you disappointment, frustration, blaming, and so on, then it may be time to relax from your old methods. Every method fits perfectly to produce exactly one outcome and only in the appropriate conditions. What if you do not want the results that an old familiar method has been producing in a particular situation?


Relax! If you recognize that you are inspired to produce something else that those old methods do not produce, then consider that inspiration is… holy. Let inspiration and desire lead you to new methods, to new refinements of familiar old methods, to wherever the divinely intelligent Will of God is directing your attention now. For those who are terrified of such spiritual language, then let your enthusiasm and curiosity and passion lead you however your instincts flow.


sacred dog

sacred dog (Photo credit: Sophs74)






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