on complaining about the Federal Reserve & US Dollar

Series of 1929 Federal Reserve Bank Note
It is strange to me that so many seem to speak about the private Federal Reserve and their private US dollar currency as if it is a public service and as if they are extremely responsive to public interests and public opinion. They hold power over the US Government and they have done so since 1933 (when the Fed forced the US in to bankruptcy) if not 1913.

The Fed also dominates what perceptions the federally-licensed media and federal
public school indoctrination programs promote. Most people do not even seem
to notice that the “national government” was simply no longer referenced
and the “federal government” was the new terminology for the new political


Federal reserve police car, St. Louis, MO

Federal reserve police car, St. Louis, MO (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You could complain that your city council should have power over the US
government or that the state governor should have power over the Federal
Reserve (or the Bank for International Settlements, which is the political
superior of the Federal Reserve). Such complaining is just another
presumptive complaint- totally trivial.

If you do not like how the Khadafi or Hussein handles currency, then move
away or invade. That is how diplomacy operates in the big leagues.

If a dictator issues credit (extends legally enforceable credit units) to
their elect club of lenders, that is really none of your business unless
you are in the elect club of lenders. The court system of warlords (judges)
and soldiers (deputies, SWAT teams, police officers, etc) adhere to the
rules set by the generals and higher-ups within their military hierarchy
(or else face the consequences, such as blackmail, torture, and, in the
case of Kennedy or Lincoln or Socrates or Jesus, execution).

Under Law

A Government Temple in the US: “Under Law” of a stone tablet and sword (Photo credit: lahlah)

If you live in a culture where the Roman Gregorian calendar is used by the
local courts, then you are probably operating within a branch jurisdiction
of the Holy Roman Empire. If they also use a Roman-based legal process
(ceremonial military ritual), that is another sign. If they use one of the
Roman Empire‘s languages (Latin, English, Spanish, French), then that is
another sign. If the Jesuits and Zionists quietly dominate the media and
politics and commerce, that is another sign.

The Roman system of course looks a lot like the Egyptian and Babylonian
systems from which it borrows so heavily. Notice the white columns in the
front of so many of the civil court temples. It is classical Egyptian


Edfu Temple, Egypt

Edfu Temple, Egypt (Photo credit: Shelby PDX)



When I typed “USA founded by” in to google, google suggested the following
word for me to go with the other 3: “freemasons.”

See https://www.google.com/search?q=usa+founded+by+freemasons

Think of when the US was shifting from a colonial government to a national
government. (That is when the state governments were originally considered primary with the national government as just the agent or employee of the states for resolving disputes between states and having very little involvement in the everyday lives of the masses, who considered themselves citizens of New York or
Delaware, not US Citizens). The secret societies in the US were a key
factor in how the American Revolution was planned without extensive
interference from British colonial loyalists. “In the United States, the
first Masonic circles began to appear in 1733; by the time of the American
Revolution, nearly 150 lodges existed throughout the colonies.” In fact,
the Continental Congress itself could be considered a secret society, for
that very small group of people claimed the authority to overthrow the
existing government and had been systematically influencing public opinion
for decades in preparation for their secretly-planned revolution.

Federal Reserve Note

Federal Reserve Note (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The US has never been beyond the influence of the Roman Empire and the Rosicrucians and the Jesuits. Even as major elements of formal political supervision by the British Monarchy were abandoned throughout the US by 1780, the foundation of the court system was always Roman civil law. (I just noticed that if Canada wanted to invade the US to renew the pre-1776 commonwealth union, that would probably be a legitimate historical precedence, like much more recent and familiar than the Israeli claim to occupy Palestine.)


English: Reverse of the Great Seal of the Unit...

English: Reverse of the Great Seal of the United States. Dansk: Bagsiden af USAs store statssegl. Deutsch: Siegel der USA, Rückseite Français : Revers du Grand sceau des États-Unis d’Amérique. Македонски: Опачина на грбот на Соединетите Американски Држави 日本語: アメリカ合衆国の国章の裏面。 Svenska: Baksidan av USA:s stora sigill 中文: 美國國徽的反面 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Conventional history tells us that the reverse of the great seal of the US was made in 1789 by prominent members of American secret societies such as Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Ben Franklin. It has the all-seeing eye over the pyramid with the words New World Order in Latin (Novus Ordo Seclorum). Consider that the Fed is not a violation of the original intent of the founders, but a fulfillment thereof.

Look at the religious origin of words like Justitia (justice) and Moneta

Look below the surface of propaganda about the reality of the word





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