kiss the pope’s ring

The pope’s king is kissed in an act of subservience and worship by the Pope’s various prime ministers, monarchs, and other bureaucratic subordinates.
Prime Minister of Italy:
A police chief in Scotland:
Chief kisses Papal Ring
Chavez of Venezuela:
A Muslim and a former terrorist.  It does not matter for the Pope, since he do want to bow down and kiss the idol
Saudi King Abdullah

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4 Responses to “kiss the pope’s ring”

  1. Loving Language Says:

    Interesting! Kissing the hand out of respect is a Mediterranean custom. In the Arab world, kids sometimes kiss their grandfather’s hand. In the Eastern Orthodox world, it is normal to kiss the priest’s hand every time you see him, and especially a bishop’s. If two priests meet, they kiss each other’s hand.

    It’s not necessarily subservience, but respect. That’s why Arafat can kiss the Pope’s hand.

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      Note that the pope does not kiss the hand of Arafat. Keep in mind that the pope openly claims authority over all nations and all prime ministers. Since 1302 with the Papal Bull Unam Sanctum, the claim of global dominance of the Papacy has been generally advancing and largely without effective objection. The UN and so many other prominent entities were created out of Vatican and Jesuit initiatives.

      I was reminded yesterday of the idea that the secret societies that prepared the way for Mohammed were Roman Catholic. When a secret society plans to promote a new prophetic messiah or savior, such as Joseph Smith or Jesus or Jiddu Krishnamurti, there is a pattern of how they operate. Even how George Washington or Fidel Castro or Trotsky were cultivated is basically the same sequence, but without as much emphasis on the “cult of personality.”

      • Loving Language Says:

        I think that there has been significant, effective objection to papal authority since 1053 in the Eastern Churches. When protests broke out in Greece over a papal visit, and when the Patriarch of Moscow pushed back against a visit, I saw this push-back.

      • jrfibonacci Says:

        Of course there have been many protests and objections. Muslims fought back in the crusades. Protestants were so rebellious that an inquisition to terrify and exterminate was launched. Then there is Vlad the impaler (count Dracula) and all the people that he impaled on spears for their rebelliousness.

        There must be opposition to the pope so that there is a public tension for dividing and conquering. False flag operations are done to justify tyranny against the alleged terrorists.

        The pope does not want everyone to be a priest or nun. That would not work. There must be rules that are hard enough to follow that not everyone does follow, so then some of the violators (or accused violators) can be publicly punished or, even better, blackmailed.

        If Stalin or hitler or Israel declares a global domination plan, they may be in league with the pope. It is like the USSR and us- if the US can get the USSR to invade Vietnam or Afghanistan then that is an ideal excuse to go thousands of miles to protect the world from imperialism by conducting imperialism.

        The Vatican created the UN. What justified it? World wars- which the Vatican was also behind. Who made the IMF and BIS? Zionists may be the more obvious promoters, but who is more Zionist than the pope?

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