language is the root of legal claims such as property rights

Is there such a thing as a property right?  What are the foundations of legal claims, as in claims in language?

‎”Since there is no such entity as ‘the public,’ since the public is merely a number of individuals, the idea that ‘the public interest‘ supersedes private interests and rights can have but one meaning: that the interests and rights of some individuals take precedence over the interests and rights of others.” — Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand famously questioned the meaning of “public interest.” Is all “public interest” actually just a linguistic construction made up by agents of media and government propagandists? Do they declare “public interest” as an intentional method of influencing the attention, perception, and behavior of the masses?

North Penn Tactical Response Team of Montgomer...

North Penn Tactical Response Team of Montgomery County Pennsylvania, practicing Cellular Team Tactics (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In just the same sense that there is no such physical entity (as in objectively identifiable as distinct from other organisms) as a “public,” there is also no such physical reality as a right.  What there are actually are just claims in language, which tend to correspond with the physical capacity to prevent a boundary from being crossed, like by putting a fence or wall up and hiring armed guards with loaded weapons to control access across that boundary. Those guards can be “public” police or “criminal” thugs from the drug cartel or “private” security guards.

Fundamentally, there is no such thing as a property right, except in language. A property right that is not physically defended is similar to the ink on a piece of paper- whether that piece of paper might be labeled a constitution or a currency or a court judgment or a treaty or an invoice or a trust any other contract. Consider the example of fiat currencies or even coupons or certificates redeemable for a particular physical commodity like silver or gold. Well, if the issuing entity no longer operates- such as when the Confederacy in the US was “invaded” by the Union armies– then what good are the currency notes issued by that defunct issuer?

confederate dollar note

They are generally discarded and eventually become collector’s items like famous artwork or any other rare antique. If you can wait several decades, a confederate dollar issued in the 1860s might be worth a lot as a collector’s item by the 1920s.

English: Cover of the first book Pola Negri by...

English: Cover of the first book Pola Negri by Ayn Rand published in 1925 in Moscow, Russia. Français : Couverture du premier livre d’Ayn Rand, Pola Negri, publié à Moscou en 1925 en Russie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why do people want gold coins or silver coins? Perhaps a factor is that governments throughout human history have required people to buy the government’s coins made of rare metals. Why did governments choose rare metals? Because they could artificially (systematically) control supply of anything rare, as well as increase demand by doing things like threatening to kill anyone who did pay their taxes in the single method of payment declared acceptable by the dictator. It is just like DeBeers has done with controlling the supply of diamond mining. DeBeers has huge warehouses full of diamonds- not because those diamonds are really worth much to them, but because DeBeers must systematically minimize the flow of diamonds to diamond vendors and the public. They do not want to flood the market.

What if the exact same methods were used by governments to artificially increase the perceived value of are metals like silver and gold that were not actually all that useful industrially, but were rare enough that they could be the only casino tokens that were good in the courts operated by that particular government? Once industrial uses became popular and access became widespread, naturally governments dropped the use of rare metals. In particular, once Spain brought huge amounts of precious metal from the American Continent to Europe, that destabilized the other currency systems there in Europe. While it took a few hundred years to shift away from precious metals (and the shift is not entirely complete), there is no functional reason why the pirates of global empire would not shift to some other rare material as “the great commodity,” such as platinum or diamonds or whatever other casino token they as owners of the casino might wish to declare as “valid legal tender,” perhaps issuing some new “scriptures” such as a new Holy Book to legitimize their claims to be the chosen people, dictated by God as the rightful rulers of humanity.

It could be called a Constitution or anything else, and the “rightful” forms of payment might be declared sacred and holy so as to clarify why gold and silver were no longer to be worshiped as idols, but whatever new idol they presented as “the rightful idol” and measure of earthly wealth, the new standard to replace the gold standard. Many people talk about gold price manipulation as if forcing people to use gold to pay taxes, which is the fundamental gold price manipulation, but what gives them the right to do that (to declare a particular form of payment of taxes is acceptable and to conduct their accounting in that unit)? Well, have you ever heard that “might makes right?”

Atlas sculpture, New York City, by sculptor Le...

Ink can form a record in language of assertions or claims backed by organized physical violence, but it is the actual organized physical violence of governments and cartels and gangs that systematically redistribute wealth. Consider that the sole purpose of governments is to redistribute wealthy by organized coercion, though many governments throughout history have claimed other purposes. They are private business operations of organized piracy like any other cartel or gang. The myths of justice and heroism are part of their propaganda. Consider that drug cartels and gangs may also have heroic myths about their founders, just like any other operation of organized coercion, such as dynasties and monarchies and holy empires of global piracy and tyranny. Those who merely argue against an institution like the inquisition remind me of people who argue against falling bombs as an alleged defense against those bombs being subject to gravity and the physics of explosion.

Anyway, in regard to anti-government propaganda, though, I totally agree that the best thing to do when a government suddenly stops being pure and starts being corrupt is to complain very loudly and publicly, especially against anti-censorship campaigns. Make sure that you let those evil bastards know that you are so afraid of them that you are getting angry and then shout at them in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS of your non-violent poster as you gather in mass protests and march on the army bases and the pentagon the following message of holy rebellion: “YOU ARE MAKING US ANGRY AND YOU BETTER STOP… OR ELSE!”

Or make more explicit threats. It is the patriotic thing to do. Think of Winston Smith from the book 1984 and the results that he got from protesting the immorality of deceptive hypocrisies.

He is the heroic model that all tea party patriot revolutionaries should idolize, worship, and replicate. Or, forgive those who bait you in to labeling them as your enemy.

Just please do not both rebel and wake up from the American Dream. You cannot rebel from it without still being under the spell of it, right?

confederate dollar

first published on April 5, 2012
Not a Federal Reserve Note, but a 1923 Silver Certificate redeemable for one dollar of silver coinage (a coupon):

silver certificate

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