song: “innocent (in a sin)”

innocent (in a sin)

My life was going okay
when I first heard of grace
but I claimed no need for miracles


Mormon_theology (Photo credit: More Good Foundation)

why would I chase for a new faith?
I had not shed a tear in oh so many years
and I said well that’s how it should be
I had not laughed until my side ached
but I said I’ve just been too busy
you laughed so hard you cried?

you laughed so hard you cried? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

then a voice said: “Show me your sin           and I will forgive it
again and again            your shame is your salvation.”
I did not understand       but I know I could feel it
like a deep breath in         what if we are innocent (in a sin)?

I thought of my old enemy                             that I had held in such contempt

Greedy Fingers

Greedy Fingers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was so jealous of the things they had           that I condemned them as greedy and said no I never really wanted that
I said I was a hero for my sacrifice                 and that they were such a villain
I was the better one and far more humble       I was as blind as a dead man in the dark

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