the state as the collective hero or villain

Buckminster Fuller


Q: “I condemn the failure of The Collectivist State as the great shame of humanity! Don’t you agree?!?!”


A: I do not know what you mean by “the failure of the state.” Look in your wallet. Who issued the ID? Do you have financial instruments in your wallet that have their sole purchasing power through state systems of organized coercion? Ever heard of a passport? 

You miss the obvious massive success and economic value of “the state.” It is not a minor oversight. Organized coercion is a big business.


A picture of a wallet.

A picture of a wallet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Q:  I can agree that failure is a relative term. Those that slave themselves to the system might agree it is not a failure. I would measure failure as a failure to operate in its means as in the revenue of the system without borrowing, without increasing tax percentages and without inflating the currency to cheat.


a fundamental problem

a fundamental problem (Photo credit: the|G|™)


Imagine that Iceland borrows six thousand barrels of crude oil from someone, then says “wow, we just realized that we are not going to pay you back and in fact we are thinking of incarcerating you for some crime that we are willing to pass in to law if you argue about us not paying you back. Also, we are thinking of making it a capital offense. Let us know if you have any complaints about our decision and thank you so much for your loyal business. We will be sure to contact you again next time that we need a loan.”
The tax extortion systems of governments is a core function, a glorious success, a massive involuntary redistribution based on coercion AKA domestic terrorism. Colonial imperialism is also a massive crowning achievement. Both domestic coercion and cross-border coercion are piracy.
English: Cropped photo of young Buckminster Fuller

English: Cropped photo of young Buckminster Fuller (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The roots of the modern court systems were traced by people such as Buckminster Fuller from the ancient Phoenician pirates. Their superior shipbuilding led to superior transportation and superior violence against unorganized peasants and fishermen and then superior propaganda methods, which allowed them to set up local agents in the various places were they would frequent. 

Cameron Trading Post, Az 9-2008

Cameron Trading Post, AZ 9-2008 (Photo credit: inkknife_2000)

They created trading posts and trained clerks (then accountants, judges, warlords, and deputy militia). They had salt and herbal medicine and a variety of other rare materials, including a multitude of metal weapons.
Because of their superior military capacity, they attracted generous tributes and very favorable exchange rates. Eventually, they required membership fees to participate in their trading posts and barter exchange networks (like a flea market). Soon, they required that all adults in a region be members of their commercial network whether they came to the trading post or not.
They extended limited voting rights to their membership, with the general members having the authority to vote for council representatives. To qualify to be a considered as a candidate for a council position required oath-sworn membership in an inner priesthood of officers of the court (as in (lawyers or attorneys or pharisees etc). The council had the power to do things like call for the impeachment of a judge who had been appointed by the pharoah or the pope.
Financial instruments enhancing access to RDI ...

Financial instruments enhancing access to RDI (Research Development and Innovation) for companies to achieve Europe 2020 Flagship Inititiatives (Photo credit: Open Days – European Week of Cities and Regions)

Currency - scanned 2012-6-6 04 001

Currency – scanned 2012-6-6 04 001 (Photo credit: George Morris)

When kings were ritually coronated by the local agent of the “king of kings”, then the members of the inner council would be invited to attend. So they had perks. Plus they were immune from various kinds of prosecution. They were the ruling class, the makers of law, the legislators, the elite.
English: Currencies exchange logo Français : L...

English: Currencies exchange logo Français : Logo symbolisant le change de devises (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They create currencies, inflate currencies, deflate currencies, and then train the masses to have massive misconceptions about currency (like through public schools) and then (using mass media) train the masses to complain about how reality does not fit their sacred misconceptions. The masses comply.

English: A stereotypical caricature of a villa...

The devious elitist: A stereotypical caricature of a villain (i.e. generic melodrama villain stock character, with handlebar moustache and black top-hat). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“The state” is the crowning success of human social organization. The direct lineage between ancient piracy and modern court rituals is completely unrecognized by the masses. 




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