“Thank you for blaming me. Maybe you should’ve blamed me! Why not?”

Blame Rehearsals, RHUL

Blame Rehearsals, RHUL (Photo credit: S.Tore)

I used to think that no one should ever blame me, because I thought I was the victim. No one else could ever be the victim for that was my part in my script. But victims imply villains, and when I met you, I was already a victim. So if I ever blamed you, then that was not even your fault.

Thank you for being my villain and for letting me be yours. We blamed each other for everything for which we ever were ashamed. I was afraid to admit my disappointment and my responsibility, and it was so convenient to have you around to condemn. Thank you so much.

Picture of The Villain at Geauga Lake amusemen...

Picture of The Villain at Geauga Lake amusement park. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So now I’m very sad 😉 to have to be the one to break this bad news, but it turns out that you were not a very good villain after all. Eventually I realized that it was me who was blaming you… for issues that were older than any of our time together. If you were a better villain, then I would have been so pre-occupied that I would have never noticed, but now I know that you were not the ultimate villain that once I thought you were.

I forgive you now for being a less than totally convincing villain. Thank you so much for your time and I’ll keep you in my file if I ever need you for a role.

No, I won’t blame you now if you keep blaming me. After all, it really can seem like the only thing to do.

The Joker "Villain" type card

The Joker “Villain” type card (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of course, you’re right for blaming me and you’re right to stay mad, like being afraid to let it show. Anger is a weakness that can lead to make-up sex, and you have probably heard how disappointing that kind of thing can go.

Villain Attacks

Villain Attacks (Photo credit: Ilnaras)

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