taking “the red pill”

Blue pill or the red pill

Blue pill or the red pill (Photo credit: pinkangelbabe)

Taking the red pill

In 2005, before blogs and facebook and social media, I started a group on yahoo called redpill_info. On Oct 10, 2005, I published this: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/redpill_info/message/22


Tree - leaf canopy

Tree – leaf canopy (Photo credit: blmiers2)

So, I am often making reference to the tree as an
analogy or metaphor. Typically, there is reference to
the trunk and the branches. Let’s consider roots for a

A thought is like a seed, whether it is a prayer or a
curse, a question or a wordless imagination. Words are
less like seeds and more like the sprouts that
correspond to the exposed energy of thought expressed-
or just the surface of the seed.

The vitality of any tree includes the hidden roots.
These roots go deeper and deeper, spread farther and
farther. Each root is like it’s own seed- receiving
life from the ground and forming it into an expression
above the ground.

Thinking thusly informs the patterns consequent to
thought. The branches are abundant or tall or wide
according to the content of each thought that pours
energy into some expression, some manifest action,
some instrument and some consequence.

We may ask some “seed question”… and THAT defines
how we explore, what we find, how we apply what we
find, and the results of that application. When you
notice a manifestation that you do not like, do you
prune it- or follow the trail to “not liking it?”
Remember, not liking it is a manifestation also.

Why don’t you like it? What is the question at the
ROOT of that manifestation? Do we stop at the
immediately preceding action?

Do we say “this application is the root of the
problem,” or do we follow the trail below the exposed
application all the way to what is not so exposed-
what we could never witness UNLESS we put another
question/prayer/intention under that
application/manifestation. Why not harness the energy
of the existing root system with another question that
reaches all the way down to “whether we like it or

This is the tree of your life. Witness it.

One can only redeem it if they understand it and one
can only understand it if they accept it. Then, from
accepting to understanding to redeeming, there is

Is the fruit of your tree honor- but also the entire
tree? Every part of the tree has every other part
within it. Look at the leaves- with their little
systems of veins that look so much like… roots. Ah,
but look at the entire tree from the side- and it
looks so much like a leaf; the trunk of the tree is
the stem of the leaf, and, in an evergreen or when the
season is right, all of the leaves of the tree make
the entire tree look something like a leaf.

But even in the winter, there is the pattern of the
roots- just sticking up out from the ground with the
trunk and branches. Do you see this mirroring? What is
exposed is a reflection of what is hidden.

If the root system is compromised, so will this
manifest in the branches and trunk. The life that is
exposed is not isolated from the life that is hidden-
but they are indeed the same life.

Now, when I started typing, I didn’t know how I would
say this, but I knew where I was going. I was going to
say that in your life, your body is the trunk.

I am sharing this because I am just deepening my
understanding of it- and I consider it one of the most
profound insights of my life to date. All of my
various endeavours lead me to this principle: thinking
is hidden, and from thinking emerge forms- including
even each body. The body does not create life, or if
someone put the head back on a decapitated corpse, it
would recover- reborn. The body is the primary
manifestation of some energy of which it is like the
surface of a seed. But if there is no seed, there is
no surface of that seed.

Again, this is what I said about words. Words are not
content, but form. However, by a series of words, the
pattern of the content is evidenced, exposed,
manifested, expressed.

Same for the body. Same for the body!

Every action you take in life- is rooted in thought
and manifest through the trunk of the body. From the
hidden thought, the body is guided into action, into
application, into expression of thought.

I type. I speak. I turn on the computer. I complete
some paperwork. I go to the mailbox. I eat.

Which of these is not rooted in thought and manifested
through the physical body? ALL of them!

So, and I say this in full knowledge that some of you
think I know much about this or that financial matter,
tend to your roots- for these will CREATE your
branches. Further, before you concern yourselves much
with any branch- any consequence- let your first
intent be to honor your consciousness, your next to be
to honor (nourish) your physical form, and your others
to be the this and that of your finances or anything

Your body is the instrument of your every exploration.
Of course, it is silly and false to pretend that the
body is isolated from thinking. Just as your roots
feed the rest of the tree, the rest of the tree
supports the life of the roots; a healthy body is a
channel which arises from the honoring of
consciousness. All of the tree is consciousness, but
we think the body is just body and the financial
accounting is just that- but they are all
consciousness and consciousness feeds all of these.

Yet, how important is that external business operation
without the body? The external business operation does
not exist without the body!

So, many of us focus on this or that financial
interest- and you may know well that I sincerely honor
that focus and offer to competently assist in pursuing
them. Still, this seems to me something of a
circumstantial twist of fate to expose you to this
offer- the offer to explore the principle of honor. We
can explore this as it relates to business, to
relationship, to the bodily health/nourishment, and to
consciousness itself.

First, and perhaps most difficult, I ask you to
consider whether consciousness is the root of every
tree, the content that informs every form. If we imbue
the consciousness of honor into every facet of our
lives, what would happen?

Why, oh why, didn't I take the blue pill ?

Why, oh why, didn’t I take the blue pill ? (Photo credit: ThomasThomas)

Are you laughing? Good. I am quite fascinated by all
the politics and economics and so on and on, but this
is the red pill as I see it. Even the most simple and
profound remedy, intervention, or correction will not
be applied without consciousness- without the choice
to explore.

What is choice but consciousness? Choice is when you
recognize what you value and your recognize the
instruments available and you apply one or more of
them. This may be conscious or unconscious- but taking
the red pill rests on the prior exposure of the FACT
that we are responsible for what comes next. The blue
pill is the rejection of consciousness- but everyone
who really see the red pill for what it is takes it.
There is a choice, but the choice is still inevitable.

I am reminded of a movie in which one line was
something like “we are here not to make choices, but
to recognize why the choice is made.” Yes- and I
actually thought of the line before I thought of the
movie- that was from The Matrix series, but one of the
sequels I think.

But did I choose to think of the line? Did I choose to
think of the movie? It is a process of recognizing,
redeeming, witnessing, and that may be all.

Once you understand, the choice is effortless- you
practice honor. There is no question about it except
perhaps how.

All one does is accept that one chooses, and thus one
has chosen. The acceptance is the choice. From that
accepting, from noticing that the roots do indeed feed
the tree, we cannot go back to when we did not know
about the roots and might have thought the bottom of a
tree was the trunk and known nothing of seeds.

Yes, there is still a question of how we apply our
thinking now that we recognize thinking as the source-
in a given case remote or immediate- but still the
ultimate source of every EXPERIENCE in our life. We of
course are in the midst of circumstance, but if we
really accept the FACT that we are responsible for HOW
we experience circumstances, for the FACT that we
influence circumstances by our actions, our questions,
and our thinking, then there is no question- but a
multitude of questions!

From those questions, there are a multitude of
answers. From those answers, there are a multitude of
easy choices- once you understand the circumstances.
Yes, this means exploring circumstance as well- of
course. How else would we influence any circumstance
but by the creative act of inquiry?

So, understand thinking, then honor it through your
action as it relates to your own body. Isn’t that the
most influential thing you can do for every branch- to
nourish the trunk?

So, now I say that this “branch” is manifest from the
seed of the “honor the body” article, which further
sprouted “healing medicine.” I wonder if this
particular branch is now reaching out far enough to
your consciousness that you will follow it back to the

I am most grateful that I got to that seed by way of
my financial services. That is, my ongoing exploration
of consciousness and health was the fertile soil for a
seed that came to this soil from one of my financial
service clients. I only know so much about how his
tree came to fruit with those seeds, but I would
suggest that this is because he and I were both
exploring honor- just from different directions.

Next, what if it is inevitable that you will explore a
wide range of honorings? Will you explore- in accord
with your circumstances (the present conditions of
your tree)- a sequence of honorings from the body to
consciousness to privacy to prosperity to
interpersonal honoring?

The answer is formed in the questioning. You can
either read the question as mere words or you can
accept the questioning an expression of some author’s
consciousness. If you have chosen to do the latter,
you will still see all these little lines forming
letters and words, but they will be irrelevant once
you understand.

Of course, you are welcome to share these little lines
forming letters and words with others. But that will
come effortlessly as you honor the conscioussness they
express/expose to you.

This is the red pill. It is called honoring. Forget
what it is called and explore it through inquiry and
application, and you will understand that each of us
is the redeemer, the messianic Neo, Alice in
Wonderland, the one behind the curtain in the
Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Accept, witness, redeem, understand, and honor- in
that order. If you encounter complication at any
stage, what would you do?

Remember, inquiry is not a result, but a creative
instrument. The question is not what you are creating,
but how. What results from how which results from why.
If you sincerely want to know why you experience what
you experience, how will lead you there.

Finally, in reference to honoring the body, there is a
massive “physician-assisted suicide” going on- perhaps
right inside your body this very moment. It is easier
to stop than all the other political tragedies going
on today- but only if you value something else more.

The red pill in Alice in Wonderland (and The Matrix)
represents that something else: the freedom that sets
us true. If you have been taking the blue pill because
you thought there was no choice, remember that the
blue pill is neglecting the fact that there is always
a choice- even if you have already made it.

Taking care, we fare well!



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