The Almighty One & The Many

The word "shlama" (peace) in Aramaic...

The word “shlama” (peace) in Aramaic round (Syriac) and square (Hebrew) script (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If there is a label in language that includes all power, such as “The Almighty,” then that label refers to something that would have no competitor, for, logically, there is no power beyond “the Almighty.” You might think of a tree that has many branches. Which branch competes against the tree? None of them!

All of the branches extend from the rest of the tree as a function of the tree. The tree includes every branch.There is no method needed for connecting branches to the tree for the branch is already within the tree and the tree is already within the branch. There is just the realizing of the overlapping linguistic categories of “that one branch” and “that one tree,” like the fact that “the 20th century” already includes “the 1960s.”

pine tree

Lord Almighty

Lord Almighty (Photo credit: Animation Maniac)

So, for many thousands of years, in Sanskrit and Hebrew and Aramaic and Greek and Arabic and English, some people have talked about a linguistic unit that includes all power, all time, all locations, all formations, all of “reality.” If “God” is a label for that which creates all else, then is there any thing has not been created by God? Is there a species that is not created by the Almighty (by the Universe, by Nature)? Which species is outside of reality? Which human language is outside of reality- not a language created by the Almighty God? Which word is outside of reality, not a word of the Almighty God? Which letter is not a letter created by the Almighty? Which two-dimensional shape is not a two-dimensional shape created by the Almighty?

Inscripcciones en Brahmi en el pilar de Sarnath

Inscripcciones en Brahmi en el pilar de Sarnath (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Allah in stone in Rohtas Fort, Distri...

English: Allah in stone in Rohtas Fort, District Jhelum, Punjab, Pakistan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The words God and Allah and Brahman and All-inclusive Reality are all words. All words come a single source. We could label that source “language” or many other labels. The label used may be trivial. The language used may be trivial.

Those who are clear about this reference I am making have what I call faith. They have clarity. They do not agonize our idealisms and idolatries.

When I say that “there is no God but God,” I am not stating a belief. I am declaring a model in language from faith. I am not seeking your agreement. I am simply commanding you to be attentive to the logic of the sequence of words. This “commandment” or “doctrine” has been called “the most important doctrine.”

When I say that there is only one Reality, who has many names, including God and Allah and Adam and Alaska (and all other words), again, that is not a blind presumption or a superstitious idolatry. I am just presenting a model in language. That model happens to be logical, in contrast to most of the models may be familiar to you so far.

Letters used to write the old spelling of the ...

Letters used to write the old spelling of the word “David” (דוד instead of דויד) in old Hebrew script and later Aramaic-influenced script (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, perhaps in the past you have been exposed to some metaphors, some of them translated once or even multiple times (like from the original language in to Greek and then from Greek in to English). When humans speak of the translated metaphors as “the truth,” that is a presumptuous, superstitious belief. Metaphors are just teaching tools.

When I say that the linguistic distinction of God is like a mustard seed from which springs many branches, that is just a metaphor. All of the branches of the mustard tree arise from the seed, so we can say that the seed already abides in the branches and the branches eternally abide in the seed.

Flag of the Kingdom of Bergna, part of The Alm...

Flag of the Kingdom of Bergna, part of The Almighty Empire of Credendo Vides (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I say that the linguistic distinction of “Almighty Reality” is like a mansion which has many rooms, that is also just a metaphor. Look at all the parables about the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of God. They all fit with my statements of faith- though some translations fit better than others, perhaps because of the extent of the fidelity (faithfulness) of the translation.

Of course, historically, when a clear, direct statement of faith is made, that can be quite shocking to worshipers of words and idolatry. That can be confronting. There may be rejection of the simple clarity, or even ridiculing and persecution. There may be antagonistic labelings of nihilism or victimization or atheism or whatever. You could even call my language “atheistic theism” if that comforts any distress you may feel about it (any shame).

Description unavailable

Description unavailable (Photo credit: (¯`·.¸¸.¤*¨¨*¤.๑۩۩۩๑Zeyneeep!)


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