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All over the world, bureaucracies of varying sizes are destabilizing… or are they? If the nation-state as an institution weakens, then the EU weakens with it. The current EU represents the latest peak of “the nation-state bubble,” with the UN and NATO being important pre-cursors, but not as comprehensive in local total influence as the EU.
How would the EU sustain it’s comprehensive bureaucratic might? With what resources?  The US still is the #3 producer of oil in the world. That is real value. What does the EU offer?

Sophiendukat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sure, for a long time, Europe has been the reigning center of global military imperialism through the long line of papal King of Kings at the Vatican, ruling the extended Holy Roman Empire of all nation-states that base their legal system and tax system on the Latin language and Roman system, including the US of course, as well as remote regions of European colonialism, like India and South Africa. Even if the local ruling monarch of a particular nation-state is not ritually crowned by the agent of the Pope (the arch-bishop), that does not mean that the Vatican (and Jesuits, Free Masons, etc) do not have tremendous influence over the secret police at the CIA and KGB and Massad and MI-5 and so on. That just explains why Pharaohs and Popes are their bureaucracies have promoted propaganda myths about a holy King of Kings who rules over the local so-called  “secular kings” (who all just happen to be sworn subordinates of the Pope?).

Wasn’t it some pope who announced the first globalist agenda of communist totalitarianism in something like 1400 AD or 900 AD or whatever? Wasn’t it Karl Marx who said “Workers of the world, unite under my authority, for I am your leader and I claim the whole world in the name of the Pope and God and the American Flag?”

As for the 1600% gains of the US stock sector HUI since late 2000, the dramatic rise in price was an easy call by the first few months of 2003 when I first published reference to it. Anyone who understood basic economics would have agreed with me.
Of course the metals industry and mining industry are manipulated. Were you expecting otherwise? Based on what propaganda? Promoted by whom? The SEC? The DOJ? Are you serious?
English: Crown of the Holy Roman Empire.

English: Crown of the Holy Roman Empire. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let’s look at a relatively recent and well-documented example of market manipulation: diamonds. If one researches the history of the diamond industry, that is very revealing. I won;t give away any of the bloody details, but I will say that controlling supply is essential, for only then demand can be meaningfully manipulated. How is demand manipulated, in the case of gold (or silver), demand is encouraged by forcing people to purchase coins of rare materials like gold (or silver) in order to pay taxes to the bureaucratic agents who threaten things like arrest, eviction, seizure of assets, torture and ritual human sacrifice in the Holy Roman Colonialist Inquisitions of recent centuries. Why did the Kings require payment in gold? Because they had a monopoly on gold mines. They controlled supply. “Artificially increasing demand” is the business of governments. Didn’t you notice? Or are you still regurgitating the idealistic propaganda poured in to you in public school?
So, of course oil and gold have been manipulated. If gold had not been manipulated by being required for the payment of taxes, what value would it be to the average civilian? It is useless to them practically. How many Amish people have stashes of gold? They know that cows are far more useful to humans than gold. However, when the men with the tanks and spears and warheads and machine guns say “we value gold and diamonds,” a few well-placed bullets sure do make the chunks of gold and diamond seem more useful than the cows, don’t they?
The idea that “free markets” exist without any manipulation or “should not be manipulated” is propaganda which is directly contrary to all basic economic observations. Economics is not idealism. That’s politics and propaganda and psychology- which all are predictable based on straight-forward economics. The propagandists who benefit the most from maintaining a monopoly on market manipulations may be the ones most aggressive in promoting Libertarianism and Austrian Economics and so on.
I saw an facebook post today that said “Obama destroyed America.” I am pretty sure that America is still right between the pacific ocean and the atlantic ocean, with a functioning operation of organized violence run out of the Washington DC. America has not been destroyed, but it sure is interesting to see how many people lately are publicizing the demoralizing of the US, as in “let’s make America great AGAIN.”

Have you been to Iraq lately? Have you told an Iraqi in Iraq that the US has been destroyed (by Obama of course) and is no longer great and mighty and influential and ready to blow up lots of stuff (including civilians)?

Hughes 369D - N484 U.S. Department of Justice DOJ

Hughes 369D – N484 U.S. Department of Justice DOJ (Photo credit: AV8PIX Christopher Ebdon)


Flag of the Holy Roman Empire from 1438

Flag of the Holy Roman Empire from 1438 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Back to the conspiracy myth that governments would ever manipulate markets, note that in the late 20th century, when the US Dept. of JUSTICE went after the DeBeers diamond company in South Africa, the ruling South Africans knew that the thugs at the DOJ would have no leverage over them (no authority). The DOJ is not going to aggressively go after a higher ranking element of the global Holy Roman bureaucracy. Someone within the chain of command will interrupt a DOJ pursuit of one of the “good fellas,” even if it means removing a local figurehead such as Lincoln or Kennedy, or by methods of less obvious and less direct influence (look up John Perkins: Economic Hit Man and always remember that when a high0rabking member of the assassin network claims to be a former member, like Yuri B., we can always have total confidence that they are in fact former members and that their New York Times-listed best-selling books are evidence that they have kept a very low profile out of paralyzing fear of being targeted by radical members of the mainstream powers-that-be, such as the New York Times).
Cover of "Confessions of an Economic Hit ...

Cover of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

Wake up, people! Is it really so safe to assemble in crowds that are very convenient for machine guns to reach? Ask the 100 million civilians killed by their own governments in China and the USSR last century. Oops- they are all dead now, so you can’t ask them, can you? But can you remember them, right? You can learn from their mistakes, right? Or, maybe you are unconsciously compelled to follow their leads and their methods and chase after their results.
Anyway, in conclusion, to the top 1% income-earners of the global elite who earn more than $35,000 per year, here is what I have to say: “First, why are so many of you in the EU and the US? Second, why are so many of you suddenly complaining and protesting? Where were you in the 1980s or the 1940s when the elite were devastating the masses in Asia and Africa and Latin America? And on the subject of protesting, don’t you people know that the Holy Roman Imperialists has a history of doing cruel and unusual things to people who resist them? Haven’t you heard of the crusades and Count Dracula (Vlad the Impaler)? These people are DANGEROUS!” 😉
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

European Union

European Union (Photo credit: erjkprunczýk)


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