What is Faith and God?

English: This is the religious symbol of Ayyav...

English: This is the religious symbol of Ayyavazhi, an Indian Dharmic belief system. Français : Symbole religieux de l’Ayyavazhi, dans la croyance Dharma. Русский: Религиозный символ Айявари, айяважи или айявали – религиозного дхармического течения: свеча на лепестках лотоса. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I use the term God to refer to the creative source which witnesses all forms of life, including the forms of fear or anger or sadness. All of those forms are forms of life or God, patterns of life or God. You and I are such forms.

As for faith, let’s be clear that many people may use the word faith but yet completely lack faith, instead having only sincere belief relating to presumptively (even desperately) worshiping particular constructions made of words. Faith relates to recognizing that constructions made of words are simply symbolic constructions made of words.

So, because I have faith in God, as in consciously using the label God not as a desperate insistence but simply as a linguistic label, I would have no issue with someone else using that label differently or not at all. If someone else used the term Allah or Yahweh or Brahman, (or spoke with an accent different from mine or a language different from mine) that would have no conflict with my faith- my conscious use of language. Faith pertains to conscious use of linguistic labels.

An example of Allāh written in simple Arabic c...

An example of Allāh written in simple Arabic calligraphy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now, someone may say “My body has been possessed by the demons of cancer, diabetes, obesity, and baldness,” but that is not faith. That is belief, which is presumptive and based on fear. They are just mechanically repeating the curses which have been pronounced on them by the priests of western medicine.

Dumaine Street Between Bourbon and Royal, Fren...

Dumaine Street Between Bourbon and Royal, French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana (Photo credit: Ken Lund)

Consider that when anger arises (or in particular contempt and rage) in response to someone not agreeing or even disagreeing or contradicting, that reaction is a sign of belief rather than faith. Faith does not react with rage. Faith has no conflict with alternate constructions in language.

Someone without understanding may argue that a year is composed of 12 parts called months, not 4 parts called seasons. Someone with an understanding of the nature of labels has faith, so they do not argue over dividing a year in to 365 parts or 52 parts or whatever. Those who do not understand the nature of labels and language have not developed faith, and so they operate in presumptive belief as in sincere attachment to symbolic myth models. To one with faith, the fear and rage of those without faith is just a developmental stage.

If you have never witnessed such a usage of language as you have just read, that may be because faith (“enlightenment”) is
extremely rare within some cultures- or at least kept rather private. 😉

English: A green version of http://commons.wik...

English: A green version of http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Image:Allah-eser2.jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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