song recording: “perfect” (miracle of God)



from gods heaven above her angel from heaven

from gods heaven above her angel from heaven (Photo credit: duanecouch)


You were perfect                       but then you learned to speak            and then you could believe                in something you should be
instead of what is real                        you learned to worship an ideal

it’s only natural                     that the actual issue is just your disbelief            that it could even be possible               that what you say is optional
but what you are is truly magical mystical              a miracle of God

it’s only logical that how you are                is how God made you – perfect-      and if you claim to be flawed    that can help you get along
with other folks who say that they should not be how they are

but don’t believe a word of it         find out for yourself through your own experience        then you can have faith in it         not hoping or wishing but knowing in your heart

you are perfect                           still                         but don’t believe a word of it                   just feel it
you can forget your affirmations      when you have this revelation          you can stop praying to become what you now are                you are perfect




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One Response to “song recording: “perfect” (miracle of God)”

  1. livvy1234 Says:

    Phenomenal song, the imagery creating itself was PERFECT! Thank you for produc I N G this musical koan.

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