the holy one and the divided one


Published on: Sep 16, 2009
A great transition is upon us, with an old pattern collapsing and a new pattern emerging. A process of separation is underway, dividing the divided from the holy.

The divided believe that there is another who is nothing like them, and name that other their enemy. The divided reserve their praise for a select few, blaming others. The divided respect persons as not just distinct but as isolated, for the divided have isolated themselves as most special, more important, better compared to any that they presume to condemn.

The divided condemn because they are divided within by their own guilt, so they are clearly identifiable as the ones seeking to justify themselves, lowering others to raise themselves in defense of their own opinions. They divert attention from their own way and compensate for their guilt by striving for both forgiveness and revenge.

The divided argue in vain over the past, the pesent, and the future, contemplating with desperation like so: do this or do that or do both or do niether? The divided struggle to discover what is the right thing and what is the wrong thing to do, for they do not already know- whatever they may claim. They even rely on books and words and interpretations, for, again, they do not know the truth from within- which truth they may even admit to be the source of the words and books which they may worship instead of the simple truth itself.

The holy know that there is an end to the suffering of divisiveness. Let the divided stop dividing life into the part to protect and the part to protest.

Rather, be still and know the end of suffering. Receive heaven not later but now; let this be the first priority.

This is a warning to those who have been blinded by the ambitions of their shame, by pre-occupation with how they may seem to others, by beliefs which divide them from others and even divide one within one’s self. Some have been divided between fear and thus hope, between worry and thus relief but then only more agonizing again, and between a shifting mixture of self-glorification and complaint.

Let the divided one stop any complaining. Complaining does not justify anyone, but promotes the suffering of the one complaining. If the holy one has a request, it is made clearly and powerfully, directly to one who can fulfill the request. Such a request is made for the integrity of the act of making the request, letting the results come as they may.

So, let the divided one stop glorifying in past results. Enjoy results, but let the glory be all God‘s. Every result anyone has ever produced is not one’s alone, but a temporary culmination of causes and effects that are impossible to isolate from the entirety of all life throughout time. The holy one knows this and is secure in this knowing.

The holy bless even the divided. In the presence of someone’s struggle for self-glorification, the holy one may re-assure, or interrupt, or question later, or none of these- as fits the situation, simply promoting only whatever result inspires the holy one to act.

The holy one allows for fear and for hope and for all the other fluctuations of the divided mind to arise and perhaps to suddenly subside. Further, the holy one may participate in a refining of fear into determination, hope into inspiration, and so on.


The Holy Seapulchre Church, Jerusalem. Catholi...

The Holy Seapulchre Church, Jerusalem. Catholic Holy Mass on Maundy Thursday / Crkva Svetoga groba u Jeruzalemu. Katolička sveta misa na Veliki četvrtak. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


In the coming shift, the one who would save one’s self can keep nothing when their experience of darkness is total. The one who is willing to risk anything and everything is safe only at the eye of the storm.

The divided will suffer increasing confusion, agony, grief, depression, and antagonism. The holy one already knows redemption and inspiration while living in heaven now… with a peace beyond the reasoning mind of the one divided between us and them, past and future, and either this or that.


(Note that The Holy One is simply a construction in language and The Holy One INCLUDES The Divided One similar to how the trunks of a tree extend in to the branches- the subdivisions.)


Matthew 6:33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and 

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all
these things will be given to you as well. 
// – 16k

Luke 12:31 But seek his kingdom, and these things will be given to 

 But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his justice, and
all these things shall be added unto you. 
// – 15k
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3 Responses to “the holy one and the divided one”

  1. Transformational Truths - For His Honor Says:

    God Himself is the divider and He said His word divides the very soul and spirit which man cannot see or even perceive. The great divider of mankind, seperating the “sheep” from the “goats” and making judgments which are holy, just and righteous. And there is always a division between the good and evil, holy and unholy, and God makes those decisions not us. If our judgments are “HIS JUDGMENTS” we only echo His not ours!

    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Says:

      If you are speaking from a presumption that God is not within you (a rejecting of God or denial of God), then the conclusions you state may seem natural and logical. However, every creation of God is a branch of God and anyone who says that something is not a creation of God is “missing the mark” as in “missing the point.”

      You as a personality have no power to make a decision at all. You are just a branching of God. Any personal claim to have made a decision is also not from you, but just what God has established as a human experience in order to develop the experience through the human stage.

      A caterpillar may presume or even insist that the caterpillar is the fulfillment of evolution and not just a stage. That would also just be another creation of God in language.

      God creates language and various languages. God creates experience and various human experiences.

      The Divided One (or divisive one or exclusive one or slanderer or dia-bolos or devil or, in Sanskrit, “Mara”) is just a stage of experience. God creates every stage of every experience.

    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Says:

      In other words, consider that claiming to have your own judgment is an instance of arrogant sin. I say this not as an accusation or shaming, but as one who has had that same experience, as the creator of that experience, as God. God’s judging is of an entirely distinct kind than the judging of one who claims to be divided from God. God’s judging has no fear and no animosity. God’s judging is discernment or discrimination, rather than condemnation and vilification.

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