kiss your dentist goodbye by Dr. Ellie Phillips, DDS

Dr. ellie phillips, dds

Kiss your Dentist Goodbye

I found this very interesting and shared it with many friends (and below you can see a bit of one dialogue that developed). A dentist named Ellie Phillips talks about how she has kept her mouth so healthy that she has not been to a dentist in the last 22 years.

Her system:

before sleep and at rising:

1) first, use mouthwash – “closys” – (for 1-2 minutes)
2) then brush with Crest (original cavity protection w sodium flouride) – amount to use: 1 grain of rice – brush entire teeth down to gums – do not rinse with water, instead…
3) rinse with original Listerine (squish between teeth) (no more than 1 minute, at least 30 seconds)
4) then use ACT mouthrinse (keep in mouth as long as possible)

use xylitol throughout day (in chewing gum, drink, or straight granules)

~ $9 for 1 lb of xylitol at health food store (3 month supply for 1 person)


Xylitol (Photo credit: bitterlysweet)

“Garry, what do you think of Ellie Phillips and her system?”

Garry (who introduced me to traditional/ancient health and diet in 2005) just wrote me this reply:

Hi JR,
Thanks for sending this. I am not sure if you are endorsing this system or wanting to make a point of what not to do to your health.

This dentist is either trying to sell her book or is wanting to help adults and children truly have better oral health. Her objective is perhaps a little of both. I would not buy her book, as she is either misinformed or ignorant of the side effects of the products/chemicals she’s recommending to be used with her system.

Using such unnatural, chemically ladened products is a very poor choice for any adult, teaching children to use such toxic products is grossly irresponsible.

All of the procedures she mentions are easily found using healthy natural products. She either has never researched them or doesn’t want to.

Hope you’re doing well…

Live Long … Live Well


Paleo Diet, Xylitol, & WAPF

Dear Garry,

Thank you for your reply. I do not know what you are referencing specifically. She is very clear not to swallow the toothpaste or the listerine (which she emphasizes should not be used for more than 60 seconds).

Also, her system is far from new, at least in general. The xylitol is a modern-sounding name for a sugar compound found in birch. It has apparently been used for at least 2500 years (with excellent, well-documented results).

The xylitol apparently supports the utilization of minerals to strengthen teeth and thus 100% prevents cavities (the collapsing of undernourished teeth) if used properly. She does not get too deep (in that interview) in to the background of bacteria in the mouth, but simply says “no matter what bacteria are at issue, a simple sequence of washes can strengthen the enamel of teeth and clean the mouth of any inflammatory bacteria.”

She does make some of the same presumptions as the Weston A Price model and is not suggesting that healthy people on a lifelong paleo diet switch to a Weston A Price diet, but that her system (including a transition away from standard diet toward a WAPF diet) is a huge advance over a long list of standard conventional dental procedures as well as well as modern remedial “advances” such as water picks and dental floss, both of which she warns against strongly.

She dismisses paranoid naivete (as in cynicism) and celebrates exploration of the data for those who are interested. She says that over-generalizing is the problem, not the specific procedures that work very well if followed closely.

It is like dismissing all milk because pasteurized milk from unhealthy cows isn’t very healthy. However, mammals still produce milk for a reason- the same one as for the last several million years.

You, Garry, may have been too harsh with her presumptively. Relative to mainstream dental practices, her methods are a fraction of the cost (to the extent that most people with reasonably healthy teeth will never need to go to a dentist again after one or two more cleanings). She says that it has been 22 years since she had any issue that would bring her to hire a dentist herself to reach in to her mouth and intervene. Further, because of handling bacteria at the mouth where it is easy to reach, her system prevents ear infections and other systemic bacterial inflammations and may err on the side of “too much” hygiene, but hygiene is not sterilization.

Like Aajonus Vonderplanitz, she makes a general instruction for the general public as well as specification for people with various more severe issues. Here is her short summary of the requisites of all dental disease: pervasive oral acidity and dry mouth

“Mouth Acidity + Dry Mouth = Cavities and Dental Disease”


Also, the point about acidity leading to cavities is not to replace the importance of minerals, but to note that lots of minerals will not prevent decay if the tooth enamel is frequently enough bathed in the acid of sodas and many popular fruit juices.

In traditional cultures, mineral-rich diets were enough. Today, people who try to add sodas in to a primarily paleo diet or WAPF diet (WAPF = Weston A Price Foundation) will not have the oral health of lifelong paleos who do not consume sodas.

Bone broths are great. However, using the wrong toothpastes (especially “whiteners”) will remove minerals from teeth faster than some people are supplying them through diet.


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2 Responses to “kiss your dentist goodbye by Dr. Ellie Phillips, DDS”

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  2. Lukas Says:

    Thank you for the review.

    I’m into dental guides right now as I used to have terrible oral health. The first dental book guide I read was “Dentist Be Damned” by Alice Barnes. It was pretty informative and detailed. I followed her tips and my dental health has improved dramatically.

    Then I was told about “Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye”. Not sure if it is good. So I google it and found your site. Thank you for the review! I will go to my local library to see if they have this book or not.

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