more dialogue on the language of identity (and confusion and sin)

Satyajit Padhye is a 3rd-generation ventriloqu...

Satyajit Padhye is a 3rd-generation ventriloquist and puppeteer, and son of Ramdas Padhye. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Anna’s brother” wrote:

I’m a puppet and I don’t wish to be one.

I would like to lose all the jokes, hear all the punchlines already. Why must I be tormented to be a part of a mockery. 

J.R. replies:

Once upon a time there was a puppet on my hand. I made the puppet’s mouth move and say: “I don’t wish to be a puppet.”

Then I laughed at the puppet and called it an idiot, then added: “You don’t have any choice, do you?” Then the puppet just looked at me with those cute little button eyes…. Why does the puppet on my hand torment me like that?

English: Jeff Dunham, American comedian, with ...

English: Jeff Dunham, American comedian, with his puppet / character “Achmed the Dead Terrorist” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The above part is rather simple. The rest is a continuation of the prior dialogue and contains references that will be most clear after a familiarity with the prior dialogue. (See prior blog post.)

“Anna’s brother” also sent me this quote: 

….Some one being must be “greatest in being” and have all desirable qualities to the maximum extent. “Therefore there must also be something which is to all beings the cause of their being, goodness, and every other perfection; and this we call God.”

J.R. replies:

That is one way to create God, but it is creating God from a human perspective. God is not only the source of all good, but of all labeling of good and evil, of all language.

If God is the only creator, then God creates a branching of God called the devil and another called evil actions and another called confusion. Confusion arises from believing a false presumption- as distinct from mere ignorance or surprise.

Confusion (and frustration and all that can arise from confusion) involves accidentally mistaking one thing for another, confusing one thing for another. Here is a famous example.

Astronomers and mathematicians studied the movement of the planets and noticed that some planets “move in retrograde” in predictable cycles. For those who insisted that the earth was central and that the other planets orbit around the earth, there was confusion and terror and shame and animosity. The data contradicted their idolatrous beliefs and in their innocent terror, they clung to their idolatry in favor of the actual data.

That is sin. Confusion is the root of all sin. Confusion is always innocent. God recognizes that for God creates both confusion and sin and innocence as well as all other labels in language.

English: A mugshot of Puppet, S.

English: A mugshot of Puppet, S. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Imagine sitting in a traveling automobile with a young child. Your vehicle is going faster than another vehicle which is traveling in the same direction as you- perhaps a bicycle. The young child says “wow- look, that bicycle is moving backwards!”

Do you argue with them? Do you condemn them for their ignorance? Do you simply correct them?

If the child is clearly confused about it- or perhaps even distressed- then you might make some response, perhaps explaining in words or demonstrating with some objects. Or, if you are the ruler of an idolatrous, terrified Holy Empire, you might start an Inquisition to discourage people from embarrassing you with “ridiculous” (unfamiliar) explanations about “backward-traveling objects” and retrograde motion.

The ignorant are innocent of their ignorance. You may be the superior authority, but refuse to accept responsibility and authority, and so you condemn the 4 year-old for their innocent mistake. That would be your terror reacting to theirs.

Galileo (who contemptuously insulted the Roman Catholic hierarchy) sinned by political arrogance and so the Holy Empire punished him (or God did through them). The Roman Catholic hierarchy sinned from intellectual arrogance and, one might say that God is providing for their rewards and their punishments.

God also forgives them all. Forgiveness is about a lack of personal resentment (as in fear), not about a lack of consequences.

The symbol of Neptune is a trident. The symbol of Poseidon is a trident. The symbol of the Devil is a trident.

These are the same psycho-mytho-linguistic archetypes. The devil is the ruler of confusion. The devil is the agent of God, the instrument of God, the final mentor of Jesus when Jesus was out in the desert.

The Temptation of Christ, 1854

The Temptation of Christ, 1854 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To experience hell, one must condemn the devil for unjustly punishing. One must reject the devil’s authority. One must reject the devil as not being God’s agent and not having God’s authority.

Back to the title of the original youtube video on psychological shadows, the only way that one can reject God’s authority in the devil is to reject God’s authority in one’s self. The only way that someone can reject that the devil is God’s agent is to reject that one is God’s agent.

Condemnation is all about jealousy. It is all an innocent mistake. It is all based on a false presumption believed idolatrously. That is called a confusion.

The devil is a joke. God is a joke. You are a joke. I am a joke.

It does not matter if you reject the devil or not. If you do, life is hell. If you do not, you simply cease to exist.

When you reject the part of yourself that you call “fundamentally wrong” (the devil, the evil), then you create the devil as God. God does not claim to create God. That is a logical fallacy. God just is.

Simply being does not require doing anything, but activity may arise. When there is no identifying present to claim glory or guilt, then there is no reference to a who. When there is identifying present to claim personal glory or personal guilt, that is a sin, but all sinning is innocent.

It is rejecting God to claim personal glory or personal guilt. It is rejecting the idea that it is God’s will through which all things are created.

It is better to forget God than to jealously reject God. However, that it is impossible to systematically forget something, because trying to forget it involves maintaining a focus on it, like “do not think about pink elephants” or “do not think about God.”

It is better to know that personal glory and personal guilt are both jokes. It is better to know that God is a joke and language is a joke and the word God is just an arising in language.

It is better to forget jokes. “Better” is also just a joke.

There should be no such thing as irony. There should be no such thing as paradox.

Language is the root of all irony and paradox, which is why I condemn it and reject it. There should be no such thing as language, and, fortunately for you and I, there is no such thing as language. The reason for that is that the devil has frightened God in to pretending to make up stories that are not real stories, but are actually just a bunch of words in no particular order at all.

Whatever you do, beware of relaxing. Relaxing is extremely dangerous because it can lead directly to what you already are and what is already happening.

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