mammals spread hysteria about milk from unpasteurized humans

English: A statue of a kid drinking milk from ...

English: A statue of a kid drinking milk from the breast of his mother. Sex Museum in Tongli, China. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nederlands: Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever...

Studies show that uneducated puppies do not recognize the dangers they face by drinking raw milk. Nederlands: Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever – Nestje pups (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

mammals spread hysteria about milk from unpasteurized humans

Mammals, unite! Why is there not more public hysteria about the consumption of unpasteurized breast milk? Last year alone, (specifically, 1809) false reports indicate that 19 naively ignorant human infants worldwide DIED from consumption of unpasteurized human breast milk that was tainted with “the cooties!” (See the attached image showing an infant who was heroically saved from the dangers of unpasteurized milk by being turned in to stone moments before contacting a life-threatening nipple, which was also turned in to stone so as to protect other infants from possible contamination with mammary fluids.)

Conspiracy theorists claim that the word “nursing” is related to the word nourishing and nutrition and nurse practitioner. However, 4 year-old nursing instructor Bobby B. recently shouted with tremendous emotion that “nursing is only for babies. I am a big boy now. Girls are gross, right, Mommy?”

Further complicating the legal controversy, if fresh milk is not immediately consumed, it can transform in to such terrifying substances as sour cream, yogurt, cheese, butter, and 1% milk (which raises the obvious question of what is the other 99% percent if only 1% of it is milk?). Obviously, humanity must immediately stop consuming these anti-mammalian substances or else face the risk of surviving another 10,000 years with outstanding physiological functionality.

Paranoid hysteria is the only solution! Help to spread the anti-mammal, anti-breastfeeding hysteria by sharing this message, or else that can only mean that you are not a truly patriotic mammal.

Illegal disclaimer: The International Therapeuticalist Council for Hysteria (ITCH) has conclusively claimed that raw milk is for only safe for consumption by humans who have been adequately pasteurized, sterilized,  and propagandized. Please donate now to help prevent the contagious spread of a deficiency of high-fructose soy syrup and to require that a warning label be placed over the nipples of all unpasteurized females.


Nursing – another unsuspecting infant succumbs to peer pressure from millions of years of genetic instinct (Photo credit: Grahford)

Español: Lactancia materna en el Parc de la Ci...




An excellent article from one of my favorite authors challenges a lot of common presumptions about early humans and their consumption of the dairy from herded animals in paleolithic times:


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5 Responses to “mammals spread hysteria about milk from unpasteurized humans”

  1. wordpressreport Says:

    Reblogged this on WordPress Report.

  2. Marcin Says:

    I’m shocked, I can’t believe my lovely mother would do this horrendous thing to me and allowed me to suck her unpasteurized milk! I’ve been tricked and betrayed since my birth!!!

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      That’s just the beginning, Marcin!

      Even before your birth, gallons of unpasteurized blood were poured in to you through umbilical tube force-feeding. The lack of respect for obtaining the prior consent of the egg cell and sperm cell is truly horrifying.

  3. Anti-fat hysteria and the silly question of whether immune systems are good or bad « power of language blog: partnering with reality by JR Fibonacci Says:

    […] Related to the anti-bacterial hysteria (and the pro-sterility hysteria in general) is the anti-meat hysteria and, in particular, the anti-raw hysteria (especially in regard to the consumption of raw animal products, including, quite famously in recent legal cases, raw dairy products). I address the anti-dairy hysteria in posts like these:… […]

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