song recording: “my favorite game”

 my favorite game

I’ve been a victim of circumstance competing for last place
trying to to get my story believed by everyone in my race
pass me, don’t save me, just leave me to die I don’t deserve you, now please don’t start to cry
cause our only enemy is reverse psychology so please don’t use that thing on me

I don’t know that I have no power I’m just frustrated surely not a coward

things should already be however I say

why should I have to say how things already are

cause that could ruin my favorite game and my game must survive or else my game would die


Like (Photo credit: afagen)

My Favorite Things (song)

My Favorite Things (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I can’t be powerful, people won’t like me and I need to be liked so I can be powerful
I can’t be happy, people will be jealous and I need to be happy so people will like me
all of my tragedy is harsh reality there is no comedy in all my parody
and there is no irony in all my satire and there is no satire in my sincere lies
I used to believe in the future now I don’t even believe in my past
I was a liar, a rebel, a critic, a devil I stirred up disturbance just to get some attention
I have no regrets or worries to forget no accusations to prove or defend
no excuses, short fuses, or confusions to protect to the death


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