lyrics: “don’t use reverse psychology on me”

reverse the psyche (in reverse)

reverse the psyche (in reverse) (Photo credit: steve loya)

don’t use reverse psychologyon me

Reverse Psychology

Reverse Psychology (Photo credit: Misserion)


Everyone wants to be loved

loved by mom, loved by God

loved by someone, anyone, and everyone
wants to be loved just like you… do
so what do we do with all of these people
that want to be loved, that want to be valued
I’ve got an idea, but I don’t know if you’ll love it
Do you want to hear it? Do you want me to share?
We all could go wild and love like it’s the last day
of a special deal before they make it criminal
we’d love for the thrill of a forbidden taboo
try not to get caught, don’t you tell anyone
I don’t love you, oh no- that would be way too personal
I don’t like you, oh no- even that would be a little too real
and I don’t ever lie, oh no- that would be immoral
so please don’t ever laugh, oh no- that could be way too much fun
don’t feel the way you feel
don’t be the way you are
don’t think the way you think
don’t speak the way you talk
don’t love the way you love
don’t want the way you want
don’t fear the way you fear
and don’t use reverse psychology on me
Not So Much to Be Loved as to Love

Not So Much to Be Loved as to Love (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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One Response to “lyrics: “don’t use reverse psychology on me””

  1. emma Says:

    Wow. I like this. A lot. I’m off to read more of your blog.

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