audio: the best (“how do we find grace?”)

The Pilgrimage of Grace 1536

The Pilgrimage of Grace 1536 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


First there was one word. Soon, many others followed. Now, you know… how all the trouble started

“Which word is the best?” many people wondered. “Love or God or Jesus?” the agonizing mumbled.
A baby said, “mom,” and everybody smiled. If only for a moment, the arguing stopped.
“How do we find grace?” someone asked the wise man. “First, you just stop looking, and then your eyes can open wide.”

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3 Responses to “audio: the best (“how do we find grace?”)”

  1. timbob Says:

    Hello. Thanks for the pingback and also for assembling what looks like an impressive collection of writings. I’m planning to spend some time this weekend going through some of the posts that you have linked to.

    Blessings always in Jesus name.


  2. Pat Says:

    I enjoyed my visit! It’s good to do some blog hopping and you have some good ones to visit.Thanks for the hook up! 😀

  3. Mary Says:

    Thank you for the reference to my work. I hope it inspires many along the way.

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