the most essential distinction: being content or being contentious

Now, how I am is serene, at ease, at peace, calm, steady, empty, open, pure, content. Perfectly content, I am the witnessing of all perceiving, including the perceptions of all contending and all contentiousness and all contention.

I am the witnessing of the operating of language. I am witness to the contrast between being content and being contentious. However, to say “being contentious” is actually a new labeling of some other distinct activity or process as the contentious activity or process or behavior. The new labeling of something else as contentious is itself a distinct activity or process- the process of labeling. I can witness the arising of the activity of labeling in language, such as the labeling of “contending” and “contentiousness” and contention” and “being content” and “I” and “serene” and so on.
Contending is something that I can witness. Contending is also something that I can do.
How can I do the activity of contending? I can label something as contending or contentious or contention. That labeling of something as contending or contentious or contention could be contrasted with me as the one who claims to be content. However, without the operating of language, is there a labeling of a someone who claims to be content in contrast to some process of contending, some activity of contention, some pattern of contentiousness, some claiming of discontent.
Labeling of different parts of a neuron

Labeling of different parts of a neuron (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Witnessing the operating of language, I am contrasting the labeling of content with the labeling of discontent and contentiousness and contending. When the operating of language is present as the labeling of something as contentious, is there also an operating of language present as the labeling of someone who simply is serene and content?

When the language of contentiousness is present, is there also a contending against that language of contentiousness? Is there a process of claiming to be someone who is content in contrast to the something which is labeled as the contentiousness or the contending?
When I am simply being content, I can be content even with contentiousness. The operating of the language of contentiousness can be or not, and, either way, no one even needs to be claimed as being the one who is content with any of that or not.
When the witnessing of the operating of language is happening without any additional identifying of someone who exists in contrast to that observed operating of language, then perhaps all that is happening is that operating of language. However, when the witnessing of the operating of language is happening including a specific additional distinct identifying of a someone who exists and who labels their existence or being in a stark contrast to a contentiousness that is labeled as external to them, that is still just the operating of language.
Werner Erhard and Associates v. Christopher Co...

Werner Erhard and Associates v. Christopher Cox for Congress (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, to paraphrase an ancient Zen koan, consider that when a tree falls in a remote, isolated, abandoned forest, but there is no one there to ask whether or not a tree has fallen, then all that has been happening in the asking of the question is the operating of what? Now, what am I except for the operating of language? Now, the operating of language is serene, at ease, at peace, calm, steady, empty, open, pure, content, contentious, contending, contrasting, labeling, operating, witnessing, simply being.

Be still and know the kingdom of heaven within. Simply remain as you are already.
By the way, faith is the fruit of being in heaven already. Striving to get faith as well as striving to be perceived as having faith or as being faithful is the height of agonizing and vanity and idolatry and heresy and blasphemy. Striving is also required in order to be clear about the absence of the behavior of striving.
the devil's pitchfork?

the devil’s pitchfork?

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10 Responses to “the most essential distinction: being content or being contentious”

  1. johnedoe Says:

    HEY MAN!,…HOW ARE YOU DOING???…….first,…i gotta tell ya,…i got a notice on my page that said you commented on something that i wrote,….but i never saw your comment??? i’m new to all this blog stuff, and maybe my page has a ”glitch???”,…but,…i dunno,….so,…please share your ”comment” again on whichever writing that it was,….i think it was K.I.S.S….???….i love hearing others thoughts!,….please re-comment!

    second,….i just read what you wrote here,….although i haven’t watched the video (i can get sucked into those things!!!)…i ”think” that i get the gist of what you are saying though (do i need to watch the video for it to be totally clear to me???)…….and,…what else was i gonna ask you???,……uuhhmmmm,…….oh!,…..i wrote a thing about a tree fallin in the forest,…..if you say that it’s okay,…..i’ll cut and paste a little piece of it here in your comment space………

    you may get a kick out of it,….as near as i can tell….we ”might” be saying close to the same thing???……yet again,…i don’t want to be presumptuous though, ya know???…..lemmee kno if it’s okay with you,…..and i’ll ”paste” asap……..thanks, toksoon,…john doe

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      Hi, there.

      Yes, you are welcome to paste an excerpt of your post as part of a comment.

      As for your question about being totally clear, I invite you to consider whether or not the question you asked evidences “being totally clear:”

      i ”think” that i get the gist of what you are saying though (do i need to watch the video for it to be totally clear to me???

      Either you are not totally clear about the gist of what I was saying or you are totally clear. You get to choose.

      Of course, you are welcome to watch the video whether or not you choose to identify yourself in whatever way (clear, unclear, etc).

      AS for the “comment” that I put on your blog, it was what is called a “pingback” which is basically an empty comment that is just meant to connect the two links (your page and mine) so that the internet has a channel or bridge built between the two destinations. It is like a sonar signal. You can then link back to your blog’s home page from this post of mine (which you have now done by commenting on my page from a signed-in account, given that I have now approved your comment).

      So, I “tickled” or “poked” you and that is an invitation for us to connect and for us to leave a trail on the internet connecting or linking our content. I have found that to be an effective way to go from a few hundred views of my blog per month to a few hundred per day. Yesterday, the blog had 551 views in the 24 hour period, which was the all-time high.

      Anyway, I look forward to your comment on trees falling in a forest and pingbacks that no one acknowledges or whatever else you might put in the reply.

      • johnedoe Says:

        you’re funny!!! in a good way!!!,….man,…that is the best pingback explanation ever,….you need a job with wordpress fixin their stuff!!!!!!

        and,..”yes” the question i asked “evidences” being totally clear…….as i “asked” about needing to watch the video as well so that i don’t “see” what you are “showing” me in a “blurry” manner…………….

        i want to know “more” about what you saying is why i asked the question,….i do not want to be presumptuous…….as,….in the course of conversing with you in detail,…any possibility of misunderstanding fades in the conversing………..what i gathered so far, is that you are “anti” rigid labels,……is that kind of where you are going in and with the intent of your post???

        the way that you write kept my wheels turning,…,…i don’t want to jump to any conclusion,….as there is no haste,… being hasty,….i could easily “run over my own foot.”…….which just don’t sound all that much fun to me……….

        nice to meet you, by the way…….

      • johnedoe Says:

        i don’t know what “pingbacks that no one acknowledges” means,…..i am very computer “un-savvy”…………and,…how do i create the exposure in the manner that you are and have for yourself???…..are there simple “steps”…???

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      Nice to meet you too.

      As for me being “anti-rigidity” or “anti-label,” those sound to me like some very rigid labels, so I think that maybe you should definitely label me however you like to do so. I don’t much mind either way. However, I do know the difference between a rigid label and one of those flimsy stick-on kinds that say “hello, my name is _________” and I am totally opposed to flimsy labels like that because they are evil and silly and yet have absolutely no sense of humor.

      As for you wanting to know more about what I wrote, what more do you want to know? You are welcome to check some of my other pages or to search my blog for a particular keyword. As for the linked audio on this page, the sounds of the speaking do present an added dimension to the communication, plus I added a few things, as I often do.

      • johnedoe Says:

        as for the “flimsy stick on kind”,…we had those at AA….but we didn’t worry,…or care,…as no one could read our names anyway,…as we were were too drink to write them clearly at the time!!!!…….oh well………plus,….i was under the drunken impression that we were to be anonymous…

        no harm,….no foul……..toksoon

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      Regarding pingbacks, I recommend that you search “wordpress help” (or google) for “zemanta.” It may be classified as a “widget” and it is very useful for promoting your online content. You are welcome to let me know how that goes for you.

      • johnedoe Says:

        cool! thanks!!!….here’s a part of the tree falling thing…’s from a piece called, “DEATH ROW…another day in the park”…

        For example,…the old question, “If a tree falls in the forest, yet no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound,???”,…

        I dig riddles,…so, I kinda like this one…This one has triggered some pretty passionate arguments in it’s asking!

        Funny thing is,…IT, the question, in and of itself,…has done nothing! It just exists…that is all.

        Having said that,…How could IT have triggered ANYTHING?”….It’s just a question, right? Nothing more,…right?

        Well,…the answer is found INSIDE OF US, as HUMANS,…as the curious humans we are. (for curiosity is the spark of our learning “something” and or “anything”, “new” to us) We are the ones that give power to written words,…Or to the perpetuation of spoken words.

        We CHOOSE, or CHOSE, through our INTERST, to discuss, and speak, the words that we do. Better???,…No?

        Ok,…let’s go back to the damn tree then!, lol….I’m kind of curious if I can even pull this one out of the bag!??…Good Lord!!…ok, so now we are in the forest with the damn tree! ok?,…oooooopppsss,…here it comes!!!,…oh man,…watch out now!!!!

        Oh,…but wait,…WE AREN’T IN THE FOREST WITH THE TREE!!!,…remember???

        So,…down it comes! Okay,…let’s see what YOU think,…and what you SAY,…OK? Well,…did it make a SOUND???…

        This sucks! I CAN NOT HEAR any of your answers!…heh heh heh,…I’m kinda tryin to lead you somewhere,…can you tell?…At least I hope so…

        So,…for me to HEAR your answers, since you are wherever you are, and I am wherever I am,…you have to type them so they can appear on my screen, right?…

        Do you think your answers make a sound if you send them to me???

        My answer is a big old “NO!”…nope, NO DAMN SOUND,…AT ALL…but, in REALITY,…the SOUND your answers make is…IN MY MIND!

        By me being RECEPTIVE to LISTENING…IF? I am receptive,…or WILLING, then this is WHEN the HEARING OF what you have to SAY, HAS ACTUALLY MADE A SOUND…agreed? yes, or no?


        But what it does DO,…or what HAPPENS is this,…It produces sound waves. Which are invisible disturbances from the displacement of the air around us,…as it has MASS…these WAVES then echo and pulse outward from the point of impact of said tree……sound waves dissipate as they travel outward,…then they fade away…poof!…done deal.

        What I mean is, back to where this all began,…The SOUND is made WITHIN us as humans. Through the use of our eardrums and all those other groovy little parts and pieces,…and then these sound waves are processed and our minds respond. There is where the SOUND exists.

        Now don’t start bringin up deaf people and all that, ok?…If you do, might just miss the point…….

  2. johnedoe Says:

    lol…..good stuff!……” “anti-rigidity” or “anti-label,” those sound to me like some very rigid labels”,…….”aw man,….i was going for “non-labels too!!!!……lol”

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      Okay, but what if I fall in a forest and there are no trees there in the forest, then did I really fall, and by the way exactly what kind of forest has no trees in it? 😉

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