who’s responsible for blaming? (in sweat lodge criminal case)

On Tue, Mar 1, 2011 at 6:52 PM, Michael  wrote:

Hi JR,

Often we have a difference of opinion on a lot of things, or so it seems with the language we chose to use.

However, much value is found in your perceptions…….

So, I have a few questions for you if you are willing.

It is regarding the sweat lodge incident in Angel Valley: http://www.cnn.com/2011/CRIME/03/01/arizona.sweat.lodge.deaths/index.html

Frame for sweat lodge at Lake Superior Provinc...

Frame for sweat lodge at Lake Superior Provincial Park, Wawa, Ontario, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I always thought he was guilty of disrespecting the ceremony in many ways but is he really guilty of manslaughter?

The people went in freely, signed a written lease form of what will happen and where warned that the lodge will be really hot.

I agree that he conducted the ceremony poorly and should have done a lot of things differently.

But just cuz people paid for this and seemed to follow this guru blindly doesn’t make him a murderer.

A small story:

[I recently led a sweat lodge]. It was done with all the precautions that was required and I added to it.

I actually only heated 6 grandfathers [rocks]. The lodge was incredibly hot, I checked in with the men over and over and

The doors both front and back were open last 2 rounds. Passing water and checking in with the man next to me

Who may have some macho attitude he kept saying he was good.

After the lodge he was not good. It took quite some time, oxygen and a lot of attention to get him back to reality.

He could have sat there till he died because he chose to…….

In this context, I feel that the people where totally ignorant to their own safety. When you go on to a retreat like that, does that mean that now you don’t have any responsibility for your self. What if you are allergic to peanuts, but now you are on this great spiritual retreat and are not responsible? Perhaps on some level the whole retreat is about self-responsibility?

What is your views and opinions my friend??

On a spiritual level they probably chose to go at that time [the people who died related to the manslaughter case] but how could you take that to court- lol

Blessings of Love and peace,


Michael, thanks for your question. I am sure that you will find my answer provocative, alarming, insightful, disturbing, and funny, but maybe not in that order.

Responsibility is always individual, but also always mutual. I declare responsibility into being. There is no such thing as inherent responsibility, but only in language.

The isolating of responsibility is arbitrary, like saying “the firing of neurons is what typed this message” or “I typed it” or “Michael made me do it by asking me a question” or “it is God‘s Will.” All of those are equally valid. There is no single cause of any effect, but a series of catalysts and causes.
This spiritual principle is the essence of pratītyasamutpāda (“dependent origination“), which is often only understood in relation to the arising of the experience of suffering, such as the practice of agonizing. To fully understand that principle not only dissolves the habit of the practice of agonizing, but also of reactively blaming and scapegoating and justifying and other actions which obscure the inherent peace and freedom and grace of consciousness.
The point is that there can be understood to be a single cause of all catalysts and all effects, with that causal factor labeled Divinity or God and so on. So, if someone asks me what is causing the probable collapse of western civilization, I could say that it is of course the rioting, which is in turn caused by the scandalous behavior of those in power, but those scandals have been going on all along and “the real reason” that people are even paying attention to them is because they are suddenly terrified. Further, the reason they are so terrified now is that the economy has shifted. But the shifting of the economy is merely a shift in the other behaviors of humans.
So the real cause is the shift in the economic activities of borrowing, lending, buying and selling, but then again the trend shift in those behaviors are caused in large part by the supply and demand issues of the depletion of scarce resources, especially oil. We can go further and say that people are behaving unsustainably which is only because they are idiotic or apathetic or greedy or reactive, which led to the unsustainable over-use of resources.

English: James Earl "Jimmy" Carter
Image via Wikipedia

We could blame Jimmy Carter for being ineffective in his warnings and political will. We could blame J.P. Morgan and the Rothschilds for advancing the use of fossil fuels through their own little empire called Standard Oil. We could blame the involved microbes and neurons or the sun and the earth. All of that would be our own activity… of blaming.

So, the real reason for any effect is… the actual activity of isolating a cause. The one isolating a cause will select, from among all possible catalysts and conditions, a cause that fits with their motives or motivations AKA karma. The particular isolated and identified cause or allegedly responsible party will always reflect the self-image and self-interest of the one isolating causation or isolating blame. The evidence will be obvious, as it always is, and then various people with various conflicting self-interests may argue or even kill each other over which version of “the only obvious truth” is the most true, which is sometimes called a jury deliberation.
As for the particular manslaughter case, if the accused will be held criminally responsible or civilly responsible (like OJ Simpson), that is a legal question. In many cases, the innocent are convicted, sentenced, and punished, while well-connected conspirators may be protected by the legal system. The laws of men and their enforcement vary from place to place and time to time and even case to case.
For instance, a famous rapist in Arizona named Miranda was not released because of lack of evidence to convict him and establish his actions, but because of a technicality in how that evidence was gathered. To the very best of my knowledge, there is absolutely no doubt that he criminally raped someone. However, the legal system can be considered an operation of organized violence that favors the monopolizing of criminal activity only by those “licensed by the state,” whether officially and openly or covertly as in the case of spies and secrets and so on. Only some criminals are prosecuted, only some convicted, and so on- plus many innocent people. That reminds me of the TV series “Dexter,” among others.

(See also the transcript I recently sent of the radio interview about swine flu and AIDS and AZT and so on. Here is the audio: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbFxV_C8Yw4 )

Now, obviously any accusation at all of conspiracy made against any government in the world, especially the USSR or Nazi Germany, is clearly just the result of paranoid delusions- probably from way too many sweat lodges of way too high temperatures. For instance, the idea that a group of people within the US government recently embezzled huge amounts of money and stole huge amounts of resources, then covered up their actions by blowing up the offices in the pentagon where certain records were kept and where certain individuals were working, plus blew up 3 other world trade center buildings and another plane to distract attention from the main target at the pentagon- that is clearly the foolish rambling of someone who lacks respect for the natural consequences of too widely voicing such a ridiculous speculation: assignment to a mental institution for corrective interventions to treat their tragic biochemical dysfunction. Or, they may just get offered a pay-off to keep silent.
So are the people who personally experience the results of a sweat lodge responsible? Yes. What if they take allopathic “medications” that kill them? Yes. And are the involved MDs and propagandists of mass media and public schools also responsible? Of course! And the taxpayers and citizenry is also responsible.
Everything is the work of Satan, who of course is the primary agent of God, the creator of all things from the heavens to the earth. Satan is my pawn, my false flag puppet.
Like Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones said in the song “Sympathy for the Devil,” you and me are the ones who killed Kennedy. Just because we were not exactly born at the time is no excuse.
I also crucified Jesus, but only to help make him famous and influential. I staged the whole thing. He did not really die and neither will any of us.
Incidentally, the man who ran that sweat lodge that Michael referenced (James Ray?) was eventually convicted by a jury, to the best of my knowledge.
first Published on: Mar 2, 2011
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