resist ignoring warnings

Warning: you must resist ignoring this

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When I was very young, I was warned that if I did not use two hands to carefully hold my cup, it was more likely to spill. I was told that if I was not careful with the door, the doggie would go out through it.

I was warned that if I touched a certain thing with my bare hand, my body could be burnt. Later, I was warned that if I stayed out in the sun too long, even that could burn me. I was warned about getting bitten by ants. I was warned about staying away from poison ivy. I was warned about running out of gas while driving. I was even warned about getting involved in a certain way with the opposite sex.

Of course, warnings do not always interrupt someone’s behavioral momentum. In fact, we may even keep repeating patterns after actually running out of gas or getting involved in that certain way with the opposite sex. Sometimes repeated challenges train us to adapt, sometimes a single so-called surprise produces instant learning, and sometimes, with just a mere warning, we may adjust our behavior.

However, you could say that I was a rebel. You could even say that I ignored warnings and repeatedly engaged in obviously risky behavior for the specific purpose of attracting attention from other people.

“Look at me; I’m not like everyone else. I’m more unique than they are. I’m more special.”

For instance, I’ve burnt myself more times than most people. Also, I’ve complained more than many people about the relationships I have developed with several members of the opposite sex. Yes, I kept getting in to those same dynamics with new people, but did you ever think about how many interesting stories I got out of all of that?

“In fact, the latest was such a therapeutic process for me that I wrote a song about how much I learned from that last relationship. Would you like me to play it for you now? Alright, but before I do, let me tell you that this song shows how much smarter I am now than I was the last time I wrote a song about a crisis in a relationship of mine. But I am totally over that other relationship now, which is why, without anyone asking me about it, I keep bringing up at least one particular thing about the relationship or the other person or whatever. That reminds me that lately I have been noticing a lot how it has been such a long time since I stopped ever thinking about her at all.”

Humans are strange creatures, according to my own decades of direct research into this subject. Just to be clear,

Human male and female - anatomical features po...

Human male and female - anatomical features pointed out (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

when I say humans I mean the other ones. They- the strange ones, and you know who I am talking about- are nothing like me. By the way, if you don’t know who I am talking about, then you are probably who I am talking about.

I know better than they do. I give them warnings about the things that I know better than they do. Then, for some mysterious reasons that obviously evidence that something is wrong with those other people, some of them do not automatically adjust their behavior in accord with my warnings.

I would give them clear, explicit warnings and even offer simple principles so they can easily understand the logic of the warnings. I would even tell them about the unprecedented opportunities available. In response, I have heard things like the following:

Yuck! That topic is complex and confusing and negative.

Anyway, hopefully the government will take care of that for us.

Or, hopefully the insurance companies will take care of that for us.

Or, hopefully my husband will take care of that for me.

Or, hopefully my CPA will take care of that for me..

Or, hopefully my lawyer will take care of that for me.

Or, hopefully my children will take care of that for me.

After all, it is sacreligious to focus on money, plus I have to go because really can’t afford to be late for work.

Basically, I’m just too busy to review my finances. It’s not worth the time.

Hey, you know, speaking of time, now is just not the right time for me.

There are other important things that I really must do first, like saving the world… from the humans..

Boo has learned, rather late in life that bein...

Boo has learned, rather late in life that being nice to people is a "good thing"... And, besides, it gets you more treats 🙂 The fascinating thing about Boo's expression here is that this "smiling" is apparently something dogs only use with humans. They don't use it with other dogs at all. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By the way, I want to clear this up because I think I know what you have been implying; I am just not that kind of person. I’m not in to unearned gains from things like speculating on the stock market… especially not with borrowed funds! Plus, don’t those unearned gains seem immoral to you? People should have to work very hard for a very long time in order to do well financially. Anyway, I have a buddy who knows about some surefire huge gains in flipping some foreclosed real estate that has just dropped in value by about one half. You know, those are the kinds of investments that easily produce huge unearned gains even though they require absolutely no money down and, best of all, they are super-safe… because real estate always rises.

Well, what can I say to that? If someone insists on using one little hand to lift a very full cup, especially when there is a kitty and a doggie chasing each other around in the kitchen, well, they might not get a another refill. One minute you think it is fun to feed the doggie and the next minute you may be complaining that the doggie cleaned everything off of your plate after you left it where he could not miss it (while you went to do those other more important things first).

That’s like playing the game of flipping real estate but then complaining when the foreclosure auction and bankruptcy are over. That’s like being surprised when the governments and insurance companies announce that they are not going to keep the promises that they made to you when out campaigning and canvassing for commissions.

Yes, sure, shame on them for making such ridiculous promises, but shame on you for investing in them without understanding them… and shame on the doggie for stealing all the food off of your plate and shame on whoever filled up your cup that full, even if it was me. So, I know: maybe we can write a really important song about all of this.

Some of my friends have introduced me to the idea that people get the governments they deserve. What seems simpler to me is this: people get the governments they get. In fact, people get whatever results they get and the results they get are always the results they invest in getting.

Indian family in Brazil posed in front of hut ...

Indian family in Brazil posed in front of hut - 3 bare-breasted females, baby and man with bow and arrows. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The experience of betrayal may simply be evidence of trusting in what is unreliable. The experience of shame may simply be evidence of believing that life should not be however it actually may already be.

If the doggie does not keep the promises clearly stated on page 268 of a written contract (such as the Constitution), what are you going to do about it? Do you really think that little shapes of ink are what gives you authority and rights and protections and privileges?

Maybe if you value your food next time, you won’t leave it out it where the doggie can see it. If you want your investments to be available for you in a week, are you willing to invest in some things that last (like honey or cheese or potatoes or jerky) instead of leaving that half-eaten ripe banana out in direct sunlight? If you refuse to resist ignoring the warnings, then you definitely will not be committed to seek out prudent alerts concerning the emerging shift in risks and opportunities. You won’t be willing to pay anything for information and services that can save you a decade or two worth of retirement savings- or earn you even more.

Instead, you could invest your attention on TV shows and youtube videos about which little doggie in the window is the most scandalous and corrupt… or the most cute and unthreatening. However, if you take home one of those little doggies, it could get hungry and then grow and soon be even more hungry- kind of like certain governments and their deficits. Your playful little doggie may even turn out to be a wolf, so you might consider carefully what breed of pet you would prefer for your children and household.

Especially if you ever do not like the results of however you have been training your doggie, I invite you to keep in mind that whether or not you already know that you have been training your doggie all along, indeed you have been training your doggie all along. People get whatever results they get, including me, and the results we get are always the results we invest in getting.

(concluding unscripted ad-lib)


First published on: Mar 30, 2010

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Feral cat showing fear, and lack of socialization to humans (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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