Negativity is labeling ANYTHING “negative”

Negativity is labeling ANYTHING “negative.”

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There may be a time for thinking positive thoughts, but there is a time for many other things as well, just as there are infinite ways to let someone know of love- even the raising of walls as levies, the abandoning of ships, the lifting of cars off of toddlers by 90 pound grandmothers, and perhaps even- given that parent history of … such things- the building and dropping of bombs. AS a former pacifist, that is an odd thing to write, but isn’t interesting how many negative thoughts it takes to declare something negative. What is negative about a lightning bolt, a hurricane, or a flood? What is negative about an explosion- whether of laughter or of popcorn in the microwave?

Consider that people who believe in negative things are people who are negative. How many infants do you know that believe that something around half of life is negative? How many unhappy people do you know that do not spend much of their life condemning much of their life- and the rest of life which they may not claim as their own: “no, that is the activity of the devil, of the negative people, of what should not be!”

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Negate Negativity

Negate Negativity (Photo credit: cybertoad)

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