Brahman asks: “who is this I?”

In ancient Latin, persona meant "mask.&qu...
Brahman by any other name is still the nameless – Image via Wikipedia

who wrote this? who reads it?

what could prevent me from being as I am?

what could disturb me from being as I am?

what could protect me from being as I am?

what could distract me from being as I am?

what could teach me to be as I am?

what could support me in being as I am?

what could help me to be as I am?

what could force me to be as I am?

Being is unconditional.

Being is unpremeditated.

Being is not created.

Being is not a phase or a stage.

Being is unpreventable.

Being is without beginning or end.

Being is beyond true or false.

Being is beyond self as a concept.

Being is impersonal.

Being is universal.

Being does not ask approval.

Being does not need validation.


a reply:

On Mon, Aug 1, 2011 at 9:03 PM, Angelina Alire wrote:

Angelina understands this as she reads it but can only attempt to imagine what it is to dissolve in to pure being. She asks to no one in particular, “What does one do with the ability to create a personality and play this “reality” when one has disolved their person, when one has died to self?” Things that make you go, “Hmmmmm“. Thanks for sharing, love.

Here is one possible reply:

Hi, God. Thank you for pretending to be a dumbass and asking stupid questions so that I have something to do.

This all reminds me of the saying “turn off the lightswitch and wait for the light to dissolve” or “turn off the video projector and then wait for the images to dissolve.” Remember, language is not the source of attention or intelligence, but just a form of intelligence or the moving of attention.

The “one” that would “dissolve their person in to pure being” is just a persona. Pure being can create personas and the instant that pure being does not create any persona, there is no persona (personal identifying) created, which means persona is not present… though pure being can make up any persona whenever wherever however.

So, there is nothing to dissolve over time. The very thought of “something that is fundamental and would be dissolving over time” is a sustaining of something that has no inherent stability.

The nature of the persona is that it is phenomenal, as in “not inherently real, temporary. momentary, incidental, trivial.” So, we do not say “turn off the lightswitch and wait for the light to dissolve” or “turn off the video projector and then wait for the images to dissolve.” The instant that pure being does not actively generate persona, pure being remains as it always is.

Persona does not diminish or dissolve pure being. Pure being can create any persona as well as the experience or identifying of “I am only this or that particular persona.” Or, pure being can notice linguistic identifying as just linguistic identifying.

It is like putting a new label on a jar of pickles and then saying that the new label has changed the contents of the jar. The labeling (the process of identifying) cannot change the contents of the jar or the jar itself. Adding pickles or removing them does not change the jar itself either.

However, pure being can pretend that an empty jar with a label that says pickles needs time for the pickles that were never in it to dissolve once the label is removed. Add a label or remove a label. The being is the one doing it all.

first Published on: Aug 2, 2011

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3 Responses to “Brahman asks: “who is this I?””

  1. Roger Says:

    Hi. I’m not pretending. My questions are deep, honest questions. Like for example: is being something that ‘realizes’ itself? Is it real? If it is unconditional, does that mean ‘it is’ undependent of phenomenon? What is the function of phenomenon then? Is there a connection between ‘being’ and phenomenon? And if yes, which one exactly? Can one realize his / her ‘being’ and if yes, who is it exactly who does the realizing here? And last but not least: does the realization of ‘being’ put an end to all the questions?

    Be well,

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      First, what does it matter? Second, what if being is the beginning of all questioning? Third, so what if it is?

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    […] Brahman asks: “who is this I?” ( […]

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