the tree of life and improving the branches

Trunk Call Looking up into the branches of a f...

Trunk Call Looking up into the branches of a fir(?) tree near to Measham Hall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“self-improvement and expression/development of Self”

Here is a trunk and it has many branches. Life is the tree (or vine). We are just branches.

I do not even know how to grow a single hair on my head (or a leaf on my branch), yet each hair (and leaf) grows by itself. What about this branch is really my own doing? Even the words “but I did all this myself” remind me of some sounds that I may have heard coming out of a few other branches…. Did I also invent language and make the sun and the earth and the seed from which a tree may grow? Did I inherit nothing? Did I create my parents, too?

I as the personal branch does nothing of it’s own will. I as God does everything, even producing the experience of an isolated persona with an isolated personal will: i.e., the accuser, the slanderer, the one so guilty and ashamed to blame and condemn… the devil. Who else but God could create the devil- who else would even dare?

Blue Sky Growing a Tree Branch in the Garden o...

Blue Sky Growing a Tree Branch in the Garden of Success (Photo credit:

So, what exactly is there to improve about any of the branches? The tree does not need improving, nor does any branch. There is nothing evil in the tree, not even any perception by one portion of the tree that some other portion is evil.

Stop any judging against the tree or other people or yourself, then stop trying to improve perfection and just celebrate. Develop yourself. That is how the tree is developing: branch by branch.

Be faithful to the tree within you, the divine that IS all of you already. Stop judging against God. God is the whole tree and every branch, including you personally. You’re not special, nor is anyone else, but you are absolutely unique, as is each branch of God. Who are you to “improve” God’s work?

Tree - leaf canopy

Tree - leaf canopy (Photo credit: blmiers2)

The humble branch celebrates the glory of the whole tree- even other branches- whether or not certain other branches may judge it as humble or proud, better or worse, devil or saint. Has any sage- any prophet of God- ever before been accused of being confusing, arrogant, a devil, a heretic, a threat?

What is humility? It is having no special interest in the words of the other branches- without defense of any words that might insult or attack or humiliate; that is humility. Open to the words of others, but unattached to anything but the trunk itself, what could we call that?

From the edge of the branches, one can look back at the tree and see a particular view (except for any of the branch behind, out of view). That is fine. From the trunk, however, one can easily see the unity of the tree- and the centrality of the trunk.

One may know from anywhere that there are hidden roots, but not seeing the hidden roots may not stop one from FEELING them. One may even be able to feel the whole tree from the tip of the branches. However, it is possible that at the trunk, it may be easier to directly feel the roots than at the distant, remote regions of the tips of the branches. Let the trunk feed the branches- for what good is the trunk but the hub that feeds the branches?

Neither position- from the tip of a branch or from the trunk- are better or worse than the other… merely distinct.

Nectarine tree branch

Nectarine tree branch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One, however, may experience isolation and antagonism and suffering- at least until there is a shift in language from “I am a branch appearing at the top of a tree” to “I am the tree experiencing itself as a branch.”

Some of us may have seen others/their words as confusing and/or inauthentic. Some of us may have seen see others/their words as arrogant and unattractive. Wouldn’t that be interesting if that was one’s experience of much of the rest of the tree, too- even most or all of it, except perhaps for one’s own branch, right? 😉

First Published on: Nov 20, 2009

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