the spirit of grace: welcoming the richness available

Welcoming the richness available

“Only if you are  innocent, humble, and curious- like a child-  can you receive the fullness of the kingdom.” (But please, wear a bib! The food is for your mouth, not your clothing.)

If you have been  resisting the available richness of life, just stop resisting it! Stop any worrying, condemning, resenting, and the shaming that underlies them. After all, has agonizing ever brought anyone relief? (Does it stop struggling to struggle to stop struggling- or does that just perpetuate struggling?)

Remember, especially if you notice any judging or condemning or accusing going on, God forgives those who forgive. Further, God blesses those who bless any that curse them. Have you received this message yet: “I did not come to judge the world?”

Either you are grateful, receiving in fullness the abundance available, or you are something other than grateful. But isn’t it natural to be grateful only after a fortunate development?

Actually, to God, developments are neither fortunate nor unfortunate inherently. What is fortunate for one person may be unfortunate for another person. In fact, even for the same person, what is fortunate from one perspective may be unfortunate from another perspective. (Have you received this message yet:  “hindsight is 20/20?”)

Of course, with some developments, people may initially resist those developments. They may deny the developments, then ignore them, and then judge, complain, worry, condemn, resent, blame, and even shame. Some may even curse God for allowing such a development.

Note that “Oh, God damn it, not THAT!” is another way of saying “God damn me.” That is another way of saying “Damn you, God! You have betrayed my preferences… AGAIN. I hate this and I hate you and I hate my life. WAAA!”

News flash: life is your life and your life is you. Be grateful for your life, not as an effect of some temporary recent development, but as a consistent way of relating to life. Do not judge against your world, your life, your self, or your God. Commit to faithfully finding the blessing available, then receive it by giving it.

Fountain of Wealth

Fountain of Wealth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are in the midst of an immense transfer of material wealth. Of course, ownership and valuations of material wealth are always shifting. However, if you did not already know that an unprecedented transfer is underway, the developments of the last few years may have alerted you. If you have been resisting those developments- whether neglecting them or condemning them (then campaigning for someone else to fix them and so on) – consider that an unprecedented transfer of wealth is underway and, in any moment now, you are either resisting it or receiving it, but perhaps only one of the two. Choose to receive the blessings of the developments emerging.

You are already participating in the shifting of values. But how open could you be to partnering with the developments emerging?

Like a child, be humble rather than judgmental. Be innocent. Be curious. This way, you receive the fullness of the blessings available. And please, wear a bib. 😉

February 17, 2010

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