the foolish worship of shame (and the idea of demonic possession by a “dis-ease”)

Cross section of a human liver, taken at autop...

Cross section of a human liver, taken at autopsy examination, showing multiple large pale tumor deposits. The tumor is an adenocarcinoma derived from a primary lesion in the body of the pancreas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I do not believe in diseases like cancer as many others do. I believe having cancer is like having a scab or having a scar maybe. It just means a certain kind of an accumulation of waste material.

The cancer is not really very important, nor is it especially mysterious or interesting- though probably at least a little interesting. It may mean that more vitamin B-17 in particular and better nourishing of the organs in general would help the overall well-being by cleaning out some waste material that is currently beyond the capacity of the eliminative systems to remove quickly. As demonstrated for thousands of years, adapting the diet, adapting the breathing, and adapting the language all produce clear distinct results in the well-being of the organism. The laws of nature (including physiology) may actually be very simple, even in the intricacy of their genius.

Same thing for “having diabetes.” There is really no such substance as a diabetes to have. You cannot cut someone open and remove the diabetes, just as cutting someone open and removing a tumor does not “remove cancer,” given that malignant tumors can re-appear right after any old ones are cut out.
People do not really have diabetes. However, people do actually have a pancreas. It works however well it does. If the pancreas is not working well, we can say they “have diabetes,” which just means that the pancreas is not functioning well. “Having incurable diabetes” is entirely an activity of diagnostic labeling, an instance of black magic from the high priests of modern “scientific” witch doctoring.
It is like saying that someone without eyes has a blindness. They do not have a blindness. They have lots of thing, but maybe no eyes, so they do not have the capacity to see. That does not mean that they have a blindness or a diabetes or a cancer. They may have blood sugar levels and tumors, but maybe the issue is that they have identified with a curse.
If someone does have eyes, but the eyes and brain do not neurological function to perform the operation of sight, then someone has eyes but not sight. They still do not have a blindness. If they had a physical presence of a blindness, they could cut it out and remove it like it was a physical pancreas.
Proud and foolish idealists may think that cancer or diabetes is a bigger problem than pride and foolishness and idealism (which means ignorance to me). That is also a rather simple relationship to clarify. Within the context of being cursed, having cancer or diabetes is a curse, but one must be vulnerable to medical voodoo (ignorant) for one to identify with having such a curse as cancer or diabetes.
Anyway, I insist that scurvy is incurable and that humans must avoid putting their faces underwater because we cannot breath underwater and going underwater thus will result in death by drowning. Many worship cancer like that: “It is incurable! No, of course, I am sure. Someone who obviously doesn’t understand cancer told me that they understand that it is fatal. God damn it, why are you so stubborn in questioning my worship of the incurable fatality of scurvy, having your face underwater, or cancer? These things are obviously DEADLY and very very serious, while ignorance is bliss yet intelligence and grace have no value whatsoever, mostly because if I admit that that they might have value, then the hypnotic spell that I am worshipping about such things as cancer might come in to question, and I would be ASHAMED, which is the one thing to never ever be. I am proud. I am not ashamed. I am even proud of my cancer and how it victimizes me and makes me helpless- not just anyone that I know who has been diagnosed with having a cancerous tumor– but makes me helpless. Life itself makes me helpless and you too. It is just like sticking your face underwater. It is absolutely fatal!”
Is autism incurable? If there is no such thing as autism, then there is no such thing as curing it.
There is no curing blindness either. Blindness does not exist as a physical presence. It is just a label in language to contrast with the capacity for sight. So while blindness does exist to be cured, there is the possibility of restoring sight to relatively healthy eyes (like an operation to remove the internal scar tissue of glaucoma) as well as the possibility of developing eye organs and neurological networks that allow for sight.
First published on May 29, 2011

Underwater Fishes 4
Underwater Fishes 4 (Photo credit: Mr.Thomas)
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