From hell to heaven

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From hell to heaven

In hell, the residents may deny that they are in hell. Instead, they may demonstrate that they are in hell indirectly by saying things like this: “life should not be like this. I do not understand how life could be how it is, which is that life is so unfair to me! Life simply should be more like how it should be. Life is just so confusing and frustrating and exhausting. Life is victimizing me. Life is punishing me, probably because it is jealous of how much more I deserve to eventually go to heaven than all of the rest of life, which is inherently evil. As soon as life shapes up and gets with my program and fixes all of it’s mistakes, then I will forgive it for it’s sins, but certainly not until then. By the way, my life would obviously be heaven already, because I am doing all the right things or at least trying really hard, except that the devil is so strong by which I mean that all of the rest of life is overpowering me, which forces me to make life hell in order to correct life and make it in to heaven by punishing it. Of course, I don’t know why I am even telling any of you this because I already know that most people are not smart enough or righteous enough to understand the complexity and subtlety of this great message of redemption and salvation and well you know all of that kind of thing.”

In contrast to all of that about those living in hell, the one who lives in heaven can take heaven with them anywhere. The heavenly one does not fear hell. The heavenly one can even live in the world of hell, yet not be of that world. The heavenly one can operate in the world of hell, but is not operating from hell, as in trying to get out of hell and then eventually in to an eternal heaven that just has not quite started yet. The heavenly one is not against anyone else or condemning anything. The heavenly one did not come to condemn the world of hell, but to redeem the world of it’s sin, faithfully focusing on and pointing to a simple truth that sets free those who have been making their lives hell.


first published on July 7, 2011

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