Beyond Belief… INSPIRATION!

Holy One, how can we live in the presence of inspiration? How can we bless the world?

If our world faces some disturbance in the forms of blame or shame or guilt or beliefs about how life should have been or

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should not have been, how can we bless our world? If there may be anything that we may believe to be preventing us from experiencing inspiration, curiosity, joy, and gratitude now, how can we bring curiosity, joy, gratitude, and inspiration along with any such belief? How can we bless any beliefs that we may have been practicing to prevent ourselves from experiencing inspiration, curiosity, joy, and gratitude?

By the way, does inspiration require any belief? In fact, is inspiration even compatible with belief?

Isn’t our experience that beliefs may conflict with other beliefs? In fact, for any belief, isn’t there at least one belief possible that would directly conflict? [Isn’t every belief implicitly a disbelief in any belief/dis-belief that might oppose it? Is belief itself a disturbing or dis-easing of the peace of God?]

When we are living in inspiration, is there any conflict perceived between our lives of inspiration and any other experience of inspiration? Beliefs include the possibility of conflict [i.e. disagreement and argument], don’t they? Beliefs may even be rooted in producing an inevitable conflict [an inevitable disturbance or experience of dis-ease]. Inspiration allows for the possibility of conflict- without excluding it or resisting it- [and perhaps even blessing it].

In the presence of any conflict- such as one of conflicting beliefs- it may be possible for us to practice believing something about any conflict [“here is my opinion of that conflict…”]. Yet, is it also possible for us to face conflict without practicing any belief- perhaps blessing any conflict [and any believing, disturbing, or dis-easing]- perhaps even experiencing only inspiration?

Beliefs History Mormon

Beliefs History Mormon (Photo credit: More Good Foundation)

[I wrote this last night- April 22, 2009- except for the portions in brackets, which I added while typing this in. Shortly after writing this, I recalled that of 2 or 3 books with me right now, I had a book with me called Beyond Concepts- which is about 200 pages on the same subject I address here. It is written by the wife of the founder of a healing practice called BodyTalk. I then began reading it a second time….]

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