“Evil corporations” and the strategic value of condemning your own “trade secret”

I began the following content as a commentary on this youtube video

If people with interest in commercial power wished to monopolize their power and marginalize opposition into indignant futility, would they (1) create a public relations propaganda program to tell people that the commercial power elite were really not so uniquely influential, but that they were under the influence of governments and also (2) create a public relations propaganda program to tell people that no one should have a particular interest in commercial power, that it is immoral and evil and shameful to do so or even talk about, and that the media and the government and churches (which all might be set up by those with commercial power) are the true heroic friends of the people and that the commercial powers were the enemies of the media, the government, and the churches, even though again the commercial powers may have set up the operations of media, governments, and churches as the public relations part of their commercial operations? By the way, did I mention that the commercial power elite are villains and should not have any influence because they have trained the masses to believe with blind faith that the commercial power elite should not have any influence, and such propaganda indoctrination is very deceptive and villainous, proving that they should not do it because all propaganda indoctrination clearly states that propaganda indoctrination is shameful and villainous and should never be hypocritical?

Also, beyond what I posted to youtube, I would like to add that governments (including armies and cops) should not ever use organized

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks (Photo credit: Alan Light)

violence or organized coercion because organized violence and organized coercion should only be used for legitimate reasons like, um, tilling the soil violently with plows and shovels and bringing in a bunch of earthworms to loosen things up and so on, but of course only for legitimate purposes of food production, not for evil things like decorative horticulture, which is immoral and corrupt and taboo and forbidden by the holy scriptures of the US Constitution, except where void by local law and/or overturned by an improperly ratified treaty with the supreme court of the UN Justice League of Universal Justice and Justification and Super Hero cartoon characters featuring the voice of Tom Hanks, except of course where void by universal laws of gravitational electromagnetism, because, if there is one thing that I know for certain, it is that the infallible and sacred principles of science as it has been taught to the masses in public schools cannot possibly be influenced at all by political and commercial interests. That is why the history of science is totally consistent across millions of years with no progress whatsoever nor any innovation in technology, at least not since the discovery of the sun in they year 12,423 B.C., with never a single instance of debate or controversy or punitive executions of Copernicus or Galileo and so on, you know, just to make an example of how the new religion of “popular science” is obviously above the influence of any mere humans.

English: colour portrait of Ross Perot

Image via Wikipedia

By the way, if there is one thing that I know for sure, it is that words are not code, nor are they at all important in human life. In fact, many very intelligent theorists such as Noam Chomsky and H. Ross Perot claim that words do not actually exist and that the alleged existence of words (such as “God”) was all along just a conspiracy of some international pirates with some evil commercial interests having to do with the herding of the masses, gasp, possibly in the service of their own evil commercial interests!

Chomsky at the World Social Forum (Porto Alegr...

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Now, wherefore and thereby, in the Name of neurotic perfectionism and the superficial appearance of charitableness, these humans must be stopped immediately, right? That is why I am declaring the announcement of a new government to protect humanity from humanity, and this government promises to be more better than all the others, more compassionate, more democratic, more republican, more socialist, more libertarian, more patriotic, more maverick, more conservative, more liberal, more charitable, more violent, more diplomatic, more coercive, more peaceful, more honest, more secure, more deceptive, more prosperous, and generally more different than all the other ones just like it, such as the “institutional revolutionary party” of Mexico, which has got to be one of the best names of a political party in human history. However, I promise to find a better and different name for this entirely new, radically distinctive, and totally apolitical party. In fact, maybe we will call it the lobbyist party, so as to distinguish it very clearly from all the others.
first published on May 22, 2011
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