The Adaptive Opportunists 


Explore this opportunity to promote clarity about how to benefit most by adapting to the emerging new developments in prices, budgets, and business.
Join in a conversation led by the uniquely competent forecaster who publicly detailed years in advance a now familiar sequence of events which in 2004 he called “The DominOIL Effect:”
1) long-term unprecedented rises in the prices of oil and gasoline (which started in 1999)
leading to
2) less and less spending on most everything else
leading further to
3) more borrowing initially
but eventually leading to
4) sharply declining prices
a) of US real estate (starting in 2005 in previously top-performing areas of the US like Phoenix and Las Vegas)
b) of the US housing stock sector (which also peaked in mid-2005 and then fell 80%)
c) of the US financial sector (which beginning in 2007 collapsed over 80% as spiking oil prices finally pricked the US financial bubble like a deflating balloon)
d) of the overall US stock market (which fell over 50%) &
e) of stock market prices worldwide (which fell nearly 60% overall)
How much would you like to be clear how The DominOIL Effect (of the predictable results of energy prices rising worldwide in the coming decades) will continue to dramatically alter your budget, different industries, different companies, and different regions of the planet?
How is The DominOIL Effect fundamentally adapting your life as you have known it?
Call 480 265 5522 to find out about dates, times, and locations of upcoming seminars, webinars, and teleconferences.
Here is a stock chart of the US Housing Sector HGX’s drop of around 80% in the last few years. This author published forecasts in early 2003 of a coming “housing crisis” (actually, just a crash of housing prices due to a decline in borrowing) and so, in mid-2005 when HGX began to fall, he had been watching for that and published a confirmation of his prior forecasts in September of 2005.
Here is the later forecast decline in the US Financial Sector:
but did anyone ever tell you about the top-performing US stock sector of the last 10 years (which J.R. featured in early 2003):
Well, while major parts of the US stock market have collapsed (high tech companies, financial companies, the housing sector, etc), why is that sector up by well over 1000% in the same time period? What investments will be the next top-performers? What sheltering methods will be the most favorable and secure? What budget adaptions are most relevant for you and your business?

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