the wrong way to label something “the wrong way”

wrong way

First, I do not know who decided to put a “w” in the front of the word “rong.” The proper spelling should be “rong,” not “wrong.”

Anyway, I saw this on facebook today:

Which is probably the stupidest thing I have ever heard so far in my life, though I am relatively young and I am planning to live forever, so I don’t  want to be over-dramatic about how stupid the above quote is supposed to be.

Anyway, after I read it, then I made this audio, in which I eventually say all of the words below the video.

pattern of how it is supposed to be is actually just a pattern of how it is supposed to be. How we relate to life when life does not fit a particular pattern can include “excuse me, but something is wrong” and “life is screwed up” and “life is screwing up my life” and “my life is getting screwed up by this particular linguistic pattern about how life is supposed to be.” That is obviously very screwed up and clearly there is nothing we can do about that pattern of “here is what is not supposed to be screwing up my life, but it is in fact screwing up my life,” which is actually just another pattern of language. Consider that the key to life is finding out what screws us up the most. Or, instead, consider that we are supposed to learn linguistic patterns and then we are supposed to presume that those patterns are the only valid ones and then, if we ever find find out that those patterns might not be the only valid ones, we are supposed to make ourselves wrong for presuming that those patterns are the only valid ones. We should not have been so naive and innocent and presumptive. It was wrong. So, how do we fix “making ourselves wrong?” We do not fix it. We just continue it or we stop doing it.

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