reverse psychology and propaganda should not exist

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Humans are trained to be the wards or servants of court systems. There are multiple, overlapping systems for the redistribution of affluence through organized coercion. These systems are called courts. There are local courts like city courts and county courts as well as state courts and federal courts, plus venues for renegotiating and enforcing claims which operate beyond the more limited geographic range of federal or national courts.
Further, there are multitudes of systems of organized coercion beyond those that call themselves courts (which operate using procedures similar to those of other operations that use the label “court”). Religions and businesses have ritual practices called things like review panels and boards and inquiries and inquisitions and interrogations and military crusades, all of which can involve the resolving of claims and disputes.
Coercion is a word that basically means any planned violence with a specific economic purpose. All violence may have an economic purpose, but for some instance of violence to be planned and organized hours or even months in advance, such as the violence of a team of trained sheriff deputies or of a trained army, that is clearly organized coercion.
Terrorism, by the way, is defined functionally by some operations of organized coercion as any activity of organized coercion that is not authorized by that particular operation of organized coercion. Extortion and racketeering are defined functionally by some operations of organized coercion as any organized coercion for the purpose of redistributing specific possessions away from certain parties toward the operation of organized coercion of those who employ it. Threats of violence designed to drive people away, like to abandon their claim or occupancy at a particular location, is another popular form of organized coercion.
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One of the most famous “false flag” operations in which European Colonists in North America dressed up as Native Americans and threw British tea shipments in to the harbor in Boston. Image via Wikipedia

Threats to destroy property (or actual destruction of property, like the Boston Tea Party) may not be violent to a particular living organism, but are similar to other forms of organized coercion. So, organized coercion is a broader category than organized violence, since threats to destroy property or take property or block access to property are all also coercive without being directly violent to any particular living organism.

When operations of organized coercion reach a particular level of efficiency and regularity (consistency), they may engage in propaganda and public relations to justify their operations of organized coercion relative to other operations of organized coercion and to encourage cooperation and participation with their systems of the organized redistribution of wealth through coercion. The most successful operations of organized coercion have used hierarchies for influencing the patterns of language, thought, and behavior of their target populations. These include all religions, all public education systems, and all mass media including book publishing, newspaper publishing, radio, TV, and internet.

Organized piracy is the origin of all government. The organized redistribution of wealth is also the origin of all business enterprises.
All organizations that are economically supported by multitudes of people have that in common. Religious groups receive voluntary donations. Private businesses involve voluntary exchange such as barter. Governments involve transfers of wealth that are involuntary or in which consent is legally coerced by those doing business as the government and claiming legitimacy for their coercive systems of organized redistribution of wealth.
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Note that propaganda may effectively indoctrinate masses to believe that (1) propaganda should not exist, (2) “our government’s” propaganda is actually not propaganda at all and does not even exist, (3) governments are not fundamentally operations of organized coercion for the redistribution of wealth and (2) if any governments are organized coercion operations, they should not be. Further, all linguistic formations of “should” and “should not” are to influence or govern the behavior of other people… as in propaganda.
“Should governments use organized coercion? Should humans use organized coercion?”
These are absolutist questions with no practical value except to promote obsessing and “analysis paralysis” among target populations so as to reduce the economic functionality of those populations. That is the general purpose of all propaganda: to discourage competition, especially competing with the dominant operations of organized coercion.

Further, note that operations of organized coercion do compete against each other. Ruling court systems justify their

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The United Nations building, which like most Western government buildings such as the US Capitol, is designed like the Temples of Rome, Greece, and Egypt. Image via Wikipedia

existence by their systematic discouraging of smaller-scale operations of organized coercion. Also, just as operations of organized coercion may infiltrate and invade each other, they may also partner and treaty and form alliances, like when the various political jurisdictions in Europe unified in to the European Union or when even larger global imperialist organizations were openly formed, such as the League of Nations or the United Nations.

The Holy Roman Catholic Church Empire dominated politically in Europe and beyond for quite a while. Kings were authorized through rituals of coronation performed by the authorized agent of the Pope, such as the Arch-Bishop.
Just as when a local crime boss must be asked for permission to do certain kinds of business within their territory (or face reprisals), it was routine (ritual) for kings to ask the permission (blessing) of the pope before initiating various military campaigns. Further, if the pope ordered various kings under his authority to provide funds and troops for a joint military crusade, failure to comply could result in formal expulsion from the church, which carried immense political and economic consequences.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church

In recent centuries, the rulers of competing imperial hierarchies have greatly altered their public presentations. The Vatican is no longer openly recognized as the dominant operation of organized coercion, as it was during the early stages of its programs of routine torture and human sacrifice called “Inquisition.”

In more recent decades, the idea has been publicized that “underground” organized crime syndicates are the enemies of governments. Only organized crime syndicates use torture, according to the propaganda, while many governments made public statements disavowing the use of routine torture, such as the terms of the famous “Geneva Convention.”
It would have been considered ridiculous not long ago to suggest that organizations such as the Holy Roman Catholic Church have been involved lately in political assassinations and the politics of coercion in general. However, the dominance of global imperialism has reached further than ever with new technology and so increasingly mainstream publicity has been made of conspiracy theories suggesting that the Jesuit Order dominates the secret societies and secret police groups that dominate the formal government bureaucracies that dominate human civilization. In particular, the works of Dan Brown have been made in to big-budget movies featuring one of the top actors in the modern world, Tom Hanks.
Never since the production of George Orwell’s 1984 by the BBC (the British government’s public TV network) has there been such revealing publicity directed at the themes of political conspiracy. The anti-government anti-propaganda theme of the BBC’s government propaganda is a simple irony that may be referenced literally once in every million references to 1984.
I think also of the movie “The Manchurian Candidate.” The theme of the movie is a conspiracy to assassinate the President of the United States. It was released shortly prior to the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy, and then promptly withdrawn from theaters right after the assassination due to the sensitivity of the subject matter.

Propaganda should not exist because competition is a threat to monopoly. Humanity must also be rescued from the

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United Nations exhibit by OWI at Rockefeller Plaza, New York, N.Y. Close-up of photographic display and seals of the nations (LOC) (Photo credit: The Library of Congress)

terrorism of organized coercion, again, because competition is a threat to monopoly.

Further, this information must be kept secret so as to avoid publicity. Please do not read it. If, accidentally, you have already read it, immediately forget what you were trying not to remember about whether or not it should or should not exist. Finally, if publicizing conspiracy theories, it is absolutely essential to condemn them as something that should not exist, that must be prevented, and that requires the full-scale sacrifice of liberty in order to prevent the twin threats of reverse psychology and totalitarianism.

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