the words of a heretic (on language, myth, shame, & propaganda)

The Words of a Heretic
A bible from 1859.
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warning- these are the words of a heretic  so, some people may not like it    some may even fear or hate it   it can take courage to face it
some foolish fools worship words as holy    but their spirits are proud, divisive and lonely    they respect human tradition over all  but neglect divine wisdom because    their hearts are far from the power of the teaching    they’re dependent on scriptures and churches and preaching        their lips spill over with the echoes of religion    but their lives are like coffins; their god is not living    but dead    they wait impatiently for heaven    for a prophet to come again soon and lead them    but what’d the prophets say: follow me, do greater things than these        heaven is within; it’s not like winter or a breeze        you got to go there, don’t just wait for it to come to you    you got to give your heart to heaven and then it is within you    and, yes, by the way        “that’s Bible”    if you dare read it    if you still need it

the same fools claim some illness is incurable     and economics is unpredictable        then they conjure God in their ritual    cause their God’s only mythical    and that’s okay; it’s just a stage;        until they graduate… to authentic spiritual rebirth as a sage    so let them fall back on scripture as infallible    let them argue over myths and battle over babble    much of this generation is without wisdom    they’re not to be trusted, especially politicians        but how about the doctors    who claim some illness is incurable    they say “I’m sorry I just can’t help you sir”    they suppress the body        the immune system is their enemy    they fight symptoms    to profit drug companies    and that’s okay; it’s just a stage;        until they graduate… to authentic spiritual rebirth as a sage                                                      cause if you want a healthy body then you need healthy organs        and if you want healthy organs then you need healthy cells    and if you want healthy cells then you may wish to nourish them    and if you don’t, then they’re going to rebel        so if the pancreas is weak, doctors may call that diabetes    if one vitamin is low, they claim you’re suffering from scurvy        if waste builds into a tumor, they say you’ve got a cancer    but there is an answer and they have been slow to admit it    for it would put them to shame        and might even ruin their game

(ad lib…)

but speaking of shame, I have one more thing to say:    watch for the mainstream prophets of economics    to come on TV and say that no one could foresee this    or that or this or that or this surprise    and then they dare to give their next predictions    so is it wise to trust in such obvious incompetence     woe unto the fools who depend on governments to always rescue them            woe unto the fools who worship ideals they believe need defending     woe unto the fools who worship a God they believe needs defending….

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