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Which investments will go up next?

Stocks? Bonds? Real Estate? Commodities? How about currencies?

Which ones will go up most? Which will go up longest? Which will go up furthest?

Every investor I know is interested in these fundamental questions. Some are more clear than others that these are their fundamental interests as investors- not doing what everyone else has been doing, but investing in what most investors are ABOUT to invest in most- simply because what most investors are about to invest in is the investment that is going up next.

A few service providers have been committed to answering these questions in advance for their network of investors. By providing you advance notice of what investments are going up next, we help your investments be the ones that are going up next. We help you make the investments that are going up next be your investments.

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Below are links to a few of the published forecasts made by our founder in the last several years.. Note that in many of the early publications, the “tone” may seem immature and even contentious. However, all along, the basic long-term analysis has been consistently valuable. Plus, the tone and overall quality of the writing has been developing, so that reading each newer material is not only informative in terms of being lucrative, but also a more enjoyable read.

March 3, 2003: http://www.gold-eagle.com/editorials_03/hunn030303.html
Why are investments diving…
and what can I do about it?
I published a simple explanation of the huge decline in global stock markets of the prior years. I also issued my first warning about coming instability in lending markets and then real estate. I forecast that gold would outperform stocks (which it did), and I featured the HUI sector of the US stock market (which dipped just below 120 in March 2003, then surged up to over 500 by early 2008, a gain of over 300%).

November 11, 2004: http://www.gold-eagle.com/editorials_04/fibonacci110704.html
“Are you affected by the real US deficit: oil?”
Oil was around $50 when this article was published. My warnings focused on a coming rise in gasoline prices, along with oil. The final target for oil (not stated in this article) was $140, which oil exceeded very briefly in the summer of 2008, then fell to the low $30s by late 2008.

September 9, 2005: http://www.financialsense.com/fsu/editorials/2005/0906.html
Lesson 1: “Worth its Weight in OIL
This article emphasizes the singular tangible importance of oil as a fuel in particular (but also for all petrochemicals such as plastic). By singular importance, I mean distinctive among all other investments, such as currency, stock shares, real estate, and even gold- hence the replacement of gold in the saying “worth it’s weight in gold” to the subtitle of the article: “worth it’s weight in oil.”

I specified that the one nation most economically dependent on oil- vulnerable to instability in the event of the rise in oil prices that I considered inevitable- is the United States, and again I emphasized the immediate danger in real estate (and an eventual resolution of an underlying weakness in the US stock market):

Stock market of Brussels

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“If there is no fundamental economic strength in the US today, US real estate must decline eventually. Weakness in US stocks or the dollar which leads to a “flight to safety” [i.e. to real estate] is not the same as strength in real estate. Real Estate markets are nowhere near as strong as oil markets.”

“Think about it. Oil is the leader [reversing trend in 1999]. US stocks followed [in 2000]. The dollar followed them [in 2002]. Real Estate will follow next.”

Again, that was published September 6, 2005. In fact, in some major US markets, such as Phoenix Arizona, the real estate market had already peaked in the weeks just prior to that article (mid-August). The housing sector of the US stock market (HGX) had also just peaked (the very end of July).

December 12, 2005: http://www.financialsense.com/fsu/editorials/2005/1217.html
I restated my emphasis of my increasing concern about the US real estate market and my skepticism for long-term stability of the US stock market, as well as my strong preference for commodities, including gold and of course oil in particular, which both continued to rise (and far more than the relatively modest rising in US stocks as well as the overall real estate market).

July 21, 2007: http://www.gold-eagle.com/editorials_05/hunn072107.html
How To Safely Gain Over 1000% In A Few Years…
By Picking The Best Discounts
This was just prior to the peak and collapse in US stocks. I also titled a section “why real estate is so risky.”

“All-time highs in gold, oil, stocks, and real estate have all been highly promoted in recent years. Enthusiasm is extremely high in general for these markets. So, these are not the most ripe to gain.” That’s right- I was already thinking of the eventual weakness in oil and gold- not just the immediate instability in stocks and real estate.
“…So, compared to everything else, bonds may be the ‘safer’ discount for now, [discounted = likely to rise in value] since the US Dollar Index has not yet established a low/rebound.” Bonds did soar, as stocks collapsed, and the US Dollar index bottomed in early 2008, then surged.

August 25, 2008: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/redpill_info/message/491
Stop Gambling: Quick!
Get Rich: Safely.
This article warned of the pending acceleration in the decline in US stocks.

March 3, 2009: http://www.gold-eagle.com/editorials_08/fibonacci030309.html
A Cure For The Common Misunderstandings
About Financial Markets
The title is rather clear.

3/4/09: Private distribution email (redpill_info link)
Without getting much deeper here into the volume of details available, note that you can easily browse through that yahoogroup and see a variety of messages on investments over the years, including many shorter-term forecasts. This email begins with one detail worth noting, though:

“By the end of trading today, I have exited all my mid-term positioning for a drop in stocks, which I expect to soon be reversing for a multi-month rally, though there is still a potential decline this week.”

The US stock market did indeed begin a multi-month rally the next week. The profit potential from that multi-month rally was tremendous, especially when compounded with profits from the previously recommended “short positions.” I knew that the coming multi-month rally had the potential to reach new highs in enthusiasm (confidence, sentiment), and in fact that target was reached recently, such that I am no watching closely for the first stages of a major stock market panic worldwide- much bigger than that of 2008 (or of 2000-2002, or even of 1929-1932).

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Remember, some investors are always asking the question “Which investments will go up next?” Always, some forecasters explore that question and see advance indications of how that question will be answered. We help you make the investments that are going up next be your next investments.

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