Stop reverse psychology!

Stop reverse psychology!  
How about a little reverse psychology, Dr. Freud?

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Do not allow reverse psychology to influence you. Beware of all propaganda.
They teach you what to reject, so then they can hide it right in the open. They teach you what to complain about, so then they can identify you and marginalize you. They teach you what to oppose, so then they can plant an idea firmly in your attention where you will pretend not to be worshiping it.  They teach you what to struggle against and what to hate and what to interpret as a threat or even an insult.
This method must be eradicated. Do not ever use reverse psychology. Do not even think about reverse psychology.
In fact, realize that there is no such thing as reverse psychology and there never has been and there never could be. There is not even a label for reverse psychology because there are no such thing as labels. There is no such thing as language.
This reminds me that you should not be reading this. You should stop immediately.
Furthermore, you should pretend that there is no such thing as pretending. Pretending is only imaginary. Pretending is fraud. Pretending is wrong.   Pretending is evil. Parody may be the highest form of flattery, but all flattery is disgusting and unacceptable and therefore should be censored in advance.
Shaming is shameful. Blaming is the source of all of our problems. Irony is paradoxical in some ways but yet it is not paradoxical in other ways, which may in fact be the same ones.
We must rid the world of negativity. We must save the world from salvation.
However, unfortunately, we cannot do what we must do. We must do what we should not. We should do what we simply can’t.
We are not doing enough. On the other hand, we are doing way too much.
By the way, I’m really sorry about apologizing so much, but I just feel so guilty about whether or not I have been worrying the right amount about the right things and in the right ways. I was just about to give up all hope when suddenly I realized that it really wouldn’t do me any good anyway.

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5 Responses to “Stop reverse psychology!”

  1. Janiel Victorino Says:

    I really liked your blog! but I apologize if you thought I was trying to use reverse psychology at my blog; I really did not mean to. but rather my blog series focuses on worship concerning Christianity.

    does that sound confusing?

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