“incurable illness?”

incurable illness VS spiritual authority

In the beginning, a spiritual authority is at the root of all religious traditions. There is an author at the origin of all teachings and all rituals.

And there is much in common throughout the many variations of religious tradition. One of the things in common is the recognition that some teachers are more or less able than others. Some people that might be called prophets may yet be imprecise in their understanding. The people that may be called wise by the masses may actually be fools.

So, popularity is not a measure of accuracy. Popular ideas have included the idea that the earth is flat, or that the planets rotate around the earth in perfect circles rather than in elliptical orbits around the sun, or that real estate prices always rise, or that there is such a thing as an incurable illness, such as scurvy. Despite the popularity of these theories, they may be recognized by you as contrary to obvious evidence, as in false, or at least questionable, as in there could be other valid ways to communicate the underlying reality that could be more precise and practically useful.

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For instance, when there is a particular range of a certain vitamin present in an organism, certain symptoms predictably arise and a label in language that can be given to the arising of certain symptoms is scurvy. Scurvy is not an objective physiological reality, but just a linguistic concept or categorization.

Even the idea of an incurable illness is itself the symptom of a certain level of understanding about physiological development and nutrition. People who believe in the existence of incurable illness are likely to use that term and to believe that someone diagnosed and labeled as having an incurable illness actually has an illness that is in fact incurable. So, the foolish could believe that someone diagnosed as having scurvy has something that is incurable, rather than correctly interpreting the signals from the organism that there would be value in providing the nourishment of a certain vitamin.

Is autism curable? Well, I’m not concerned about arguing over the word “curable.” However, I do know 1 person, Aajonus Vanderplanitz, who was diagnosed with autism (among many other things) and completely recovered. He reports many cases, as do various physicians and nutritionists, such as the author of the book “Body Ecology.”

A person with a certain amount of a particular vitamin does not have an incurable scurvy. They simply have a particular amount of various vitamins, which can be very easy to change.

In other words, the application of the label “incurable illness” is a curse. There is no such thing as having scurvy physiologically. Scurvy exists only in language, not in physiology. Different levels of vitamins exist physiologically. That is why no one has ever found a scurvy, because there is no such thing. One cannot physically find a darkness or a silence or a blindness or a scurvy because they are not physical, but only linguistic.

All incurable illnesses are diagnostic labels given from a particular linguistic model as a curse. We could think of those diagnostic labels as acts of psychological warfare, as distinct from simply measuring the presence of various nutrients and categorizing the developmental maturity and functionality of various organs and physiological systems.

So, as with diagnostic labels like incurable illness and scurvy, people can learn traditions and repeat phrases they learned from someone else, but is there any authority at all in the words themselves? Is there authority in the words, or is the only authority in the spirit or heart of the one using the words?

Parents, think about when your children call out to you. Do you only listen to the words they say, or do you listen to the way they say them? Do you listen to the spirit of the message?

Even before an infant can use any words at all, we can hear their spirit in their voice. We can identify crying as distinct from laughter. We can identify different kinds of crying- from distress to disappointment.

Many teachers can even claim that their own teaching is the only correct teaching, and that only certain words in particular are the correct ones. They may say that some words are more sacred than other words. They may be fanatically focused on words. They may have no focus whatsoever on spirit. In the extreme, many teachers can claim that their teachings are so obviously superior to all other teachings, that the other teachings must be ridiculed or even exterminated so as to keep their own teachings safe from the apparently immense threat of a teaching that is allegedly vastly inferior.

Some of those teachers call themselves spiritual teachers. Some call themselves political leaders.

They divide people against each other based on words. They invest their time in arguing and struggling and invading and warring. It can be very dangerous to follow such teachers.

Those who are called wise may be revealed as fools. Those who are called fools may be revealed as wise.

this prior video is a recording of a live 2-way communication, but includes all of the above text:


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4 Responses to ““incurable illness?””

  1. Michael Madsen Says:

    Very timely for me! I just got the news that I have Hep C, which is pretty much diagnosed incurable. Actually I knew about it but it is now active and I am not in a good place….so to speak.

    My question is:
    Or dilemma I should say…If I inherit the belief that your truth and reality is
    my way to shift into a place of healing, or non disease or whichever words you would define it with ….if that shift is not powerful enough to actually move my experience via quantum shift or time line jump (you add the others) or perhaps Divine intervention and my Liver heals or shifts, then your idea is only a psychological comfort and can be devastating to my chances of healing.

    I have of course my physical proof of a “situation” in my liver both by tests and by how I feel, not in that order, which begs me the question, what would be my next step?

    Any test, treatment or idea/action that leans toward the reality of the incurable disease almost penetrates any Spiritual Higher faith that may be useful or helpful.

    At the same time, I have seen so many healers, spiritual teachers etc that has miserably failed to heal any person in any way that I could positively embrace as Divine Healing Through whatever means that was offered.

    So if you look at it logically and discerning, I have found myself to be caught in the dilemma of that it is none of those that will free me, and or it is both through a strange and paradoxical paradigm….

    If a complete surrender to Spiritual Healing fails (some may argue that it wasn’t complete then) or as complete as doable according to a persons faith, Light Power and connection with God ( or Spirit ) …if it fails….my own experience is that it devastates me, hope feels lost and my faith takes a very deep dent…and now I have to battle my now progressed disease and with less sense of support.

    I crave the day I am touched by God and he decides the intervene in my life in such a way that I may live long…..this is still my choice of faith.

    Ultimately this is my cry-out for a possible epiphany in aligning with a “savior” energy of healing and restoration of Faith.

    Blessings to those who dares to speak in this way you do,

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      Hi Mike,

      Great to hear from you. You bring a question of faith as well as of the health of your liver and overall organism.

      Note that I did not say that there is no such thing as a virus. My understanding of viruses are that they are surfectants, as in soap scum. That information came from Dr. Aajonus Vanderplanitz, author of “we want to live” and “recipe for living without disease.” See http://www.wewant2live.com

      So, consider that a virus can be present in a particular frequency. However, the conventional medical interpretation of the presence of a virus is that the presence of a virus is always bad and dangerous. What if the presence of a virus is part of a larger healing process or developmental process?

      You have a liver. It works however well it is working. You could nourish it in certain ways that might correspond to it working increasingly well. You could overload it with work. You could give it a rest. You could ignore it. It could get your attention anyway.

      The idea I presented offers no psychological comfort whatsoever. Your symptoms are whatever they are. I just am not resigned to say that something that an average MD does not understand is anything other than beyond their understanding. Nothing is literally incurable, but that does not mean that there is a known and accessible cure. But even more basically the paradigm or doctrine that a virus is alive is questionable. Dr. Vanderplanitz reported personally to me (in a presentation to a group) that there is no evidence that viruses are alive. Viruses are present as an effect of something, not as a cause.

      Logically, we could say that there is a correlation to open umbrellas and rainfall. We notice that they go together often, so we might assert that opening umbrellas causes rainfall. We could test that.

      Dr. Vanderplanitz reported that the conventional understanding that viruses are alive is a mistake. Their presence is correlated with certain symptoms, but they could be an effect rather than a cause of the symptoms. He also said that it is a mistake that is financially lucrative for certain interests, but that is a distinct issue. For simplicity, let’s presume that the mainstream medical industry is simply ignorant and innocent, like as Jesus said on the cross: “they know not what they do.”

      So, consider that most spiritual teachers and healers may be optimistic frauds. Further, consider that most MDs may be ineffective and demonstrably inaccurate scientifically, so we could even label them as charlatans and quacks, though perhaps they are equally sincere and well-meaning as the average spiritual healer.

      In contrast, if you wish to speak with people who report effectiveness in numerous cases of improving people’s health and fitness, including the disappearance of so-called incurable illnesses (such as scurvy or an “outbreak” of Hepatitis C), that can be arranged. If you wish to speak with clients that have had the same symptoms you had and no longer do, that is also possible. If an MD says that recovery is impossible or that they personally do not known of anyone who has recovered from a particular situation which they label incurable, you can either invest trust in absolutely everything they say or open to other alternatives.

      I would caution you about faith-based healing and the “convenient” doctrine of “incomplete faith.” It sounds like more medical cursing. It sounds like shaming and blaming. It sounds like resignation, not authority or creativity or effectiveness.

      Beware of those who leave you devastated emotionally. You may find it natural to withdraw from them definitively.

      Thank you for your reply, your sharing, and your compliments. Check out the link above if you wish and let me know if you’d like me to get you in touch with Dr. Vanderplanitz so he can conduct some assessments and perhaps suggest some laboratory blood tests that can clarify the current nutritional ranges and procedural alternatives (and “prognosis”).

  2. jrfibonacci Says:

    On Sun, Sep 12, 2010 at 4:28 PM, Danijela Poropat wrote:

    Yes, pretending, what is opposite of being is cause of all illnesses. Is it curable? Yes.

    There are some definitions of illness:
    – impairment of normal physiological function affecting part or all of an organism

    JR replies:
    simpler would be:
    distinct categorical ranges of physiological function.

    the linguistic concept of impairment is distinct from the actual functioning

    – Illness (sometimes referred to as ill-health or ailment) is a state of poor health. Illness is sometimes considered a synonym for disease. Others maintain that fine distinctions exist. Some have described illness as the subjective perception by a patient of an objectively defined disease.

    right, that subjective perception or linguistic concept does not have any physiological existence.

    – An instance of a disease; A person’s perception of having poor health; A state of having bad health

    In definition is said that illness is disfuncion and that it is based on perception.

    so illness is a dysfunctional perception?

    I understand what are you talking about “incurable illness” as a curse. It is. How we use language is kind of programing. We can be oriented to health. “Incurable illness” is really completely wrong sentence, more correctly is “I can˙t cure you”.

    Right. Also, all language is the programming of attention and perception.

    My dad for example is “professionally ill”. He is dying since I know for myself. He suffer but he likes to be ill. He can˙t take that somebody else is more ill then he, or that somebody has more diagnoses then he. If I tell him “you are not ill” he would be very offended.

    He may “be ill,” but does he HAVE a physiological illness? He simply has a certain conversation about his physiological functioning. He may also “have” ill will, but that is also just a conversation!

    I can understand his fear of dying. I can understand that his illness is way to escape from responsibility for his own life. Most of all I understand that his illness is looking for attention. He likes that people pity him and he believe it is love.

    Consider that it may be love! It certainly would be attention, and in all attention is the opportunity for love, right? See how intelligent your dad is!?!?!

  3. jrfibonacci Says:

    As for the MDs, I consider them to be serving a particular function which is obviously of real value to some people, but perhaps more to certain people than others (including insurance companies and private parties). MDs are licensed by governments to do things which, if performed without that monopoly license, could otherwise be ruled criminal, as in dangerous or directly detrimental. Consider that, like spies licensed to kill specific targets, MDs are licensed to do certain forms of damage, at least in certain cases.

    Similarly, with dentists, I think of the enormous amount of mercury amalgam that has been deposited into the mouths of dental patients in the last 100 years or so. The effect of those fillings, as the chemicals distribute through the bloodstream, may have been anticipated or not. Whether it was anticipated is really trivia to me. The long-term effects of conventional methods may be considered or not, then recognized or denied, and then mythologized or not.

    Is mercury amalgam really as dangerous as some say? I don’t really know. Maybe that info is psychological warfare. Same for cigarettes- I do not really know, but I do know that we can repeat a popular myth or legend that cigarettes are remarkably unhealthy. However, we through the government have not (yet) criminalized them like alcohol in the 1920s. So, how interested is the government in health? And how interested are we!?!

    The bottom line in this case is that incurable illness is clearly a myth. There are many other myths, but that one is one of the more obvious curses that have recently been popular.

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