The magic of inquiry

or, the magic of curiosity… and inquiry!

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5 Responses to “The magic of inquiry”

  1. danijela Says:

    You are not confused or you are just pretending you are not confused? Or you refuse to be confused? Or you enjoy in inquiry how clear can you be about confusion, and how creative you can be in spite of confusion?
    O my God!
    Then, why I am worried? (Or I just pretend I am worried? I should be worried more about many things. It worries me I am not worried enough. 🙂

  2. jrfibonacci Says:

    Now I am worried about whether you are worrying the right way, Danijela. If you would just worry the right way, dear, then it would not be so much of an issue how much you are worrying, see?

    You obviously need to watch this music video that I made yesterday:

  3. danijela Says:

    Aha! Worrying efficiently, with results! Then, I am not worried about worrying. Thanks. Something is more clear to me right now.

  4. hell raising love monster Says:

    Thanks. I see that I have been pretending not to be confused, and have been “trying” to apply the old model to a new situation. I’m speaking about supporting Tera moving to work in the Valley. I will relax, and inquire, and rekindle being curious. Thanks

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