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On the hysteria of “what’s wrong with humans these days!?!?!”

June 10, 2014

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Natasha Ilieva:

is all over the world …what’s wrong with humans
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J R Fibonacci Hunn:

Apparently Elizabeth is ignorant of the history of governments and their fundamental nature. That would be very frustrating for her! (She might even be saying frustrated things like “what’s wrong with humans!?!?!”)
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Natasha Ilieva:

fundamental nature of governments is mirror of human’s awareness dear J R Fibonacci Hunn lol…so “whats wrong with humans” is right question hehehhe
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J R Fibonacci Hunn:

Governments regulate human interactions. That comes in many forms- including organized coercion. Technology changes methods.

The awareness of the human witness does not alter what an instance of capital punishment is. It is still cold-blooded ritual human sacrifice. However, most “liberals” will say “that is horrifying!”

Maybe it is. That may even be the point: to terrify others. I am simply saying that government rituals of public execution are for the purpose of influencing the behavior of groups of humans.
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Natasha Ilieva:

no dear u will be surprised to know that governments are society mirror …reflection of our interests state of mind and awareness…if not revolution will be only possible way of living …there are powers which work in collective consciousness…if we don’t agree brainwashed by leaders we will not accept their decisions and silly laws …is right first time for everything to happen …for Hitler Stalin Bush and everybody to come and rule…sheep’s accept… they need this lesson and teacher is ready hehehe
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J R Fibonacci Hunn:

Silly laws huh? I should post my recent article on a new perspective that I got on forgiveness from a Tibetan monk who was tortured by the Chinese government. When you or your family member is jailed or tortured or bombed, I wonder if you would still be so dismissive of government violence….

I consider your perspective idealistic and guilt-centered. If Alaska’s government budget benefits from huge revenues from the oil industry while other US states approach bankruptcy, are the geological facts “just reflections of the people’s state?”

I understand that you may be terrified and cling to your ideology. Great. That is what ideological delusions are for- to pacify the sheep.

How about the province of Alberta- way more oil than any other province in Canada! Way more wealthy, more stable government, etc….That’s just the superior consciousness of the people there, right?
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Natasha Ilieva:

yes government reflect collective consciousnesses of people…Canada has nothing to do with some other country or race..evolution is going on personal level race nation country and world…government violence is lesson not punishment ..we both with u h…See More
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J R Fibonacci Hunn:

To me, your presentation is without peace. It is violent in a way subtle way- with passive aggression.

A hurricane violently rips apart the garden you planted, when you violently dragged a rake across the soil and violently ripped weeds out and violently made holes in the mud. The whole orientation of “it is this but not that” is “violent” and argumentative.

What if violence can be a lesson and a punishment? I even said that a well-publicized capital punishment is publicized so as to be a lesson, right?

“My goal is to get free of mind.” Then you claim that are not free of it. Who are you that has been making such presumptions?
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J R Fibonacci Hunn:

Here is my latest audio in which I clarify the confusions that people encounter in regard to “getting free of the mind”:

a new perspective

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J R Fibonacci Hunn:

Here is a much shorter piece focusing on the mind’s tendency to condemn and the withdrawing of such hysterical panics of condemnation:

Is forgiveness about what someone else did or about self-respect?
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Natasha Ilieva:

yes forgiveness serves ur soul not others…is important to delete records of ur mind do not suffer …if God let children to be abused and killed being innocent will u change ur perspective on humans acts..we are souls in body and mind …all what happens is important for the soul not body and mind …they make only to look real but is not …pain is still our teacher …making soul wake up…change the perspective dear go above all mess we do on earth and see the whole plan of creation heheh
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J R Fibonacci Hunn:

Your comment, Natasha, looks incomplete. (ok, I see you finished it now.)
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Natasha Ilieva:

i love ur restless soul ehhehe
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J R Fibonacci Hunn: In the “new perspective” audio (and article), I present an unusual relationship between body, soul, and mind. It is not mysterious or conflicted. However, it does not fit with the common idealisms of “the evolution of the soul.” The soul is a “higher self” that does not have fantasies of “personal evolution” and is indeed already operating in the mode that many minds worship as “the ultimate goal.”
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J R Fibonacci Hunn:

“The plan of creation” is already here, right? When the soul witnesses the mind and the personas of the mind, there can be an identifying with some persona as if the persona is the fundamental reality rather than just the temporary branch of an eternal tree.
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Natasha Ilieva:

no dear u are wrong …see children how different they are since coming in body…souls have their evolution like planets of our solar system…tehre are 7 cycles of transformation we all get trough…
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J R Fibonacci Hunn:

If you are not open to alternative ideas or understandings, that is okay. You can keep an antagonistic “I’m right and you’re wrong” identity in the mind. That stage of experience is also important, so that you can repel alternatives and explore undistracted one particular ideology or idealism and learn all that it has to offer.
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Natasha Ilieva:

i respect all ur ideas they are cosmic mind also but i am interested in pure consciousnesses do u feel the difference lol…not interpretations of truth but truth itself …creation happens every minute …billion realities all are GOD
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J R Fibonacci Hunn:

Ah, well thank you for loving my “restless” soul.
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Natasha Ilieva:

soul is just an atom of light and consciousness…is a bridge between mind and higher self God in us …is limited and slowly transforming in pure light disappears and u are God itself hehehe
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J R Fibonacci Hunn:

“Soul” is to me a word that can mean “pure consciousness.” Within the field or theatre of consciousness, mind can set up plays and dramas and then personas can take the stage and argue and agree and so on.
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Natasha Ilieva:

no soul is teh micro chip of ur computer called JR hehehe
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J R Fibonacci Hunn:

Mind can ask “silly” questions like “how can I re-unite my soul with pure consciousness?” That could a hysterical (hilarious, delusional) question.

Those kinds of jokes are important in comedies. A good joke can show us the silliness and foolishness of common patterns of thinking and experience.
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Natasha Ilieva:

ok dear ur soul is the cloves God puts coming in astral levels…ur body is teh machine and mind is the motor is it clear now…when u speak about God divine Universal consciousness see only light like 1000 suns
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J R Fibonacci Hunn:

I am clear. There is a congruence and consistency apparent within my articles and audios if you care to explore.

However, I do not recognize clarity in your comments about “cloves.” Maybe “auto-correct” jarbled your typing. I am okay with other people using words in other ways than I use them. That is simply an inevitability.
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J R Fibonacci Hunn:

Maybe you meant “soul is the clothes….”
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J R Fibonacci Hunn: Personas (personalities, identities) are like characters in a play that one actor can “adopt” briefly. They are like costumes or clothes. That is how I use the term “persona.”
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J R Fibonacci Hunn:

Per-sona actually comes from a Greek word for the mask worn by an actor in a theatrical performance. The wooden masks had different “sound-holes” built in to the masks, so the voice of the actor would be different as they put on the different masks or “per-sonas.”
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J R Fibonacci Hunn:

The saint, the villain, the hero, the victim, etc….
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Natasha Ilieva:

u can call them anyway…u are better in words i in love…so u will explain i will love…we both go in parallel hope to cross in one moment hehehe
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J R Fibonacci Hunn:

The soul can only love. What the personas do may be of no great importance to the soul.
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Natasha Ilieva:

it is important if u kill in this life u will be killed in next …for the spirit is not important pure consciousnesses is there
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J R Fibonacci Hunn:

Bodies may be mortal. What if the soul is immortal?

If one identifies with the body, so be it. What if the body is simply respected as a useful branch of a sacred tree?
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J R Fibonacci Hunn:

The one who fears hell may be only a persona. The persona may suffer from guilt and shame and so on. That may be an important learning process.
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Natasha Ilieva:

The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, by Max Heindel
God-sent are all religions blest; And Christ, the Way, the Truth, the Life, To give the heavy laden rest And peace from sorrow, sin, and strife.
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Natasha Ilieva:

read that they are close to truth…
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J R Fibonacci Hunn:

I am clear. I do not seek clarification on these subjects through reading. Thank you for the sentiment.

I shared the article and audio for you to enjoy. The audio contains many silly amusements as well as precise clarity in regard to several issues mentioned in this thread that often people may find confusing.
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Natasha Ilieva:

go on if this is ur mission do it …everybody seeds on his field don’t judge others job…let them work …God is the judge we are the servants…never forget all roads lead to same not better road is just TAO…THE PATH
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J R Fibonacci Hunn:

Some believe that is some distance between them and the destination. Could that be an optional presumption?

“My judgement is that you should not judge me.” Ah, yes, more jokes. I get it!
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Natasha Ilieva:

see the difference between judge and response …i can be not agree with u coz my level of awareness is different we project our mind on others so many people and opinions…i accept ur opinion don’t judge it just say let it be …in position of “all is God” judgement is useless…all ur videos are good for mind people …so i say seed ur field but don’t judge my seeding hehehe
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J R Fibonacci Hunn:

You seem arrogant to me, rather than curious. You present things like “other people are just projecting opinions, but not me.” HA!
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Natasha Ilieva:

ok i give up…let it be ur will not mine…u are right i am wrong hehehhe
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J R Fibonacci Hunn:

Your comments can be valid and mine can be different but still valid. Also, I did not mean to imply that you “should” be curious about anything or that you should not be what I call arrogant. I’m just offering you some alternative to the idea that “there must be SOMETHING that is fundamentally wrong!!!” (referencing Elizabeth Warren’s quotation)

Really? What if everything was fundamentally just exactly what it is?
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Natasha Ilieva:

all what is wrong is in mind dear not in consciousness…wake up people make them curious to know truth but don’t fall in the trap of interpretations…mind can bring u to nowhere is very limited and works with known information…my goal is unknown …love u
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J R Fibonacci Hunn:

Yes, when the mind is programmed to make certain unexamined presumptions (like those of Senator Warren) that leads to a hysteria of heroic perfectionism, and then the natural result of the inevitable encounter with reality is self-righteous frustration.

Then she says ignorant things like “the only people who go to jail TODAY are….” What is revealed? Her idealism that in prior times or other places, court systems were much different.

The nature of court systems is organized coercion. That is another word for extortion. Or we can call it taxation. The label “that the mind uses” does not alter the pattern of behavior any more than labeling it in another language like German or Japanese or Arabic.
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J R Fibonacci Hunn:

Why does she deperately say that they should be different? Her pretense is crumbling. Her denial is crumbling.

When there are illusions or delusions, then there is the potential for disillusionment or waking up. That can be disorienting.
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Natasha Ilieva:

good ring the bell just don’t become dog barking only…hope all what u discus will have response in ursociety…they need clearance about many points in “american dream” lol
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J R Fibonacci Hunn:

So, we can recognize that there is a pattern of “suffering mind” (or we could even say “border-line” mental illness) that we may perceive with that Senator. Further, there is something we can call mindfulness or enlightenment. That does not cancel the mind or prevent the use of language. That just implies an orderly mind.
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J R Fibonacci Hunn:

I am not interested in “them” (or in Senator Warren). I am just offering you an example of mindfulness or an awakened mind. You can resist it or argue with it. That is up to you.
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Natasha Ilieva:

babe i just shared others post “what is wrong in American society and see how many words u wrote on my wall hehehehe
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J R Fibonacci Hunn:

Yes, I see how many words we wrote. You can continue to relate to “American society” as a target of condemnation for what is wrong with it (like Senator Warren has done). I am just presenting you the option of respecting it as it is without showing your disdain for it to attract interaction from others (approval or discussion).

Senator Warren is actually a very clever person. I like her research very much in regard to economic analysis and forecasting. I also understand her panicked retreat in to idealism. When I first began publishing commentaries on the future of US and global economics in 2003, it was quite a challenging emotional transition for me as well.
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J R Fibonacci Hunn:

From the beginning, government has been a system of inequity. When in the 1980s high-ranking US leaders like Caspar Weinberger or Oliver North were involved in smuggling weapons illegally, trafficking cocaine illegally, and money-laundering of their drug proifts, the extremely unusual thing about that is that the public became aware of it. Next, the “justice system” started it’s process and convicted North, but then people like Bush and his drug-smuggling partner Clinton “pardoned” the “criminals.”

What is new about presidential pardons and all the rest? Nothing. This is business as usual. From the 19th century opium trafficking of the British Empire to the CIA’s cocaine operations, governments make certain actions illegal for the public. That helps to reduce competition and raise profit-margins.

The US (with grandpa Prescott Bush) was a source of major support for both Nazi Germany as well as the communist revolution leading to the formation of the USSR. The media and schools may say “those are our enemies,” but what the word “enemy” really means is that the masses are prohibited from being involved in the extremely profitable operations of the Free Masons and Jesuits and so on.

What “those are our enemies” really means is “those are *your* enemies.” The method of “divide & conquer” is not new.

Senator Warren is allowed to speak to a big audience because she is what is called a “useful idiot.” She helps to distract people like you from the simple realities. With the modern internet, hiding history is a new challenge for the elite, so lots of high-intensity political “controversy” is essential.
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J R Fibonacci Hunn:

Natasha Ilieva wrote: “is all over the world …what’s wrong with humans”

Yes, down with those shameful creatures! Send them to an eternity in hell for their sins.

Clarity in the midst of contradictions and confusion

April 21, 2013

Clarity in the midst of a hysterical panic about confusing contradictions

Entering from California

Entering from California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maybe you know that there is a border between the US states of Arizona and California. Imagine two people standing a few feet apart on either side of the border boundary (a signpost or fence or whatever). The one in California points east to Arizona and says “the border is to the east.” The one in Arizona points west to California and says “no, the border is to the west.”

Can you get the silliness of that? Then they are startled and confused and frustrated that someone disagrees with them so they panic and yell (as if that will help their frustration) and soon they get in to a fist fight and eventually die of their wounds.

Now, I have just described to you how most people relate to… almost everything, certainly a lot of political “debate.” There is no “injustice” and no “east” and no “fundamental rights” outside of you. There are developments that you can observe and sense and then interpret and label.

In my example above, I could have used “right and left” instead of “east and west” or I could have used “right and wrong.” I picked a ridiculous example so that you would not have a hysterical outburst of panic and rage about my example, so your understanding would not be clouded by inaccurate presumptions and confusion and hysteria and rage and shame and hostility, as in terrified panicking.

Figure 2: Simple-minded frame-of-reference example

Figure 2: Simple-minded frame-of-reference example (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

JJ replied: 

so you are making some reference as to the perspective of two people or two groups ….. please make this same example work using up and down…. this changes the frame of reference so it is the same for each of the protagonist. and please leave your rage shame and hostility wherever you keep it when not in use.

JR replies:

The issue is not when there are two people who use language consistently. The issue is when there is a contradiction.

Contradiction only exists in language. There are no contradictions external to you. There are only linguistic contradictions. Contradiction could involve two contrasting “dictions” (sayings). If there is a ironic conflict between a linguistic statement and some external reality, we might also call that a “contradiction.”

Regarding your request about “up and down,” it is like when there are two people at the top and bottom of a stairway and a fire in the middle between them. One of them wants to argue about whether the fire is below or above (up or down). That one may be hysterical. That one may scream at the other person to agree with them. That is focusing on the language and not on the fire.

English: United States Supreme Court building ...

English: United States Supreme Court building in Washington D.C., USA. Front facade. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For another instance, as the US government begins to implement the same policies that it has been implementing worldwide for decades here at home in the US (like in Boston recently), some people will argue hysterically “but that is unconstitutional!” Unconstitutional is a category in language. When the ruling priesthood of the US (the supreme judges of the court of the rulers’ rules) DICTATES that something is unconstitutional, that may be more important than what you or I say. When the Congress passes a new amendment revoking some other amendment, that is a constitutional reform. What is LEGALLY unconstitutional or constitutional can change in two ways: the Supreme Court issues a new ruling or the constitution is changed (or a treaty supersedes it and so forth, like when the ruling powers of Europe took over the US government without firing a shot by placing the Federal Reserve System OVER the existing national government of the US).

Description: Newspaper clipping USA, Woodrow W...

Description: Newspaper clipping USA, Woodrow Wilson signs creation of the Federal Reserve. Source: Date: 24 December 1913 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The idea that there is a POWERFUL constitution made of paper with powerful shapes of magic ink on the powerful paper is government propaganda. Bullets and bombs have always been the only authority behind that ink on that paper, as well as the only authority behind any court-dictated currency, etc etc etc….

Federal reserve police car, St. Louis, MO

Federal reserve police car, St. Louis, MO (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A sunset in the Arizona desert near Scottsdale...

A sunset in the Arizona desert near Scottsdale. The climate and imagery are two factors behind Arizona’s tourism industry. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, in conclusion, confusion is a sign of inaccurate presumptions. The mature respond to this by correcting their presumptions or at least slowing down with a humble curiosity. The terrified will blame some external trigger for their internal experience of confusion, leading to resentment, hostility, rage, and so on.

That is the basic teaching of the Buddha (the 3rd noble truth, which the prior 2 simply lead up to). However, the vast majority of people who have been exposed to that teaching may have very little actual comprehension of it.

They still think of suffering as something that happens to them. Suffering is something that humans do. It is an activity, a habit, a behavior.

Mostly, suffering is a way to relate to life or label life or interpret life- using language. Suffering is to attribute the cause of confusion to external developments as “what should not be” and then attempt to reform external reality and prevent it from being “what it should not be.” That is the nature of what ancient Hebrew scholars called “hell.”


Only the humble enter heaven and experience the peace of heaven because only the humble are willing to consider that their linguistic practices may be factors in their experience of confusion. This is not a moral superiority. Any who could get in to heaven would. This is an issue of  spiritual development, only accessible by grace.

Anti-fat hysteria and the silly question of whether immune system activity is good or bad

February 17, 2013
English: Source: FDA-OCI

English: Source: FDA-OCI (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello, and thank you for visiting my blog. I am writing this as a response to the blogger who re-blogged a recent post of mine here: Here is an excerpt of that author’s comment (published on their own blog) about my recent post titled “How severe obesity is a sign of starvation (malnutrition),” which was about how hunger is a sign of unmet nutritional demand (which makes sense, right), especially unmet demand for the highest-quality fuel which a human can consume: raw fat.

I found this post fascinating…I often write about my “indigent experience.” One thing I have not explored, in writing, is why so many indigent people are so overweight. I, myself, am often quite hungry in my daily struggle for food, but I make a concerted effort to consume vegetables, nuts, grains, fruits, etc. Additionally, though I prefer a vegan diet, or at least, a vegetarian one, because “beggars cannot be choosers,” I will eat “flesh” when my only other option is not to eat, at all…. 

Thank you for sharing my blog. For reference, I am a former vegetarian and even a former vegan, all of which preceded my loss of the ability to walk due to malnutrition (in the particular form known as Multiple Sclerosis- from which I have fully recovered due to conforming my diet with the natural design of the human digestive system). In general, I invite you to read some of the other recent posts on my blog in which I address diet and health more broadly. For now, I will give a summary comment which stretches across the topics of a number of my blogs.

Note first that I promote a diet abundant in raw fats, such as avocado, coconut, olive, flax, hemp, and ESPECIALLY all forms of high-quality animal fats, such as in eggs, seafood, as well as wild and grass-fed flesh and organs. In other words, I favor the diet that that has been the core dietary practice of humans for all of pre-history.

A raw, paleolithic-style dish: A sashimi (raw ...

A raw, paleolithic-style dish: A sashimi (raw fish) dinner set (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Also, as a point of lesser emphasis, I note that in the last 40,000 years or so, many cultures have thrived with the use of fresh (unpasteurized) dairy products from healthy mammals kept in herds, including fermented dairy such as yogurt and cottage cheese. While many “radical traditionalists” in the nutrition field regard dairy (besides a mother’s breastmilk for her infant) with about the same repulsion as the average vegan, I am very grateful for my OVERNIGHT recovery of the ability to walk after consuming a single pint of raw cream (from a healthy, grass-fed cow), which cost me only $4.50 plus shipping. Given the immense struggle and pain of my experience with Multiple Sclerosis (during which my typical WEEKLY total sleep would be under 3 hours), a meager $4.50 was a price that I was “more than happy” to pay….

So, the advances in human evolution over other species could be said to be “topped” by the advanced neurological formations of humans. Largely, all researchers that I am aware of agree that these advances were due to a much higher availability of omega-3 fatty acids in the diets of ancient humans (compared to other primates). Simply put, humans were better at hunting animals. That is how we got the brains (and the DNA) that we have. Humans who do not consume an abundance of omega-3 fatty acids will have less intellectual capacity (while eating more omega-3s,  especially the DHA and EPA found in animal sources,  will increase intelligence, concentration, coordination, athletic performance, etc.) Again, this is a simple matter of clear scientific research and also a rather simple thing for someone to test on their own.

English: Fish oil plant. Operated by Equateq, ...

English: Fish oil plant. Operated by Equateq, this plant opened in 2005 to process fish into omega-3 oils and fatty acids for the pharmaceutical sector. A big investment in an otherwise non-industrialised part of the Outer Hebrides. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Fda (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Naturally, however, in any culture in which a primary value is the brainwashing and dependency of the “human resources,” it is predictable that propaganda that directs the masses AWAY from any nutritional practices that promote intelligence would be a priority for the ruling system of governing, regulating behavior, mind control, etc. So, the anti-fat propaganda launched by the FDA around 1984 (and in other countries as well) was a crowning achievement in the anti-health educational indoctrination managed by the FDA through public schools. Obesity rates have multiplied several times over as a result of the anti-fat campaigns. Not only is pharmaceutical drug dependency at all-time highs (which is very favorable for terrifying the addicts with threats of reducing free health care socialism and so on), but the overall health of the masses is historically low, as well as critical-thinking skills. (Note for instance the deteriorating respectfulness of the public in their political debates of passionate arguing and partisan animosity.)

The primary nutrient (though second to water) for humans is fat. Without a bit of credible scientific evidence, fat has been demonized in a massive religious indoctrination campaign by the FDA priests of the leading religion of the modern world, the United States of America (a very imperialist denomination within the Vatican’s UN network). Devout followers of that religion have avoided fat (as directed), resulting in malnutrition, obesity, and, ironically, cholesterol irregularities. (That is ironic because avoiding fat was presented to the domesticated herds as a solution to the cholesterol “panic,” when in fact avoiding fat LEADS to cholesterol issues and cardiovascular dysfunction.)

However, the herds have largely accepted blindly both the belief systems and ritual practices promoted by the priesthood of the FDA. Now that the public is catching on, if only rather slowly, the health of the masses has already been greatly reduced from prior standards. How things will proceed from here has been speculated about for a long time by many leaders of the global “domestication” programs. Some find the subject terrifying and riveting, while others find it to be simply a practical issue as to how personally to refine one’s own presumptions and any rituals that one may still be blindly repeating. The more omega-3 fatty acids that someone is eating, the more important it may be to them to continue that dietary “ritual,” above other lesser priorities like those suggested by the commercial advertisements and public indoctrination programs of the culture of imperialist consumerism.

Jan. 6, 2009; Atlanta, GA – Looking for possib...

Jan. 6, 2009; Atlanta, GA – Looking for possible bacterial contamination in food, an FDA microbiologist prepares DNA samples for analysis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Note that one of the most precious superstitions of the FDA’s religion is hysteria about any activity of the immune system, such as sneezing or vomiting or even profuse sweating (especially when the sweat smells like the toxins being released). Because the eating of foods rich in bacteria can lead, for those with an abundance of toxins, to a sudden release of toxins through dramatic (and truly inconvenient!) mechanisms such as vomiting and diarrhea, followers of the FDA’s religion may think of bacteria as merely the CAUSE of health-diminishing illness rather than as the CATALYST for healing detoxification. Realistically, for those without a basic level of economic stability, all illness impairs their capacity to be a good, reliable union employee/human resource.

Related to the anti-bacterial hysteria (and the pro-sterility hysteria in general) is the anti-meat hysteria and, in particular, the anti-raw hysteria (especially in regard to the consumption of raw animal products, including, quite famously in recent legal cases, raw dairy products). I address the anti-dairy hysteria in posts like these:


128% of Scientists are easily misled by cancerous headlines

July 18, 2012

128% of Scientists are easily misled by cancerous headlines

English: Elvis Presley meeting Richard Nixon. ...

English: Elvis Presley meeting Richard Nixon. On December 21, 1970, at his own request, Presley met then-President Richard Nixon in the Oval Office of The White House. Elvis is on the right. Waggishly, this picture is said to be ‘of the two greatest recording artists of the 20th century’. The Nixon Library & Birthplace sells a number of souvenir items with this photo and the caption, “The President & the King.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last week, a group of senior citizens initiated a new campaign to promote a more mature political process in the United Kingdom by raising the voting age to 65. “This will also save money on elections by dramatically reducing the number of voters,” said AARP President Richard Nixon.

Justin Beiber responded by agreeing that a reduction in the cost of holding elections is the primary financial priority of the United Parcel Service, and that is why he also supports a slight revision of the voting age regulations. His proposal reverses the current system of unfair inequality for a more progressive arrangement: only people under 18 will be eligible to vote. Economists suggest that Beiber’s proposal, while immensely popular among teenage girls aged 12-15, would burden the economy by redistributing wealth toward a 700% increase in the purchase of wall posters.

“It’s one thing for people to have a picture of Richard Nixon or Elvis or the American Flag or Jesus on your wall, but having a picture of Justin Beiber shows a lack of respect for the historical importance of the political influence of the Secret Societies of the Holy Roman Catholic Empire,” said Jesus Christ, founder of the Jesuit Order of Free Masonic Popes and Pharaohs, adding that “economic interests should not ever influence behavior. That is strictly forbidden. That is selfish and will get slaves like you sent straight to an eternity of tortures in hell, which is what we call the secret room under the pyramids where we conduct ritual inquisitions of suspected candidates for human sacrifice. Therefore, there has never been any evidence of a connection between economic interests and actual behavior. That is just a conspiracy theory put forward by people who are jealous of the success of our systems of involuntary wealth transfer through organized intimidation networks of tax extortion.”

Several spokesgirls for the Beiber campaign promptly indicated their clear comprehension of the issues by twirling their hair, rolling their eyes and saying “nuh uh.” This reflex was followed by yet another outburst of giggling.


Hysteria (Photo credit: D. Stenvers)

In other news, the Federal Association for the Promotion of Hysteria through Propaganda said that a terror alert has been announced for you personally. It will last for exactly 14 seconds and will begin in only 9 seconds, so it is best to prepare right away.

Now, everyone knows that baldness is a leading cause of hair loss. So, in order to combat rising fuel prices, the Beiber campaign has announced a new constitutional amendment to triple the amount of crude oil in Alaska, which will save the economy of Alaska, which has already been leading economic growth among US states for 27 of the last 19 years.

In particular, an accumulation of dishes in the kitchen sink is growing at a rate of 21% per day, reports Richard Nixon, AARP President. “This malignant growth of dishes is caused by cancer. Cancer is caused by hysteria. Hysteria is caused by a misunderstanding about labels.”

Jesus Christ taught us that “Labels do not cause hair loss or an accumulation of something. Labels only label something. Cancer is the label for when there is an accumulation of certain kinds of waste. When a body is not eliminating waste well and is accumulating it in various places, that is not the malignant spread of a cancerous label. That is just the accumulation of waste in various places.”

Brunch aftermath

Brunch aftermath (Photo credit: nicholasjon)

Justin Beiber instructed us to “notice that the accumulation of dishes in the kitchen sink is often accompanied by dirty clothes overflowing from one laundry basket, and then another laundry basket, and then a pile of clothes spread throughout the floor of the rooms of certain teenagers, especially those without any of my posters on the wall. So, did the cancerous growth of unwashed dishes spread to a cancerous growth of dirty clothes? Isn’t an extreme treatment such as radiation the only obvious remedy (which is a bit like burning down the house so as to remove the dirty laundry, right)? If the construction industry promotes burning down houses in order to remove dirty laundry, is that the same as the radiation and chemotherapy industry promoting their favored treatment methods?”

When a body is not eliminating waste (or dead cells) as fast as the process of accumulation, that can be labeled “having incurable cancer.” In that case, do snakes who are shedding their skin have cancer until they shed their skin?
In other shocking news designed to combat reserve psychology, several spokesgirls from the Beiber campaign finished each others sentences today, saying that “the reason that we have not washed the dishes yet is like because the kitchen sink has, uh, cancer or something, okay? So, anyway, we really would wash the dishes, but then like more dishes would just get dirty again, so what’s the point? Seriously, if you don’t like the growing stack of dirty dishes in the kitchen sink, Mr. Nixon, then maybe you need to like fund more research for finding a cure for using the label cancer for what is actually just an accumulation of waste!”

Mr. Nixon only responded by hysterically chanting repeatedly that the Surgeon General says that hair loss is the leading cause of baldness. However, his response is extremely impressive, considering that he has been dead for 47 centuries.

Corcovado jesus

Corcovado jesus (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

In more of the same news that you have already been pumped with for decades, Jesus Christ was denied three times today, rejecting the premise that intelligence is a leading cause of turning off the TV, of questioning the propaganda of public schools and of researching the claims of mainstream churches. Studying the specific methods of propaganda, of the influencing of perception, and of commercial mind control may or may not be a leading cause of a cancerous growth of clarity and sanity.

In contrast, eating a diet that corresponds to the design of the human digestive system is a leading cause of having fully developed organs, which is a leading cause of having fully nourished organs, which is a leading cause of having fully functioning organs, which is a leading cause of having the capacity to eliminate waste faster than it is produced, which is also related to consuming little or no “crap” that has only been consumed by consumers for several decades. “By the way,” said Justin Beiber, “I was born with a severe case of baldness caused by a pre-natal cancerous growth of benign malignancies.”

#Justin Beiber - To buy, or not to buy?:)

“Note that the name of His Holiness is spelled right on the package above.” #Justin Beiber – To buy, or not to buy?:) (Photo credit: joykennelly)

Jesus denied having any knowledge of how to miraculously cure labels, saying that “In my personal experience, I have found that a lot of people have a tendency to mildly over-react to hysteria. Also, malignant hypochondria is actually not malignant or hypochondria, but it is entirely incurable. Finally, confusion is the leading cause of labeling one thing as something else and then focusing on the label itself rather than what is actually happening that has been labeled with whatever label. Do not label something as confusing when in fact it is just you using a label for something that does not actually fit with the thing itself, you silly little worshipers of Justin Beiber.”

Selena and Justin Out on a Date in LA

Selena and Justin Out on a Date in LA (Photo credit: Kolya Korobochkin)

Dissolving the fear of logic and of clarity

July 1, 2012

Dissolving the fear of logic and clarity

Français : Logo de la société LOGIC

Français : Logo de la société LOGIC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday someone mentioned to me the idea of “being logical” as being one of many “functional qualities.” I consider it not just one quality among many but the essential foundation of functionality. Let me give you a short but striking example that can demonstrate what I mean by the importance of logic.

“The sunlight is never the sunlight including when she subtracted seven from a button of slowly hudteshged.”

The above sequence of letters and words is not logically consistent. It is not coherent. Without logic, there is little other functionality possible.
Even to just walk, the brain and muscles perform a specific “logical” (neurological) sequence of actions. Toddlers are training their nerves and muscles to perform the useful sequence of muscular actions to be able to walk instead of crawl. They use conscious attention to “logically” determine (through trial and error) how to balance as they move, exactly which muscles to exert when, and also how to stop their momentum and come to a motionless standing position.

Let’s not confuse “logical” with “requiring conscious attention.” I can walk without conscious attention on exactly how I walk, as I instead focus on where I am going, but that does not mean that the neurological activity of walking is “illogical.” Unconscious logic is still logic. Everything that is neurological is logical. Even the way that proteins are manufactured has a certain “logic” (pattern of functionality) to it.

Logic is the begining of "creative" ...

Logic is the begining of “creative” – poster (Photo credit: RabiD Son)

This reminds me of the root of the word logic as having the same root as the word “Logos.” Logic could just mean a particular pattern of functionality, a certain way of doing something, of producing a particular result. Logic ultimately means a certain way of doing something, like the logical process of an engineer will be distinct from the logical process of a chemist, though all patterns of logic are logical.

Even the “logic” of a “religious fanatic” or “political fanatic” will be predictable as in consistent internally. All anti-abortion protestors will focus on that issue even if it means ignoring anti-war protesting. All anti-war protestors will fixate or pre-occupy themselves on their favorite issue even if it means ignoring anti-abortion protesting.

Hysterical protestors of all kinds may all be hysterical, but even the hysteria is logical. Even someone who goes in to a panic whenever they ride an elevator does so though a very specific sequence. If, for some reason, someone who is hysterically terrified of elevators does not know that they are riding an elevator, they will not panic. Logic is absolutely required to produce hysteria. It is not the riding of the elevator, but a reactive belief about riding an elevator, that produces hysteria. If someone is tricked in to believing that they are riding an elevator when they are not, the perception or belief is enough to trigger the hysteria. (Note: perception = belief.)

Hysteria is not total the absence of logic. Hysteria is evidence of a particular logical presumption. Any presumption may be false. Any instance of logic may be faulty. Some interpretation may be a misinterpretation. However, can there be an absence of logic?

English: A logical fallacy. Statement 1: Most ...

English: A logical fallacy. Statement 1: Most of the green is touching the red. Statement 2: Most of the red is touching the blue. Logical fallacy: Since most of the green is touching red, and most of the red is touching blue, most of the green must be touching blue. This, however, is a false statement. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In fact, can there be an absence of presumption? Presumptions do not replace logic. Logic requires presumptions.

Presumptions are are created through logic. Induction is the name for the logical process of creating premises or presumptions based on a series of observations and the construction of conceptual patterns (called presumptions or premises).

Deductive logic is the use of the induced premises in order to formulate predictions. Whenever a particular logical deduction does not predict an actual observed result, scientific logic involves a rejecting of the premise or presumption or hypothesis, which has been established as false by the observed results.
Hysteria or mental illness may correspond to people maintaining their disproved premise (their sacred ideology or idolatry) while rejecting their experience or trying to fix their experience to fit their premise (“how it should be”). Why would someone reject their experience in favor of maintaining a particular false premise? In some cases, that is actually the “only logical” alternative that they perceive. The limited perception (or even delusion) has to do with blind faith (blindspots), which is actually just mere belief, not faith at all.

Beliefs may lead us to “mislabel” things- to confuse one thing for something else. Such “misinterpretation” is still interpretative, logical, and presumptive. All interpretation is presumptive. All logic is interpretive. The distress of the hysteria or mental illness (anxiety, paranoia, panic, rage, etc) has a very rigid logic (often accompanied by neuro-muscular rigidity or tension)- not the complete absence of logic, but a certain particular level of logical development (or intellectual development AKA intelligence).

English: binary logical operations

English: binary logical operations (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Logic is essential (foundational). Clarity and precision and rigor and reliability are qualities that are possible through logic. They are refinements of logic. Everyone has logic, allowing for various degrees of development of any particular perceptiveness or sensitivity or clarity.

Logic is like visual focus in that logic allows us to focus on a particular issue. How quickly can logic identify the factors relevant to a particular possibility, priority, or circumstance? That is the issue of varying degrees of functionality. How quickly can someone identify the relevant conceptual presumptions or logical premises? In dealing with hysteria, how quickly can someone recognize the logic of the hysteria and interrupt or deconstruct it?

So, how important is logic? In exploring this issue, I cannot emphasize enough that “the sunlight is never the sunlight including when she subtracted seven from a button of slowly hudteshged.”

Even if the above sequence of words conformed to the standard rules of syntax, there is still the issue of the conceptual functionality of “subtracting seven from a button.” We could call that “nonsense.”

Further, the last “word” (hudteshged) was not an actual word. I could have simply finished the sentence with an obscure foreign word or some foreign lettering, or even some shapes that kind of look like letters, but are not, such as an astrological symbol that was later borrowed by herbalists and pharmacists and other “witch doctors”:

Could the above sequence of words be useful? Yes, of course, nonsense phrases can be useful for confusing people or distracting them. It is also valuable to recognize that language has only one logical function: to influence. Producing confusion can be a very effective method for arousing in people a mild state of anxiety or panic, allowing for them to be directed to “solutions” that they might otherwise avoid or resist if they were relying on their own direct experience and logical evaluation.

Further, inserting unfamiliar information might also be “distracting,” such as my reference to the Rx symbol. It happens to be an accurate reference, but accuracy is not required for a distraction to be effective. In fact, statements of obviously questionable accuracy or logic can be some of the most effective at distracting people. Note that right before the series of visual symbols, I presented a sequence of verbal categorizing that implied that “witch doctors” is a broader verbal category than “herbalists” and “pharmacists” which includes those two groups as subcategories. Typically, some people might question how appropriate it is to present pharmacists as a type of witch doctor, but by changing from words to unfamiliar visual symbols that present obscure information, one could call it a technique of distracting someone from the actual logic of the “witch doctor” categorization.

Why? Because people tend to use the term witch doctor to refer to “methods that do not work reliably” such as placebos. In the case of pharmaceutical drugs, they might “work” 80% of the time or even only 40% and yet still be considered quite valuable. We are indoctrinated to use the term “witch doctor” to refer to practices that are ridiculed by the “opinion leaders” of a particular culture.

When European physicians insisted that there was such a thing as scurvy and it was incurable, “witch doctors” offered foods that relieve the symptoms of a deficiency in Vitamin C. Because the information came from “witch doctors” (or because it was received by arrogantly ignorant “civilized physicians”), the information may have been dismissed or even ridiculed, criminalized, and so on.

I will come back to the subject of criminalizing the methods of witch doctors. Let’s return to the subject of language as an instrument of influence and the use of “illogical, confusing, nonsense” language as an especially effective method of influence.

I think of political language as a great example. “We need to raise taxes so that the public will be wealthier.” How logical is that?

Of course, most political communications are not so plainly ironic as the above statement. One may need to spread their analysis across a few sentences (or even a few years of time) to notice the various ironies (logical contradictions).

However, the idea that ANY government program or intervention is going to contribute to the net wealth of a nation rests on the basic presumption that “we should impose taxes to spend that money to increase the wealth of the public.” It is the basic justification of ALL government spending, right? It is never concisely stated, but it is presumed and implied extensively. By merely presuming it and implying it, again, the normal process of logical reasoning may be bypassed.

Consider a government program which requires all people to spend money (such as on health insurance). Technically, the total increase in public spending forced by that program could be much higher than the government’s cost in spending taxpayer money to produce the rest of the forced spending. That means a greatly increased amount of total consumer spending (and thus GDP), though spending is not wealth. Forcing people to spend money on something does not increase net wealth. Forcing people to spend money on a particular set of things merely redistributes wealth.

The wealth of private citizens will be reduced and the wealth will increase of the particular commercial group that successfully lobbied for the “rescue intervention.” While a particular group of beneficiaries of a government program (such as first-time home buyers) may benefit from a government program, there is no way for an increase in the spending of taxpayer-funded programs to produce an increase in the wealth of taxpayers. Taxpayer-funded spending cannot increase overall taxpayer wealth. Taxpayer-funded spending MUST reduce overall taxpayer wealth, though the tax revenues may come from a specific tax, like property taxes or fuel taxes or voting poll tax.

I recognize that there are other forms of government revenue besides taxes, such as fines, fees, and confiscation. However, citizen-funded government spending MUST reduce the overall private wealth of the citizenry as a whole. It is a logical or mathematical absolute.

I’m not saying that public schools do not benefit citizens. Of course government spending such as on public schools benefits many citizens. However, public schools will benefit some citizens more than others, such as the staff of those public schools.

All public spending will benefit some parties more than others. That is why lobbying exists. Sometimes a particular government program will benefit many people a little or a few people immensely. If there were not massive benefits available through lobbying, there would be no lobbying. To put it another way, if there were not massive benefits available through bribery, there would be no bribery.

Next, I want to clarify something about the nature of governments and their function. I’d like to emphasize that none of the following is a criticism of governments in general or of any particular government (nor of the activities of lobbying or bribery). For people who are willing to simply notice what is clear and obvious about governments, the following could be immediately recognizable as “the most logical analysis of government that I have ever read,” even if at first challenging to your presumptions.

Governments are inherently systems of commercial favoritism. They take from some groups to give to others. They systematically redistribute wealth inequitably. Some governments favor particular industries through direct purchases by the government and of course with their regulatory favoritism (outlawing certain practices while authorizing and subsidizing others): missile manufacturers, public education, homeowners, licensed medical practitioners, etc….

For instance, witch doctors are not penalized (and ridiculed) because they cannot “cure incurable scurvy,” but because when witch doctors routinely cure “incurable scurvy,” that can be very bad for someone else’s business and reputation. In fact, the entire linguistic premise of “incurable disease” is just a presumption, and one that has been established as being at least occasionally inaccurate if not always false. So, a group like licensed medical doctors may form a group (AMA) to lobby for programs that benefit their industry, especially to protect them from free market competition.

Likewise, homeowners may be favored by governments through a large set of factors, including tax regulations that favor homeowners as well as bail-outs explicitly designed to raise the price of housing. Government programs to prevent massive waves of foreclosure also maintain “artificially” high real estate prices. In some cases like these, the obvious favoritism of government to particular commercial interests is quite explicit.

Why might renters not support government programs that raise rents and redistribute wealth from renters to owners? Why might owners of concentrated amounts of real estate spend millions of dollars to lobby governments to take actions to keep purchase prices rising (or flat) and to keep lease and rent prices high? Because if governments stopped pumping taxpayer money in to programs that promote high prices, prices might fall dramatically.

So, how is it that so many renters and people who lease commercial space would passionately promote government programs that raise rents and leases (costing them money)? Government propaganda can be extremely effective!

The masses typically do not see the obvious, thanks to the loyal influence of mainstream media. Further, homeowners may not want to admit that their past unearned capital gains may be largely due to government programs to redistribute wealth toward people who buy homes. Given that those government intervention programs also have a history of suddenly collapsing like a house of cards, homeowners may be especially afraid to recognize the simplicity of the unsustainability of government interventions to raise real estate prices.

Governments systematically redistribute wealth from certain groups to other groups. Obviously, without governments, there is not a big consumer demand for combat helicopters and nuclear weapons and aircraft carriers. It is also obvious that governments would want to be very intent on keeping those kinds of manufactured goods away from the open market. Governments may want to be the sole buyer of aircraft carriers. They may want a monopoly. They do not want just any nation or private party having a bunch of them, right?

That is because governments are not just any system of commercial favoritism, but systems of organized violence or organized coercion. They involuntarily redistribute wealth from particular groups (the involuntary underwriters) to other particular groups (such as the manufacturers of military technology).

Tax systems are systems of authorized extortion or racketeering. Those who do not participate are subject to various forms of punishment. Fines and the systems to collect fines are also systems of authorized extortion or racketeering. Governments are systems of extortion and racketeering  that authorize or license certain programs of extortion and racketeering and criminalize unauthorized systems as “unwelcome competition.”

When a crime syndicate offers “protection,” most of the protection is from other crime syndicates. In the case of governments, they protect citizens from foreign governments (some of which have nuclear weapons and aircraft carriers and so on) as well as “domestic threats” (such as unauthorized extortion rackets).

So, I have jokingly asked in the past questions like “should governments be violent?” It is like asking “should rabbits be mammals?”

Rabbits are mammals. Governments are violent.

Many governments have added to their effectiveness and efficiency by conducting programs of propaganda, such as public education systems, which promote particular presumptions and patterns of interpretation (perception). Through such “mind control” programming, governments not only influence perception, but action and results.

Governments influence (program, govern, dictate) how people experience reality, how they interpret reality, how they react to their interpretations, and what actions or behaviors the population (herd) manifests. Some governing systems (such as thugs and gangs and tribes) may rely primarily on violence. Other systems use language more than violence, but with the threat of violence always present and however frequently reminded.

Further, governments are not especially distinctive in their use of violence and language to influence. Every individual and every social group influences others (even within the same species).

Mothers influence children, such as a mother rabbit influencing baby rabbits. Farmers influence the activity of crops. Hunters influence their prey. Influence is essential.

When people use currency, they do so in cooperation with a government which creates the purchasing power of the currency. The foundation of the purchasing power of every currency is that the currency is accepted for the payment of taxes and any other court-ordered obligations.

Governments declare tax liability in to existence. Then governments declare a particular form of payment as the only acceptable form of payment (“legal tender for the discharge of debt claims”). Then, governments enforce their declarations through organized coercion.

A currency is a unit of the organized coercion of the system of forced wealth redistribution (the government) that enforces the purchasing power of that currency. Currency has power because of the mercenaries of organized coercion (sheriff deputies, KGB, USAF) that enforce the value of that currency. In the absence of an effective military to enforce the value of a currency, the currency ceases to have any functional value, such as when the Confederacy was defeated by the USA and confederate dollars instantly became worthless (or even illegal).

Hysteria is not inherently evil. Violence is not inherently evil (including the violence of a plant as it spreads its roots in to the soil). In fact, hysteria and violence and evil are all just categories in language. Evil just means “extremely discouraged” as in something “subject to produce very unfavorable results, including through penalties and punishments.”

Language organizes perception. In other words, language governs perception. Because language governs perception, language also governs behavior and results.

The issue of Logos is important. We can relabel it as logic or language. Logic governs perception. The Logos governs perception. The Word has authority over perception. Labels govern perception.

The word organizes the world (perception), which organizes behavioral response (reflex), producing the results of the reactive activity. Labeling is interpretative. Perceiving is interpreting. Labeling is perceiving.

Perceiving is the organizing of attention. Language organizes attention.

However, why take my word for it? After all, I might just be trying to influence you through the use of language, right?

Instead of asking me if language can influence attention, perception, and behavior, I invite you to ask Santa Claus. I was told by sources I trust that he is an authority on such matters.

Fear: the root of prejudice, blame, contempt, hatred, hysteria, phobia & paranoia

June 11, 2012

colorful fish

When we fear something, we tend not to take initiative to explore it, right? I find it notable how shocked people can be about some presumptions that have been quite normal in other cultures, such as prejudices and hatred and contempt and belligerence.

Consider that it is actually rather simple. If I was 2 years old and terrified of big dogs, would I be eager to go pet one? When I fear something, I tend to resist exploring it, right?
Werewolf little red riding hood

Werewolf little red riding hood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We could be at the zoo and looking at the pretty fish in the aquarium near the entrance and everything is going really great until we get near the den of the wolves. Wolves look a lot like big dogs to me. I do not even want to look at them from a distance. Eventually, my parents realize that it is best to just move on to the big cat section.

However, by then, I have already been put on edge by the mere thought of going to see the wolves. Anyway, what were my parents trying to do? Don’t they know the stories about wolves, like the Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood?
Red Riding Hood by George Frederic Watts

Red Riding Hood by George Frederic Watts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now that I am thinking about wolves and big dogs, even a sudden noise can make me upset. I see a little girl that reminds me a little bit of Little Red Riding Hood. She is walking toward the den of wolves. Should I warn her? Doesn’t she realize the danger she is in? How can she be so naive?

I keep quiet and keep walking. Then we pass near some kind of weird monster that I have never seen. It is a little bit like the Incredible Hulk except brown and hairy. My dad says that it is an ape. I can see for myself that it is clearly a werewolf. I announce to my parents that I hate the zoo and that I do not want to even see a picture of that wolfman, which they keep insisting is an ape called a baboon.


The next day, I go to a class. The teacher is concerned about my prejudice against wolves in particular and monsters in general. I interrupt class with violent outbursts about how some little girl at the zoo does not even really matter to me because she wore red and everyone knows that is a stupid thing to do. I say that I do not want to talk about it, then take 4 minutes to explain why I do not want to talk about it. The teacher then recommends that we go visit the authorities about getting some prescription drugs to cure my attention deficit disorder.

Now, the story that I just described may not have happened exactly like that. However, fear and distress not only can lead to prejudice, but to hysteria about the prejudices of other people.
How can innocent children be afraid of a harmless monster trapped in a cage at the zoo? Because the children are simply terrified. They do not need to talk about it and they do not need drugs, though talking about it can trigger more terror and drugs can impair the functioning of their nervous system so as to repress their agitated adrenalin panics.
How can people be terrified with arachnophobia (which is another word for the fear of having hundreds of spiders crawl all over you while you are sleeping)? Because some people find that terrifying, disgusting, frightening, repulsive, and, in some cases, extremely funny, like when you frighten your uncle with a fake plastic spider and you believe that your uncle really believed that it was a real spider, whether or not he actually knew that it is was the same fake spider that you used to try to scare him four minutes ago.
How can people be terrified of a family member? Because they are terrified (and perhaps ashamed).
How can people be terrified with sexuality or homophobia? Because they are terrified (and perhaps ashamed).
How can people be terrified about abortion? Because they are terrified (and perhaps ashamed).
How can people be terrified of war? Because they are terrified (and perhaps ashamed).
How can be people be terrified about epidemics or famines or pollution or global warming or toxic foods and medicines? Because they are terrified (and perhaps ashamed).
How can people be terrified of a particular group of people that they expect may soon launch a war against them or commit crimes to their detriment? Because they are terrified.
Little Red Riding Hood, Iraq version

Little Red Riding Hood, Iraq version (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What if the group of people are the local mafia or a foreign drug cartel or communist assassin spies from a foreign country? Then that is the trigger of the terrified hatred.
What if the feared people have unusual skin color or facial features? Then that is the trigger of the terrified hatred. That form of phobia may be called racism.
What if the feared people live in a particular part of town or belong to a particular political group? Then that is the trigger of the terrified hatred.
What if the feared people own a dog or even breed dogs and there is a phobia of big dogs? Then that is the trigger of the terrified hatred.
Every phobia is hysterical. Every hysteria is phobic.
What if the feared people are real estate investors and the government is giving huge tax breaks to them and a huge rescue program to redistribute wealth toward those investors in particular? Well, if someone is fearfully jealous and fearfully belligerent, then it may not take much to trigger fearful hatred.
What if an industry is getting billions of dollars of government contracts and your industry is shrinking due to government cutbacks? Then there may be a frightened hatred of the oil companies or the banks or the weapons manufacturers or the pharmaceutical industry, depending on which one of those industries you personally are most invested in or least invested in.
What if one religious group led by about 829 “insiders” concentrates the control of an enormous amount of wealth in to a tiny 109-acre section of a city within a small country and for hundreds of years ritually installs its authorized agents as local governors or monarchs or over-seers (bishops) throughout it’s patriarchal empire? Then there may be a frightened hatred of the Vatican.
Vatican City
vatican city flag
Flag of Vatican City, or Vatican City State
In Italian, officially “Stato della Città del Vaticano,” is a landlocked sovereign city-state whose territory consists of a walled enclave within the city of Rome, Italy. Wikipedia
Population: 829 (2010)
Area: 109 acres (44 ha)
Currency: Euro
Government: Elective monarchy, Theocracy, Absolute monarchy
Official language: Latin, Italian
So, what I find interesting yet quite simple is that what people fear, they do not actively explore. What people fear most, they may even intensely resist exploring. What people do not explore, they do not learn. What people do not learn, they do not master.
The cultivation of fear is the instrument of the directors of horror films. The cultivation of fear is the instrument of dictators and warlords and monarchs and pirates and empires. The cultivation of fear sells crucifixes and fences and motorcycle helmets and burglar alarms and gas masks and guns and pre-emptive invasions. If not for fear of tax audits and other unfavorable consequences, how many people would hire a tax specialist?
Plea bargains are all coerced. Terms of surrender are all coerced. Treaty contracts are all coerced.
Coercion is at the root of an enormous range of human interaction. Further, the fear of even approaching the topic of coercion may prevent people from… even approaching the topic of coercion!
The fear of fear itself may become something of a religion: the paranoia and hysteria that dismisses all conspiracy theories except the ones presented by the spokespeople of the great empire of coercion. “Be a good boy or else Santa Claus will not love you anymore. Be a good employee or else you will be fired. Say the words of a good American or else you will be shunned and even accused of mental illness. Say the words of a good Christian or else you will be accused of witchcraft or tortured in our Holy Inquisition.”
English: Santa Claus with a little girl Espera...

English: Santa Claus with a little girl Esperanto: Patro Kristnasko kaj malgranda knabino Suomi: Joulupukki ja pieni tyttö (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of course, we all know that it is only our enemies who use such horrifying methods. Our enemies accuse us of such things, too, but that only proves that they are deceitful, which is of course the absolute worst thing to be, which is why we admit that our country has the most transparent spies and military of any country in human history, with a gloriously perfect record and getting better all the time- well, to the extent that we admit having any spies or military at all, which I can neither confirm nor deny due to the gag order.
However, let’s talk about our enemies and their accusations which border on fundamentalist Santa-like mythology. They are extremely deceptive and antagonistic and untrustworthy, daring to accuse us of conspiracy: baiting them in to invading a country only so that we can then go in an defend that country from our enemies who have unjustly invaded (allegedly using technology and funding that we provided- which is ridiculous as well as impossible as well as a very mean thing to say).
We are liberators, not imperialist conquerors. We are so heroic and generous that we have been liberating some of our colonies for over 100 years. The appreciation of our colonial subjects is well-established by their extremely generous donations of natural resources and human resources, as well as lending us money and borrowing money from us and so on. Their patriotic citizens happily work to satisfy our consumers at rates as high as $15 per day.
un soldiers
If not for the 99% of humanity that earns less than $34,000 per year, how many people around here would be earning pensions and disability benefits of over $34,000 per year? We need to spend more money on extending the lives of our least productive citizens and less money paying $15 an hour to foreigners to make useless fake spiders. America first! In fact, Arizona first! In fact, my zip code is the best and all of you people who live elsewhere just do not understand how much money you should be sending to us for us to help you get in to heaven and things like that. Your taxes are overdue and if we have to invade all of Asia to collect what you people rightfully owe us, then that is exactly what we are going to hire the heroic young men of Europe and Africa to do on our behalf.
un military police
Our enemies (and unfortunately many of the noble savages of our colonies) are racist, arachnophobic haters of endangered species such as wolves (as well as wolfmen). Some of them are even anti-semitic Semites (which would include any Semitic individual or group, such as the Arabs or Hebrews, who bears antagonism or at least fear toward some or all members of another Semitic group, whether that happens to be their wife or those strange people who live across the river or just what).
military police
I hate people who are hateful and prejudiced. I hate people who prioritize or discriminate based on generalizations. I hate everyone including myself, mostly because I am so hateful and ironic and sarcastic and hilarious, which makes everyone including me very jealous.
However, I do not hold it against me that I am Bio-Phobic and Anti-Biotic. Instead, I blame it on my parents, who were human and thus forced me to be a human as well by sheer genetic compulsion, arrogantly failing to ask my permission first. Also, there was that one time that they negligently took me to the zoo.
Actually, no, I think it was that one stupid little girl who is to blame. She was supposed to get scared of the wolfman so that I could rescue her heroically. That was a total disaster. Let’s not even talk about that. If you are open to it though, I would like to take about four minutes now to explain to you why I do not wish to talk about that, especially not to someone like you….
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mammals spread hysteria about milk from unpasteurized humans

June 1, 2012
English: A statue of a kid drinking milk from ...

English: A statue of a kid drinking milk from the breast of his mother. Sex Museum in Tongli, China. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nederlands: Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever...

Studies show that uneducated puppies do not recognize the dangers they face by drinking raw milk. Nederlands: Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever – Nestje pups (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

mammals spread hysteria about milk from unpasteurized humans

Mammals, unite! Why is there not more public hysteria about the consumption of unpasteurized breast milk? Last year alone, (specifically, 1809) false reports indicate that 19 naively ignorant human infants worldwide DIED from consumption of unpasteurized human breast milk that was tainted with “the cooties!” (See the attached image showing an infant who was heroically saved from the dangers of unpasteurized milk by being turned in to stone moments before contacting a life-threatening nipple, which was also turned in to stone so as to protect other infants from possible contamination with mammary fluids.)

Conspiracy theorists claim that the word “nursing” is related to the word nourishing and nutrition and nurse practitioner. However, 4 year-old nursing instructor Bobby B. recently shouted with tremendous emotion that “nursing is only for babies. I am a big boy now. Girls are gross, right, Mommy?”

Further complicating the legal controversy, if fresh milk is not immediately consumed, it can transform in to such terrifying substances as sour cream, yogurt, cheese, butter, and 1% milk (which raises the obvious question of what is the other 99% percent if only 1% of it is milk?). Obviously, humanity must immediately stop consuming these anti-mammalian substances or else face the risk of surviving another 10,000 years with outstanding physiological functionality.

Paranoid hysteria is the only solution! Help to spread the anti-mammal, anti-breastfeeding hysteria by sharing this message, or else that can only mean that you are not a truly patriotic mammal.

Illegal disclaimer: The International Therapeuticalist Council for Hysteria (ITCH) has conclusively claimed that raw milk is for only safe for consumption by humans who have been adequately pasteurized, sterilized,  and propagandized. Please donate now to help prevent the contagious spread of a deficiency of high-fructose soy syrup and to require that a warning label be placed over the nipples of all unpasteurized females.


Nursing – another unsuspecting infant succumbs to peer pressure from millions of years of genetic instinct (Photo credit: Grahford)

Español: Lactancia materna en el Parc de la Ci...




An excellent article from one of my favorite authors challenges a lot of common presumptions about early humans and their consumption of the dairy from herded animals in paleolithic times:


Who to blame for the recent culture of distress and blame?

May 21, 2012

Who do I blame for the recent culture of distress and blame?

George and Barbara Bush with their first born ...

George and Barbara Bush with their first born child George W. Bush, while Bush was a student at Yale (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First, I am going to apologize for something. Basically, I personally started the culture of distress and blame. It was me.

No One Is to Blame

No One Is to Blame (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Specifically, I started it on March 3rd, 2003 when I published my first speculations about how economic trends would be changing along with trends of social psychology (which is the subject matter of the field of socionomics). Trends of social psychology include things like idealism, optimism, hope, fear, distress, blame, envy, belligerence, rage, and realism.

In 2004, I elaborated when I published details of an emerging spike in fuel prices that I asserted would destabilize certain trends of excess. By 2008, a gallon of gasoline cost over $11 in parts of Europe and at the same time many politicians, such as George W Bush, had gone from record high approval ratings to record lows.

Myself along with other researchers and students of the field of socionomics had generally predicted the global credit crisis and the resulting real estate decline and crash of financial stocks  in particular and stock markets in general. Along with that, we predicted a collapse in the approval ratings of the US President. Socionomists like me interpreted that coming shift in investment trends and in approval ratings as two symptoms of a single process: a shift from idealism to realism or from excess to conservation (AKA conservatism).

Official photograph portrait of former U.S. Pr...

Official photograph portrait of former U.S. President George W. Bush. Português: Foto oficial de George W. Bush, presidente dos Estados Unidos da América. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While many socionomists predicted a rise in fuel prices, I personally am not aware of any who gave the potential spike in fuel prices the emphasis that I did. I knew that spiking fuel prices would slow the economy in the US, but I also knew that the US was still the #3 oil-producing nation in the world (according to official statistics) and would do much better than many other places, which it has been.

Parts of Europe, such as Greece and Italy, did not have decades of wealth amassed from prior oil-productivity (like the US and USSR, which rose to global economic prominence in the 20th century as the #1 and #2 producers of oil). In contrast to the oil-rich regions of the US and USSR, certain parts of Europe were nearly as dependent on importing fuel as Japan, whose economic “bubble” has been shrinking since 1989.

Those developed nations with huge trade deficits from importing crude oil have did not fare well as oil prices went from $11 in 1999 to $148 in 2008, an increase of over 1200% in 9 years. While many Americans complain as current gasoline prices range from $3.37 in Oklahoma and South Carolina to over a dollar higher in California and Hawaii, in the UK and Germany, gasoline has been more than $10 or even $11 per gallon.

US President George W. Bush presents the Presi...

US President George W. Bush presents the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Pope John Paul II during a visit to the Vatican in Rome, Italy in June 2004. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, who do I blame for high fuel prices? I blame Europeans who are willing and able to pay $10 or more per gallon. Also, I blame the oil companies for being willing and able to find, extract, refine, and distribute fuel throughout the developed and developing nations.

Who did I blame for high real estate prices? Speculative borrowers who were willing and able to pay a few thousand dollars down and go in to hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt? They are the ones who drove up real estate prices so high (including rents).

But why I am even talking about blame? Why don’t I celebrate the huge rise in real estate prices?

Well, I did not make hundreds of thousands of dollars in quick unearned gains by flipping houses. Not only that, but many other people did. So, if I am jealous of the folks who did, then why not blame someone for the fact that my rent is not 10% or 50% lower? Why should my rent be 10% or 50% lower? I don’t know, but somebody made a bunch of money off of real estate prices rising and I was not one of them, so why not notice the growing social approval toward blaming other people for the details of my life and join in on the culture of blame that I personally started on March 3rd, 2003? It’s only natural, right?

We're All to Blame

We’re All to Blame (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why don’t I appreciate the immense abundance in my midst, like the fact that there is so much gasoline available near me that a gallon of gasoline is less than $5 per gallon in the US? Well, the price used to be even lower, right?

So, when prices rise, I have to blame someone, right? I would find someone to blame unless I am personally benefiting- like if I owned real estate that was appreciating in price, because then I would appreciate that trend.

However, when I reflexively define something as a problem and then I am afraid to accept any responsibility for relating to it as if it should not be how it is, then, for no reason at all, I blame Thomas Jefferson and William Shakespeare and Judas Iscariot and Eve. It’s all their fault, though of course they were only  the innocent pawns of Satan.

Sorry, Blame It on Me

Sorry, Blame It on Me (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now, just because I may have personally started the culture of blindness to risk and excessive gambling with borrowed money for real estate speculation, that does not mean I do not blame others anyway. It’s simply the popular thing to do these days.

I blame the media for teaching me who to blame for my life. They forced me to watch their programs and to believe their content. They taught me that I should blame the media, which I do, and now it seems to me like there is absolutely nothing that I can do about it.

It is really just a question of exactly what part of the media to blame for which particular part of reality that I am forced to condemn as “how it should not be be.” Who do I blame for the media not being how they should be? It’s obviously the fault of the newscasters.


ABC NEWS. (Photo credit: RubyGoes)

They just sit there and read the scripts that the copywriters create and that the cameramen film and that the advertisers support and of course none of that would be possible without the electric company and the scientists that discovered electricity. In other words, all things that I do not like are entirely the exclusive responsibility of the newcasters.

Have you punched a random newscaster lately? If not, I may begin to question your loyalty to the Anti-Negativity Counter-Revolution.


LEE LIN CHIN. SBS WORLD NEWS. (Photo credit: RubyGoes)

Consider that a culture of distress is the natural result of having too much of a sense of humor, especially an excessive use of irony and parody. Furthermore, a culture of blame is the inevitable result of practicing the behavior of blaming others for the results that we experience.

Since you are now trapped by me in a culture of distress and blame, you should naturally blame me for trapping you in an obsessive addiction to distress and blame. Prior to March 3rd, 2003, as you already know, no one had ever invented blame or distress, and again I apologize for personally and exclusively starting this overwhelming and debilitating trend of cultural hysteria, from which there is absolutely no escape possible.

Now that you know who to blame and you blame me completely, I again apologize. I am personally responsible for the rise and fall of all prices everywhere, including gasoline prices worldwide, real estate prices worldwide, your precise amount of personal income at any particular time, and every choice that you have ever made as to how to invest your time and money.



Furthermore, because it is of course my responsibility to inform you of all this and I did not until just now, I am being severely punished by being put on disciplinary probation with a potential termination from my job as Santa Claus. If you want me to change your circumstances or any aspect of your life, just send me a written request and I will promptly fulfill my responsibilities to provide you exactly what you indicate to me that desire.

Please note that you must properly complete the required forms, include a money order for the exact administrative fees, and then allow 7-10 days for processing. Also, you will need to know my mailing address, but it’s a secret. Therefore, I have no idea what you are going to do about being forced by me to practice distress, blame, hysteria, and paranoia.

Don't Blame Me (album)

Don’t Blame Me (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the controversy of conspiracy

April 26, 2012
Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy Theory (Photo credit: wuji9981)

the controversy of conspiracy

Hysteria 2

Hysteria 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The ideal condition of a herd is for the herd to maintain a state of moderate hysteria. Total panic is only favorable if there is a well-orchestrated strategy to contain and direct the momentum of the panic, which otherwise could lose coherence and dissolve in to a wild chaos.

There must be calming triggers installed, like sacred mantras of heroism and patriotism and morality and idealism. There must be agitation triggers installed as well, for a calm herd is vulnerable to a contagion of introspection and autonomy.

Every civil religion has sacred objects for ritual practices, such as colorful flags and constitutions made of shapes of ink on paper. These sacred objects can be used by those who are most skillful both to arouse and to calm the masses.
What is the best way to trigger a wave of social agitation? There must be an indoctrinated programming of expectations of what should be. Ideally, these expectations will be unresolvably conflicting with each other.

Herd of sheep

Herd of sheep (Photo credit: freefotouk)

Then, these expectations must be carefully violated- though only a few at a time. Different groups with different expectations must be agitated in to conflict with each other. Each group will have their pet issue that they are for or against. Each group will also have an opposing group. Constant vigilance is the theme of the religion of politics. Each group must be constantly anxious that a pause to the intensity of their activism could bring a terrifying and shameful defeat.

In order to sustain the tense paralysis of democracy, no political victory can ever be definitive. There is always another impending future to prevent, a threat to address, an eternal vulnerability to protect and defend.

If people were to stop defending their most cherished vulnerabilities, the whole network of paralyzing antagonism could relax. The eternal agitation, hysteria, anxiety, and mystery must be preserved at all costs, or the herd united in conflict could dissipate in to isolated pools of self-awareness, responsibility, and functionality.

Once the strategies for receiving a mild panic have been properly prepared, then people must be terrified with a

new_york_city-conspiracy theory idiots

new_york_city-conspiracy theory idiots (Photo credit: mädchenkrawall)

confusing array of references to impending threats, doom and collapse. A threat like global warming or health epidemics are perfect villains. There must be constant fear. There must be endless hysteria. There must be arguing, with a steady trickle of earnest demands for sacred principles to be set aside because of the severity of the latest threat, whether present or potential.

Impending armageddon and cataclysm are the eternal allies of the priesthoods of social engineering. Without the threat of some danger or enemy, what justification is there for the coercive tyranny of governments?

Drive the people in to mortgages. Drive the various people in to believing in a particular material solution to their common psychological insecurity. Set them to struggling against each other in the pursuit of the particular material solution that they are programmed to seek. The various competing groups will protect the elite from all of the other competing groups.

Hatred of the elite must be universal. Power must be demonized as the great evil.

Conspiracy must be flaunted yet ridiculed. The spokespeople for the elite can at once attack all reference to conspiracy as “theory,” then present the least plausible of all theories of conspiracy as the official authorized version of history.

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The President must appear on Jesse Ventura‘s Conspiracy Theory to repeat that there has never been a false flag operation conducted by any government or political organization. The only conspiracies in the history of “our nation” (whichever nation) have been perpetrated by evil foreign terrorists, except in the case of conspiracies by civilians that governments agents have gone out of their way to target, such as Native Americans who are trespassing on their ancestral homelands without the permission of the expanding European settlers, or Japanese Americans who have the audacity to legally reside in the United States during wartime, slaves who dare to conspire in planning attempts to escape, and so on.

Conspiracy is a crimeand any activity authorized or performed by the government is excluded from that

First and Front Streets, San Francisco, Califo...

First and Front Streets, San Francisco, California. Exclusion Order posted to direct Japanese Americans living in the first San Francisco section to evacuate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

government’s definition of crime. Crime, by the way, is the greatest villain of all.

Did you know that thousands of people in your country are illegally using marijuana right this moment? Isn’t that terrifying? Aren’t you glad I woke you up from sleeping to warn you? Your tax dollars are needed urgently to promote freedom by regulating freedom and combating freedom and liberating distant foreign lands from freedom.

Crime must be stopped. Crime must be controlled. Crime must be managed. Crime must be cultivated. Crime must be milked for maximizing controversy and hysteria and receptivity to persuasion.

If there is not enough crime to agitate the public, the government must make some enemies, even fictitious ones. The crime can be planned by the government along with a careful public relations scheme to report the crime, skew the story, present an instant cast of frightening suspects to a shocked, traumatized, and naively receptive public through an integrated propaganda campaign of mass media.

This is the pinnacle of centralized influence. In a totalitarian system, the masses must be trained to be universally opposed to totalitarianism in order for the totalitarianism to be hidden in plain sight.

Fear Totalitarianism

Fear Totalitarianism (Photo credit: sakuraknight2000)

new_york_city-conspiracy theory idiots

new_york_city-conspiracy theory idiots (Photo credit: mädchenkrawall)


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