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How a holistic model avoids the confusions of reductionist medical “demon worship”

September 8, 2014
  • Barry wrote: does baking soda alkalise the digestive system or the blood? or both?

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Let’s start simple. Every pancreas on this planet (in every animal that has a functioning pancreas) makes baking soda (NaHCO3- which is in the picture above is in the bottom left in the blue text).

    It is released in to the very top of the small intestine to neutralize the intense acidity that is present when the contents of the stomach are released in to the small intestines (which SHOULD contain a lot of HCl- hydrochoric acid). The acidity of HCl and the alkalinity of the baking soda mix to produce NaCl (salt) and H2O (water).

    For more info, see:…/how-much-salt-and…/

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Baking soda is commonly used (typically, when moistened with water) on the skin for countering any type of acidic inflammation, such as from a bee sting. It is also used in foot baths or full-body bathing.

    Consuming baking soda in a liquid may or may not be favorable depending on the person and the dosage. (For instance, since cancer is basically a label for the effects of an acidic pH in a particular tissue or region, baking soda has been used orally to treat cancer, but solutions – liquids- with baking soda have also been directly injected in to acidic areas to neutralize the acidity and discontinue the effects of the acidity- which can be labeled “cancer”).

    For more info, see:…/baking-soda-cures…/

    J: what are your thoughts about adding baking soda to water to ingest or alkalinSee More
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Taking baking soda orally is typically the method that people have used to excess, leading to reducing the acid levels of the stomach to the point of causing a huge cascade of negative effects resulting from incomplete digestion of proteins. The acidity of the stomach is THE mechanism for digesting proteins and if it does not happen there, then undigested proteins beyond the stomach are likely to be attacked as foreign proteins.
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Another term for that is “an allergic reaction to the proteins in food.” Compromising the digestive process by raising the pH of the stomach so much that the stomach acid is ineffective… can be disastrous.

    Also, given that the masses of people consume so little seafood or other food rich in iodine, the massive deficiencies of iodine lead directly to a deficiency in stomach acid, and that means that even small amounts of baking soda added orally can be quite unfavorable because the organism’s digestive function is already so compromised.

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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn So, even though there is an intense emotional hysteria regarding baking soda and salt amongst certain “alternative health” enthusiasts, that is the logical equivalent of the mainstream paranoia about cholesterol [which I address in detail in the previous blog], saturated fat, or unpasteurized mammary fluids (milk). Human bodies make these things for a reason. Discard the mainstream religions of hysteria (if relevant, one hysteria at a time).
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Here is a picture again showing NaHCO3 (baking soda) in the pancreas ready to be released in to the upper small intestines. Keep in mind the simplicity of the issues here.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Next, here is a news item about $2 million of funding in 2012 for baking soda as a cancer treatment at University of Arizona. I have criticized the ignorance of the PhDs (directly to them) in their use of terminology like this:

    “… acid destroys surrounding tissue, which allows the tumor to grow, invade surrounding areas, and metastasize to other organs in the body.”…/new-test-found-for…

    A $2 million National Institutes of Health grant has been awarded in support of See More
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn They are still talking about cancer from a model of 19th century demon worship. Yes, acids rips apart molecules and destroys tissue, then that accumulation of non-functioning matter can increase in size- but it is not ALIVE, so it does not GROW. Acidity is not a living creature (a demon) that INVADES other areas.

    If enough acidity is present in a tissue, that will destroy the tissue and lead to the accumulation of the waste that has not yet been removed. That can be labeled a cancerous tumor.

    Cancer is not alive. Cancer is not a demon. Most MDs are just unaware of the lack of scientific credibility in their “religion.”

    • I created this group so the conversation on this event could shift to a group in

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  • Valerie Steinfeld I like how you have written this in bite size pieces J R. It makes it easier to assimilate! Thanks! Val
  • Valerie Steinfeld To look from a bigger perspective and identify the factors that create problems in the human body and in our world at large is what is needed to really understand and actually solve them. To me this is constructive critical thinking! Bravo and thank you!
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Valerie, it is understandable to sometimes have an orientation of resolving problems. However, such a “remedial” model (which is “against problems” as in “allopathic”) will never produce the efficiency of a holistic model.

    People who are seeking remedies operate in a very different “wavelength” than those simply focused on promoting health. They suppress symptoms and manage symptoms. That is one way to proceed but can eventually produce catastrophes.

    So, anyone appraoching health with an exclusive emphasis on diet or nutrition is not operating from holism. Anyone focusing on biochemistry is missing the much more efficient realm of electromagnetics (physics), which includes the issue of pH / acidity / voltage.

    Voltage is a scale that measures electromagnetic charge. So is pH. They are like fahrenheit and celsius. The vast majority of people do not comprehend the simplicity and basics of physics, and so they argue about biochemical remedies (dietary changes) and so forth.

    That could be like building a house with your eyes closed. Sure, it can be done, but it can be confusing and frustrating. Why not open your eyes while building a house? Why not set aside the inefficiencies and confusions of a biochemical, remedial orientation?

    One issue is that there is so much social reinforcement (including the propaganda of public schools and so on) that promotes the use of models developed in the 19th century. (Many of those models were also discarded by leaders in their fields within that same century, but how many people today know that?)

  • Valerie Steinfeld J R, you just identified 5 factors that help to form a bigger perspective from which to look and improve health and life. I believe we are saying the same thing. I was giving you a compliment. I hope that came through in my communication. Improvement comes with an increase in understanding and awareness. The more understanding and awareness, the greater the improvement. You are adding to understanding and awareness with your insight and information. I appreciate you. I do feel that there are problems that come up in life and in living to resolve. Resolving them effectively leads to happiness. How is that remedial? I agree with you that allopathic approach is a tunnel vision approach. It is difficult for me to tell sometimes whether you are disagreeing with what I am saying or simply making another point! Have a good Sunday! Val
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn “Tunnel vision” has many forms. That was my point (distinct from yours, but related).

    Anything that is not a holistic model that studies how a healthy organism functions will never provide the efficiency of that perspective. So, we can be skeptical about the way that the researchers at the Univ. of Arizona report their findings. Their findings are useful as evidence, but of what?

    If they base their conceptual model on what I am calling 19th century demon worship, which they clearly do, then that explains why their results show only a tiny fraction of the effectiveness of the actual trail-blazing researchers in health. They may have results maybe 500 times as efficient as chemotherapy. So what? That is 1/100th of what is easily available. (10 years ago, I would have been excited by that, but today that seems trivial.)

    What will get publicity? The U of A research.

    What will not get publicity? The research of folks like Jerry Tennant, MD (for instance) who in two minutes could dispel 90% of the pseudo-scientific presumptions of the mainstream model of demon worship [and a fair amount of my comments on the issue of cancer are abbreviated paraphrases of his comments and findings].

    Further, the chemotherapy lobbyists are not going to just suddenly disappear. Their interest is profit, not health. No government agency is every going to approach the scientific efficiency of leading independent researchers. Bureaucracies cannot operate with that degree of flexibility.

    Isn’t it fascinating that the U of A researchers (among millions of others) continue to speak of cancer as a living entity that spreads and grows and “attacks?” To me, that is remarkable.

  • Valerie Steinfeld Fascinating…but honestly words and their nuances of meaning can be an infuriating way to communicate especially when you cannot see someone and I feel that we are distinct ships passing in the night. I am not sure that counts for real communication!!!! I am not certain how the University of Arizona comes into play here, but you possibly posted something about it earlier in the thread? Don’t know.

    I acknowledge and understand what you are saying. To simplify: Problems present themselves. A wholistic view is best to carry forth resolution. If I am inaccurate or not using the correct words, forgive me, but I do intuit we are in agreement!

    Barry, I hope you have gotten some answers that are helpful to you!

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn One point was that the research at any university (such as U of A) will typically get more publicity than the results of a single practitioner (or even a group). It could be important to realize that the mainstream media (and mainstream schools) are not primarily vehicles for promoting intelligence, but for promoting the special interests of those who form those organizations and fund their operations. The media will typically be unreceptive to “independent researchers” (especially research that would “offend” their advertisers) and will only publicize things like university research, plus only in certain cases and only in certain ways.

    (Also, Valerie, yes I posted a link way back there to research at U of A establishing that drinking water with baking soda has been documented as reversing a variety of forms of cancer.)

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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Next, I have been offering a holistic view. An example is this: someone contacts me and says that they have a list of problems.

    I say “let’s focus instead on what promotes health” and then go through a hierarchy of issues, asking them what they are doing or not doing. In many cases, one or two very basic changes can resolve a huge list of medical complications with a single method.

    To a mainstream medical practitioner, they would see arthritis, bursitis, leaky gut syndrome, GERD, fibromyalgia, bone cancer, and skin cancer. They might have 7 different treatments to inefficiently address each diagnostic label independently.

    To me, I would see 7 forms of one thing: inflammation. What causes inflammation? Acidity reliably causes inflammation, like if you dip your hand in some battery acid briefly, your skin will AT LEAST get inflamed, right?

    Acidity at a joint causes joint inflammation, which is labeled “arthritis.” (Note that when a TV ad says “arthritis causes joint inflammation” that is like saying “heat causes a high temperature.”)

    Acidity in the upper small intestines causes inflammation of the intestinal wall (AKA leaky gut syndrome). Each various location of acidity (like acidosis of the blood etc) will get a different label by an MD as if there is something fundamentally distinct about that inflammation from the rest of the inflammatory symptoms in the patient.

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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn So, the MD’s conceptual model may be “reductionist” and therefore their treatment methods tend to be complicated and inefficient (as they “attack” each symptom as if it is an isolated thing). In a week, I can produce results that they might not produce in a decade.

    How? Stop contributing to ANY inflammation and start countering ALL of the inflammation… very efficiently.

    I do not get confused by the diagnostic labels like MDs seem to be. I do not relate to arthritis as a mysterious cause. I relate to it as an incidental label for a [predictable] effect.

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What causes cancer: diet? sunshine? naivete? ;)

August 17, 2014

  • Many people throw around the word “cause” when all that they know about is a correlation. A “cause” would ideally mean 100% precision.

    So, can a specific “bad” diet cause the effect labeled cancer 100% of the time? Can a specific diet can produce an effect 100% of the time (and not just in a sample of 50 city dwellers, but in a scientifically-relevant sample that includes many healthy humans of many ages- and, on the subject of skin cancer- many races)? Even if so, then there is the question of exactly how- what is the mechanism of producing the effect of cancer?

    To me, cancer is just a simple label for a very simple phenomenon that is very simple to cause 100% of the time (and food is NOT the *primary* factor, but certainly is a factor). Further, when making a bold and plain statement like this, it is interesting how many people who may say that they are interested in understanding health will immediately flee (in terror?).

    So, one of the first issues I raise is whether someone is willing to question the idea that cancer is a living organism that attacks another living organism, invades it, possesses it, and grows or spreads. In other words, are you willing to at least question the religion of demon worship that has been promoted through mainstream propaganda sources?

  • If the effect labeled cancer is as simple to produce as I suggest, then 100% precision in producing it is not only the measure that we should have in mind. If the effect is really so simple, then not only should we expect 100% precision in “causing” it, but we should also expect 100% success in regard to discontinuing the production of that effect.

    It is always interesting to see folks flee away from science toward their religion of worshiping “incurable” demonic possessions. They will invest thousands of dollars and months of their lives worshiping their sacred demon. Then, they may want others to invest hours of time with no compensation to “convince” them that the effect of cancer is just a simple physiological effect which can easily be produced or discontinued. Their hysteria is… totally hysterical.

How incurable demon-worshiping skin cancer goes in to remission

July 17, 2014
People sometimes come to me who have recently been diagnosed with a serious health issue and they tell me of their despair. They say that they have no hope left of recovering. With teardrops spilling on to their face, they may say in a solemn, serious tone: “I have a disease and my disease is incurable.”
For instance, I remember one man who was only 35 years oldwhen he was suddenly paralyzed, but he had been told there was “no medical explanation” for his condition. So, the doctors that he had already been seeing had given his condition a long fancy-sounding label, but then they said things like “we have done all the tests that we know to do, but we  still cannot explain why you cannot walk. We don’t know how to help you. So because we don’t understand your condition well enough to help you, all we can do is give your condition a very special label, which is incurable.” By the way, within a few months he had a total recovery of the ability to walk.
Another even younger man came to me and said that he a had a red, itchy rash spreading across his body. It started on his face, then spread to the side of his face on his cheeks, then to his forehead, and then to his arms just below the sleeves. A few hours later, his skin literally started to fall off.
So, the young man came to me in a panic. He begged me, saying “Please help me. Please pray for me so that the demon which is inhabiting my body will be destroyed and I will recover.”
Then I took his hand in my hand and I looked him in the eyes and asked, “Is this your first time here on vacation?”The young man’s face shifted suddenly to a very confused look and he said to me: “Yes, but how did you know that I was here on vacation?”
I said: “you have been out in the sun too long. Just because you do not understand the source of the effects that you are experiencing, that does not mean that you have been possessed by a demon.”
He got a bit excited and said: “No, of course I am possessed. First of all, this has never happened to me before. Then today from out of nowhere, the demon burned my nose, then my cheeks, and then this living creature that had somehow possessed my body spread in to my forehead and my arms, attacking my skin. Look here at the layers of my skin just peeling away! It is even worse than it was an hour ago. Anyway, I know all about sunburn and this cannot be sunburn because I was not even in the sun at the particular moment when the demon starting attacking my skin and making it itchy. So, how can you say that it is not a demon that has been doing this to me? Look at my skin peeling away. I am not making this up! Are you calling me a liar?”
So, then I said to him: “Well, I admit that you sound very confident. So, since you seem like a person who is very motivated, I am going to share with you an old legend. Some people say that there is a rather common plant that has some magic lotion inside of it. I happen to have some of that lotion from the plant and, if you would like, you can rub some of it on your skin to drive away the demonic sunburn. Many people report very good results of using this substance to heal their skin from the burns. Believe it or not, they say that it kills the demon instantly.”
He stood up from his chair and pointed his finger in the air and then announced: “Well, you do not need to insult me. I am not going to fall for such foolishness. I will not be tricked in to embarrassing myself by using some untested methods recommended by a witch doctor like you. I am disappointed that you believe in such nonsense!”
As you might expect, he abruptly left in a rage. I had to make some effort as he left not to laugh, because his face was sunburned so bad that the more emotional that he got, the more pain he felt on his face.
As I said, he was a young man at that time. However, a few years later he had been coming here regularly for vacations and he came in to see me again. He said that he eventually recognized that he had simply developed a sunburn. In fact, he even had used the lotion that I had mentioned to him years before to relieve the pain and heal the burnt skin. So, he was coming to apologize and to thank me for my offer to help him.
However, he said that there was another reason he was visiting me. He had recently been possessed by a demon called skin cancer. He said it had spread from his nose to his hands and next to his lungs and now to his liver.
So that I was clear on what he was reporting, I asked him to confirm what I thought he had said: “so you have been possessed by a demon called skin cancer and the skin cancer has spread to your lungs and then skin cancer in your lungs also spread to your liver?”
He said “Yes. I even have some pictures of the living tumors which are growing larger as they eat away at my body.”
I asked him if he had ever considered that perhaps the tumors were clumps of unhealthy cells that were like a stack of dirty dishes in a sink. I invited him to consider that the pile of dishes is not itself alive. If the pile gets higher, that is only because new dirty dishes are getting added faster than anyone is removing the dishes for cleaning.
He repeated that he was very sad because the demon of cancer had invaded him. He also said that he did not know why I was talking about washing dishes. He asked if I was actually even a real witch doctor at all.
I told him that I was a minister, not a medical specialist. Then he asked me which medical school I had attended.
I told him that once I had visited the campus of a local college nearby. He said, “oh, yes, I know that is a very prestigious school, so congratulations! Anyway, what do you think I should do about the incurable skin cancer in my liver? Also, did you know that cancer is caused by unresolved anger issues?”
I asked him if he was familiar with the difference between correlation and causality. He said “thousands of people with cases of incurable possession by demonic skin cancer are very angry. Therefore, anger causes demonic possession by incurable skin cancer in the liver.”I asked him if he knew anyone who was angry without having any skin cancer in the liver. He said “yes, but why are you asking that?”
I asked him if he knew anyone with any kind of skin cancer that was not angry. He paused for a moment and then said that he did not personally know anyone else with skin cancer.
That is when I told him that I had previously been diagnosed with skin cancer. He said “no, that is impossible. You are not an angry person. So why would you be cursed with the punishment of being possessed by skin cancer demons like me?”
I told him that I was glad that he had come to visit, but I could not help him with his demonic possession. He said “but I thought you did exorcisms and stuff, right?”
I said “no, I do not performexorcisms.” He said, “well, I don’t really care if you have been specifically trained in dealing with incurable demons like mine.  Just try to remove the demonic cancer from me with a prayer, okay?”I looked at him for a moment, tapping my finger a few times. Then I said “Dear Lord, please help this angry man possessed by demonic skin cancer of the liver. Thank you for your help, Lord. You are very powerful for an Almighty God, Lord, so please help this man to do the things that promote fast removal of all of the dishes from his sink. Guide him so that he will stop doing the things that add lots of dirty dishes to the sink very quickly. Finally, Lord, thank you for magically removing the demon of incurable skin cancer from my skin several years ago by showing me which practices lead to the effect of cancer and which practices lead to the effect of health. So, Lord, I thank you in advance for your divine wisdom and power as you help this man to be healthy and happy, Amen.”
The man was smiling now and looked relieved. That is when the young man asked me if my incurable demonic cancer had gone in to remission. I said, “Well, the tumors are gone now, so yes, that is one way of putting it.”
He said that was very interestting to him. He was planning to have some surgery to remove the incurable demonic skin cancer from his liver very soon and, after that, he would be shopping around for some remissions to put the tumor in. He asked me where my cancer had gone in to remission.
I told him that remission is not an actual place, but just a diagnostic label used for convenience by certain witch doctors. He said that I was a very smart man and, because of that, I should help lots of people to defeat their incurable cancer by praying that the demon possessing the person with the incurable cancer would find the actual place where the remissions were kept, so that everyone could go in to remission whenever they want.
Somehow keeping a straight face, I thanked him and said “that is a very kind thing to say.” He shrugged and said “well, you know, when you worship incurable demons as long as I have, it really teaches you to be the most compassionate person ever.”

what causes the effect called cancer?

March 28, 2014

 For us to say “cancer is caused by toxicity” is not as precise (or useful) as to say that extreme acidity (and/or dehydration) causes inflammation and other dysfunctions, such as the extreme form called cancer. Is there ever an effect called cancer which is not produced by biochemical toxicity? Yes. That is a major issue for the theory of “toxicity causes cancer.”

Bombardment of tissue with neutrons or protons (for instance) can alter the electromagnetic balance (the pH or voltage). That disrupts cellular function, such as mitochondrial functionality (metabolism, energy production). The effect called cancer results.

All “cancers” can be slowed or reversed with electrons (raising pH). However, the most serious obstacle when filling up a bucket is when there is a hole in the bottom, such as the case when there is a metal filling draining electrons. In many cases, simply plugging the hole produces an end to the effect called cancer.

What do I mean by plugging the hole? Let’s start with identifying the hole.

A metal filling (such as mercury or silver or gold) MAY OR MAY NOT be so close to the natural electrical circuits of an organism’s nervous system that it connects/ conducts electrons, producing an CONSTANT leak or drain on energy in to the air. Over the course of decades produces the effects that are given labels like “cancer.” While it is also possible to produce cancerous effects simply by bombarbing an organism with certain kinds of radiation, that does not explain WHERE the cancerous effects develop.

The electrical explanation (which is the same as pH since pH is simply a measure of electrical charge) predicts not only which organ(s) will develop the effects labeled cancer, but more. By removing the metal filling(s) and replacing them with porcelain, that removes the short circuit from the circuit and CAN (when an organism is properly grounded and has access to an abundant supply of electrons) contribute to the electromagnetic rebalancing of the tissue and removal of the accumulated cells of a tumor, such as we call “remission.”


So, Susan asked about how all of this is related to electrical eels. That is a great question.

When I personally lacked the insulation (myelin sheath) to transmit a nerve signal between my brain and my leg, I called that paralysis. 1 single pint of raw cream later (and a good night’s sleep), and “my paralysis disappeared.”

However, paralysis is just a label for an effect. It is not a demon possessing people- no more than scurvy or cancer or autism or acne. (Of those, autism is the closest to a demon because it involves a large colonization of parasites driven in to brain tissue, typically driven there by toxic levels of mercury in vaccines.)

Here is a quote from the article Susan cited:
“How the fish [electric eels] are seemingly able to tolerate large currents at certain times and not at others is a mystery which still eludes research scientists. The answer may lie partly in a thick layer of fat which behaves as an electrical insulator, protecting the eels from their own shocks and, to some extent, the shocks of others.”

So, ignorant researchers in institutions label lots of nature as “a mystery.”
What if the science is quite simple and the researchers have been blind because of false presumptions unsupported by evidence?

When a cell is properly insulated with saturated fat, then it can hold a charge and also maintain proper charge even when strong electromagnetic currents are present. Modern humans mostly consume low amounts of saturated fat and high amounts of PUFAs (fatty acids that are inferior in many ways including for electrical insulation). That is why the modern humans are so easy to electrocute (or even to injure with cell phone radiation or wifi radiation).


Further, by lack of electrical contact with the earth (being ungrounded), they no only cannot hold charge well (because of lack of cellular insulation), but often do not have the proper charge/voltage in the first place (they have too many protons relative to electrons, as in a systemic pH that is too acidiic as in below 7.35). Combine bad fats (poor insulation) with no grounding (no supply of electrons) and lots of electrical drainage from metal fillings (most often\ made from mercury amalgam), and there is a recipe for a huge rise in frequency of the effect called “cancer,” as well as a long list of other auto-immune disorders that are simply not present at all in the populations of most traditional cultures.

If you understand all of this, then it becomes obvious why it is not good to drink sodas with a pH of 3. Why does cooking reduce the electromagnetic integrity of organic tissue? First, it destroys the hydrating effects of the moisture by burning off the liquid. That issue alone is HUGE.

What happens when you have a well-insulated battery cell (in a car battery), plus an ample supply of charge, but no water in the cell? Nothing happens! Without hdyration INSIDE the cell, the electromagnetic functionality of the “battery” is ZERO.

That is why I focus so much on #1 electromagnetic balance, such as by using $1 copper wires, and #2 hydration (by using water engineered to hydrate efficiently OR water from natural sources that provides superior hydration to the average source of water). Hydration is essential to holding charge (just as myelin and saturated fats are essential for insulating the charged or ionized water).

So, acidity plus dehydration always produces the EFFECT of inflammation. Inflammation is not a root cause. It is as simple to produce as putting your skin directly on the burner of a hot stove.

When tissue is being slowly burnt (cooked) from the inside by acidity, we can call that cancer. The paranoid focus on which diagnostic label to worship is a testament to the ignorance of most modern scientists. Why are they so focused on disease and lucrative remedial interventions and so little focused on promoting health? Again, the issue is rather simple.

It does not matter whether you have ever “had” paralysis or cancer or inflammationitis. If you have proper hydration and proper electromagnetic flow, that is the only way to have optimal health.


promoting health or fighting demons (like cancer, the FDA, etc)

March 24, 2014

fighting demons

MS wrote:


Alternative medicine is just as much guilty of simplification as conventional medicine. Both have an issue with understanding that “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work really well. So you can have a chemo or radiation for cancer, or on the other end b-17 or cannabis oil or green smoothies… our desire for a one-step simple solution to a complex problem is understandable, but doesn’t work well in real life.

The same with PD [the primal diet]. The fundamentals are simple yet as you go deeper you discover some things work for you and some don’t and you adjust your diet accordingly.



Angel Fighting Demon


JR replies:


I am satisfied with my understanding of “cancer” as an effect of low pH (AKA improper voltage /more protons than electrons). I am not aware of any controversy in that regard. Please feel free to show me any well-constructed scientific research on the subject that is not absolutely clear.

If people do not fully understand the simplicity of cancer, then they may only be able to repair damage efficiently (like through diet to remove the accumulated waste of the tumor) without at all addressing the basic cause: the electromagnetic short-circuiting of something like a mercury tooth filling which leads to the continual draining of the voltage from that physical circuit. Changing of diet does not alter the short circuit, does it?

Because of the near complete ignorance of electromagnetics and the worship of what may ultimately be a largely inaccurate model of biochemical cause and effect, many conventional and alternative models are still rooted in the familiar and popular 19th century falsehoods called “mainstream biochemistry.” When the simple elegance of physics is properly respected, highly efficient models are already rather well-developed for us to apply.

However, we must stop exhausting ourselves with attacking the FDA or AMA if we wish to develop insight and spread it. Their continuing power may even RELY on us attacking them instead of promoting science.

Back to the topic of my recent exchange with A.R., imagine if millions of people said “I do not care what the FDA recommends. I am interested in actual science!” Why pay thousands of dollar as a co-pay for an insurance-covered treatment that is highly dangerous? Perhaps because people do not know there are $5 cures- or have not loosened their worship of the FDA (blind faith or blind attacks) enough to “bother” to go on to the internet and then assess the simplicity of the most remarkable claims and evidence and theories.

Back to the original topic of this thread, let’s consider grounding (which always raises pH of someone experiencing cancer, who always is acidic). Is grounding sufficient to remedy all of the symptoms labeled cancer? No!

Grounding does not remove short circuits created by mercury dental fillings (avoidable with porcelain fillings)! Grounding also does not provide hydration (which, along with pH, are the two most prevalent “epidemics” … of 19th century ignorance)!

However, proper grounding ALWAYS promotes health and reverses the causes of cancer. It will slow down some “cancering” (slower malignancy of tumors) and reverse some (remission of tumors) and simply create stability in some cases (benign tumors). Will grounding PLUS a primal diet ALWAYS be sufficient? NO!!! Will removing a filling while eating a bad diet lead to the same speed of recovery as removing the filling plus eating a great diet? NOOOO!!!!

If an alternative medical approach is anything but holistic, then it could still be struggling against symptoms. That is just medicine (or at least only “remedial medicine”). That is not promoting health.

Cancer: how to produce it, stop producing it, & prevent it

March 8, 2014

I will here address the effect labeled “cancer” and how to to produce it, prevent it, etc…. I will also address how pH alters the ability to use oxygen (meaning that adding oxygen while ignoring pH may be ineffective). 

Some of you may know my orientation that electromagnetics rules biochemistry (& nutrition), which is based on the observation that if you take 1000 lab rats who eat a wide variety of diets (even with a variety of exposure to toxins) and you dunk all of them in very strong acid for 60 seconds or expose them to strong shocks like 1-minute long lightning bolts, they all tend to die. Yes, no matter what their biochemistry, they all die.

So, I propose that electromagnetism rules biochemistry. In this case, pH levels rule the use of oxygen. To see documentation that falling pH reduces cellular oxygen consumption, see “table 1″ at the top of page 3 of the journal of the American Heart Association:

Next, I want to correct a possible misconception before we proceed. Celsius and Fahrenheit are two scales that measure the same thing. Likewise, voltage and pH are also two scales that measure the same thing: the relative amount of electrons to protons. In other words, they measure magnetic polarity.

When there is a relative abundance of electrons, that can be measured numerically as a negative voltage or a pH above 7 (alkalinity). When there is a relative abundance of protons, that can be measured numerically as a positive voltage or a pH below 7 (acidity). How do batteries produce voltage? Things like battery acid (with a very low pH or positive voltage) are involved in creating a current of flowing electrons. Electricity is magnetism.

So, what happens when you pour acid on a lab rat’s skin? It burns. It produces inflammation. It gets red. It irritates nerves and signals pain (if the rat is healthy rather than numbed/comatose).

Now, what happens if there is internal acidity (not as strong as pouring battery acid on the rat’s skin)? The EXACT same thing happens.

However, when the dropping of pH is happening slowly, like across decades, there is no intense pain (but often there is chronic pain like “from” fibromyalgia or “from” arthritis- all from acidity). With falling pH, there is a decreasing ability to use oxygen in aerobic metabolism. Why? Because electrons are needed to metabolize oxygen. When pH is below 7, that means that all the electrons are already coupled with protons. 

It requires a very strong magnetism to pull electrons away from a proton. It requires very little magnetic polarity to pull away an uncoupled electron.

So, when pH is low, anaerobic bacteria (and even fungus) will proliferate. Parasites may also come to consume the decaying tissue.

Keep in mind that all living tissue naturally decays eventually. A healthy organism will be replenishing tissues as fast as they are decaying. Otherwise, decayed tissue can accumulate. If the body is unable to remove accumulations of decayed tissue, someone may label that “having cancer,” as if presuming that cancer is some living thing that can “spread” and “produce” the effect of a tumor.

That idea is idiotic (though popular). Cancer is a label for an effect, like “rash.” Rash does not cause inflammation. Rash is a name for a type of inflammation. What causes the rash? The same thing causes the rash that causes the tumor/cancer:

electromagnetics (which can be measured as pH or as voltage)


#1 What causes joint pain and inflammation?

A) a biochemical demon called “Arthritis” that can spread and possess YOU
B) Electromagnetic polarity

#2 What causes an accumulation of decayed tissue called a tumor?

A) a biochemical demon called “Cancer” that can spread and possess YOU
B) Electromagnetic polarity

#3 What causes the rash on the skin of a lab rat?

A) a biochemical demon called “a fever” that can spread and possess YOU
B) Electromagnetic polarity

#4 What causes a pH of 6.9?
A) a biochemical demon called “acidosis” that can spread and possess YOU
B) Electromagnetic polarity

Baking soda cures demonic possession by cancer

February 28, 2014
J: what are your thoughts about adding baking soda to water to ingest or alkaline water machines?
JR: below, here’s yet another Doctor who does not seem to get that tumors are effects, not causes. He talks about tumors as causing acidity. That the old correlation-causation presumption. Because the indoctrination of the demon worship model is so heavy, I can’t blame him personally of course.
” Drinking baking soda has been proven to reduce or eliminate the spread of breast cancer to the lungs, brain and bone, but too much baking soda can also damage normal organs. “In other words, this test is designed to lead to personalized medicine for cancer patients, by optimizing the therapy to each individual,” said Mark “Marty” Pagel, PhD, University of Arizona associate professor of biomedical engineering and lead researcher on the project. Just as people feel the burn from lactic acid produced in their muscles during rigorous exercise, tumors also produce lactic acid when they are actively growing, Pagel says. This acid destroys surrounding tissue, which allows the tumor to grow, invade surrounding areas, and metastasize to other organs in the body. “The acid also provides resistance to common chemotherapies,” Pagel said.

It is demonstrated that drinking it in strong concentration is too much alkalinity for certain tissues. If people understand the simplicity of the issue, then OBVIOUSLY it is better to put small amounts of baking soda across several square feet of tissue (skin) that has evolved over millions of years to assimilate moderate alkalinity… than to dump high alkalinity in to the stomach.
The MDs who do things like that are panicking idiots. I am being dramatic not to be personally insulting, but to point to the total stupidity of their logic (lack of logic) … or lack of well-thought out logic- why: because they are operating in a panic and paranoia of demon worship!
They are terrified about effects. They are ignorant of physics (electromagnetics) as the cause. It is all over Dr. Pagel’s comments.
“The acidity can impair the effectiveness of our holy medications.” F$*king DUH! The acidity is THE issue.
Pagel said “acid destroys tissue and ALLOWS the tumor to grow.” DUMBASS! The tumor is the residual material left after the acid destroys tissue!

In other places, I just read this stupidity:

“Jennifer Barton, professor and head of UA biomedical engineering. “Patients can actually change their body’s pH to make their cancer drugs more effective – it can be as simple as drinking baking soda”
Changing the pH does not make the drugs effective. Changing the pH ends the effect of cancer.

You could design an experiment to determine if that was the case.
JR: yup. wouldn’t cost much.

JR: The science is already established…. just give the medical profession a century or two and it will be common knowledge. (maybe even faster.)
J: it does seem rather symptom focused. doctors aren’t scientists.
JR:  it is demon worship. that’s not an insult. that’s a precise categorization.
J: they don’t even have to take physics with calculus.

I mean that they (medical students) don’t even have the requirement today. whereas all science students are taking physics with calc.

its lame.

JR: the model of having a physician guide you may be collapsing. with the internet, science is no long easy to supress.
Acidity (too many protons relative to not enough electrons) is the cause of virtually all modern degenerative diseases: ” Viruses and diseases such as colds, flu, cancer and even heart disease thrive in an acidic body, but cannot survive when your body is alkaline. The 2009 Journal of the American Society of Nephrology revealed a study of 134 patients with advanced kidney disease. Taking baking soda daily dramatically slowed down the progression of kidney disease, resulting in no need for dialysis.”
Again, the demonic model: “heart disease cannot survive when your body is alkaline.”
There is no demon of heart disease possessing anyone! 

When your body is alkaline, then there is no acidity to produce the natural effects of acidity (heart disease, etc).

unraveling mainstream propaganda about “cancer”

February 28, 2014
A fellow and I were chatting about what causes cancer. The pictures are of acid burns, but they look “strangely” similar to skin cancer, don’t they?
JR: Epigenetics is huge. A queen bee has the same DNA as her sisters, but because of eating royal jelly, it is LIKE a totally distinct gender.(So, let’s not focus too much on DNA. The same DNA in an adolescent and a child produce very different-looking organisms because of which DNA codes are operating at which time.)

So you don’t buy the genetic testing?
No, not if it is a model of 19th century demon worship of “anemia, cancer, arthritis,” etc

I had an interesting experience.

I got genetically tested. turns out that I have a mutation that makes me 300% more likely to get skin cancer. I went and got checked and it turned out that I had a melanoma. I was 43. I know that is only one data point. but it made me think


Cancer is an effect. Are you clear that it is an effect, not a cause?

its a cause of death
JR: “I have melanoma” is that 19th century model of demon worship. There is no melanoma creating effects. Melanoma is a labeling of an effect.
Scurvy can “cause death” according to an ignorant MDs coroner report. However, there is no substance “scurvy.” It is a label for a physiological effect (or group of effects).
J:So cancer is not a disease process but a symptom, is that what you are saying?
JR: Right, I “had” MS until I did not. I woke up one morning and could walk again. I could run again within a few days. I did something radically different the day before I recovered the ability to walk. It cost me about $5.MS is a label for an effect. It is not a substance or a demon possessing anyone.

thats fantastic
JR: Cancer is the inevitable result of a certain metabolic irregularity. (as I understand it)
Do you know what the letters pH stand for?
J: yes
JR: what is the H?

I have heard that PH cancer idea before, but I also heard that cancer itself acidifies the body
JR: So is cancer an effect or a cause?

I am guessing its non-monotonic
JR: I do not know that term in this context.

I just meant that it likely is influenced by and influences the rest of the system-

so not one direction only

JR: No, cancer is not a living thing (like fungus). Cancer is like a label placed on a jar. The label on the jar does not alter the contents of the jar.Ok, so, pH is “potential hydrogen.” If a substance with a pH of let’s say 2 is poured on the skin or surface of a animal or plant, will it have an effect?


of course
JR: Do you know why? Do you know what happens biochemically when a bunch of stuff with a potential HYDROGEN rating of 2 contacts something with a pH of, say, about 7.0?

Not sure about bio but acid and base would make a salt in a flask
JR: OK, yes. I am talking about cause and effect here as it relates to skin cancer.
aka possession by the demon of “melanoma”
So a strong acid with a pH of 2 will rip apart the molecules on the surface of an animal’s skin or a plant’s surface. The electron bonds (of the molecules forming the cells of the skin) will be broken by the electromagnetic charge of the acid. It is the exact same effect as a lightning strike or other strong electric shock. The charge of the acid with a pH of 2 RIPS the electrons from the tissue with a pH of 7.

An acid burn and a burn from lightning are functionally the same electromagnetically. (or maybe the lightning functions like a very high pH- I do not know that detail).

J: what food has a pH of 2 – i am presuming this is a food thing.


No, HCl has a pH of 2. That is Hydrogen and Chlorine AKA stomach acid. (Hydrochloric acid)
J: ok so its the 7 thats the problem?
JR: Most soda has a pH of 3 and is extremely unfavorable electromagnetically, especially in large volumes.

I never really drank soda. never developed a taste for it
 JR: No, pH of 7 is neutral. I thought you might me more familiar with pH.
J: well you said 7 in contact with 2.
JR: and food is not the issue. The issue is the balance of electrons to protons. That can be measured as pH or as voltage.

so what causes the ph then if not food
JR: Yes, normal healthy skin would have a pH of about 7.4 (slightly alkaline). pH is just a name for a system for measuring the balance of electrons to protons… which is the same as the voltage. pH measures the balance of electrons to protons in liquids.That same electromagnetic balance in liquids can also be measured in voltage, like the strength of some amount of battery acid can be measured either in pH or in voltage. It is kind of like saying Fahrenheit or Celsius when measuring temperature.


sure -

so what causes the change in PH… in the body

JR: any change in the balance of electrons to protons: from food, from EMFs, from a nuclear detonation bombarding tissue with neutrons, etc…. Stay with me and this will be simple.

waiting for it
JR: pH matters. That is my point. (my first point).
To label a low pH with the demonic diagnostic label “cancer” is not useful. However, if you measure the voltage (which is the same as the pH) of a cancerous tissue, it is way too acidic for normal metabolic functioning.
The mitochondria cannot perform aerobic metabolism of carbohydrates, so all energetic conversions plunge in efficiency to anaerobic metabolism. Mitochondria cannot operate when there is an “egregious” abnormality in the balance of protons to electrons.
Oxygen cannot be used (when pH is too low) to metabolize carbohydrates even if there is a lot of oxygen present. So, when a huge region of tissue has a very low pH, that “screws everything up” and a bunch of dead cells accumulate because (1) the body cannot even keep those cells alive when the pH is too low and (2) the body needs to constantly replenish new cells and cannot make ANY new cells when the pH is too low.
J: so don’t drink soda, avoid nuclear bombs and EMFs. got it.
JR: So, we “say” that there is a tumor *because* someone “has cancer.” That is totally superstitious.
No, you keep jumping to some food-related point. 100 people exposed to the same EMF wifi signals or the same nuclear detonation will have widely different effects.
Why? pH!
 (among other things, but that one is SO simple)

and what causes PH?

which inputs?

JR: pH is “caused” by the balance of electrons to protons (as in the voltage or the acidity- that is all the same thing). pH is a scale for measuring the potential reactivity of hydrogen atoms. pH is nothing but the relative balance of protons to electrons. Again, it means the electromagnetic charge or the voltage or potential reactivity of the substance. Potential Hydrogen (pH) is just potential reactivity, like volatility. There are neutral substances with little reactivity, then varying strengths of acids (positive voltage or excess protons) and of bases (negative voltage or excess of electrons).
J: right, but if I am following you, your argument is that these diseases are ones of imbalance of PH

I’m glad you are asking about how to influence the pH. You are still a bit ahead.

Basically, pH extremes can destroy tissue. To label that “cancer” is trivial. To say “stage 3 cancer” is also horribly imprecise relative to saying “that tissue has a pH of exactly 6.5413.”

J: So then what cause the imbalance of PH
JR: You are still missing something very easy. pH is a measure of the balance of electrons to protons, as in voltage, as in the strength of acidity or alkalinity. Lots of things effect the balance of electrons to protons.
Would you mind if I start with “why did nature work so well for so long and then in recent decades cancer rates spiked?”

thanks for the explanation
JR: the biggest drains on voltage / electrons /pH are mercury fillings that overlap in to the body’s electrical system (the roots of the teeth). But there are a few issues:
So what is the natural pH of most living organisms? It is still the pH of the ancient oceans, which is slightly alkaline (7.35 – 7.4 pH).
For many billion years, life on this planet existed only in the ocean, first in single-cell creatures and then on from there. Life existed in the ocean. Then when land-based plants started to evolve, they “took the ocean with them.” They reproduced the ocean by developing root systems to collect water and minerals, copying the ancient ocean.
When land-based animals evolved, they needed to take the ocean with them too. They ate plants and “stole” the “ocean” from the plants. Later, carnivores evolved that “stole” the ocean juices from the herbivores. By ocean juices, I mean all of the primary bodily fluids: blood, cerebro-spinal fluid, intracellular fuid, extracellular fluid, everything!
So, where can you put your body that quickly returns your pH to “optimal?” The ocean. Next best thing: the ground. Touch the earth with no insulation (no rubber soles) and you will get electrons from the earth to restore your proper charge (pH).
You can use the straps that high-tech employees use or you can ground through a wire in a 3-prong wall outlet’s electrical ground. That part could not be much simpler.
However, the next issue is major drains on voltage. That is where dental fillings link up to cancer types. Each tooth is part of an electrical circuit or meridian in the body. When that circuit is “shorted” by a filling that has metal too close to the nerve endings, the drain can be significant, especially over months and years.
Further, it gets more complicated. You need to have functioning cell walls to be able to insulate cells. The whole body should not be the same pH. You need functioning insulation.
When I could not walk, that was apparently because of a lack of an organic insulating material called myelin. Doctors can call that the demon of Multiple Sclerosis, but that is because they do not understand basic physics as it relates to cellular function and physiology.
So, the biggest issue in modern diets is the lack of healthy fats. The paranoia about saturated fat has led to one of the most rapid declines in human health in history. Healthy fats are essential for proper cellular insulation. That is why primitive eskimos, who eats huge amounts of fat and have zero incidence of cancer, are so intriguing to anthropologists (and so threatening to the quacks of modern medicine raving in paranoia hysteria about how cancer is incurable.) They do not even know what cancer is, so why should we expect them to be able to prevent it or resolve it?
Also, there are also various kinds of radiation that can contribute to low pH (and thus produce the effect called cancer). The most famous is nuclear fallout but in modern times there are also extremely unusual electromagnetic fields (unusual from an evolutionary perspective) like cell phones and wifi systems. The best circumstance for pH is to be both away from detrimental EMFs and constantly or nearly constantly grounded to the earth (especially near an ocean where the air is rich in ions/ available electrons). Also, any dental fillings that are draining electrons can be removed.This may seem remarkable, but if removing dental fillings consistently and predictably ends the effect of cancer in the appropriate tissues of a human or animal, that is proof. One case is intriguing. Dozens of cases are startling. Thousands of cases in dozens of trials and experiments establishes the model as “good enough to be consistently useful.”

Grounding (and EMFs) make a difference on plants, on pets, on livestock, and on all humans. Further, most of this is extremely inexpensive (except it may be a few thousand dollars for someone in the US to have all their fillings replaced with porcelain). That is just because of the politics of health care in the US which wildly increase health care costs.
Anyway, if pH is returned to the evolutionary ideal range, the effect of cancer is no longer produced. Cells begin to rebuild at a normal rate. If someone is already near death, of course, then these methods may only extend their life a few months or years.For young people, a modern “epidemic” like ADHD can be promptly resolved if the pH of the brain tissues is brought back to the ideal evolutionary range. With these methods and others that use simple physics, the effect of malaria can be ended in a few hours. Something like AIDS takes a few weeks to disappear- of course depending on the extent of the prior energetic and metabolic irregularity.
That is enough to give you a hint of the power of applying physics and electromagnetics to health rather than pretending that biochemistry is the only field of science relevant to health. If a lightning bolt will kill a mouse 100% of the time, then that is not biochemistry. That is electromagnetic charge. Electricity rules biochemistry, even producing instant death.Modern medicine somehow neglects almost the entire realm of electromagnetics. Modern medicine is “addicted” to a 19th century model of demon worship, with the demons being worshiped including “cancer” and “arthritis” and “autism” and so on. When there is no comprehension of physiology, people will use primitive terms like cancer and then panic over those terms.

Under the spell of the witchcraft of modern medicine, people flock to oncologists who do not even know what cancer is or how to prevent it or discontinue it. However, because of marketing and propaganda and the power of marketing and emotion (panic), many people lack the cognitive capacity to recognize the simplicity of this issue and they will continue to invest faith in their religion of demon worship, saying things like “I have melanoma.” They are hypnotized. They do not even know what causes the effect that they call melanoma, but then they worship their sacred label as if it is something real and tangible and powerful (something besides a label for an effect). They are idolaters who discard God for the demon that the MDs have programmed them to worship.

So, it does not matter what “stage” of cancer that some imbecile labels you with. They still have no idea what to really do to END the effect ONE HUNDRED PERCENT OF THE TIME.

Diagnostic labels are largely worthless trivia. What is important is to know how far the pH is from ideal. Also, it is pretty easy to precisely measure the voltage of tissue (or the resistance, pH, etc). It is pretty easy to alter the pH /voltage, like by touching both ends of a battery to the tongue.

Modern medicine is failing not because 21st century technology is inaccurate. The issue is that conceptual models include a lot of garbage. We use electromagnetics for diagnostics, like MRIs and CAT scans and EKG. However, other than after heart attacks, there is virtually no use of electricity as an intervention by the demon-worshiping priesthood of western medical paranoias and delusions.

However, I do not think that the medical industry wants to acknowledge the importance of electricity. We know that applying shocks to the brain has drastic effects. There is no doubt about it. Also, it is clear that seizures and alzheimer’s are related to neuro-electromagnetics.

They are not THAT stupid, are they? Maybe most of them, but ALL of them?

I think some of them know exactly how quickly a few simple innovations would destroy the current medical industry. The pharmaceutical industry would be devastated. The cancer treatment industry would disappear.

The paranoia of the sheeple would dramatically drop and independent thinking would flourish. That’s not good from the perspective of ruling the masses efficiently. Worshiping demons is what the MDs indoctrinate the masses to do and that is because the systems works rather well for them that way. ;)

Oh, and you might want to research conservative measures for exploring ways to raise pH, like baths with added baking soda. I’ll say more about that later.

Former vegetarian comments on cancer, zombies & the ruling elite

October 19, 2013

“Hey JR… if you have any writings, comments or insights on the need for vegetarianism, if it affects your spiritual path and any Wisdom writing on that subject, I am open.”

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Former vegetarian?

I am a former vegetarian. I can say a few positive things about it.

First, vegetarianism brings a level of attention to the importance of diet and physical health. Next, many people have allergies to dairy or eggs (which vegans tend to avoid), so, until the allergy is reversed, extreme vegetarianism may be beneficial. Also, many forms of overcooked modern muscle meat are not especially healthy and contain lots of pro-inflammatory omega 6 fats.

Next, many people are so emotionally tender (crippled really) that even imagining that a creature experienced physical pain (even a fish) is disturbing to them. They may call their vegetarianism “moral”, which is just a frightened “shadow projection” of arrogant contempt for anyone who confronts them with the reality of the existence of physician pain.

Anyway, vegetarianism “done well” can be favorable for a monastic lifestyle because it reduces production of things like testosterone. However, many modern vegetarians end up eating an extremely inflammatory diet which promotes irritability and neurological impairment, paranoia, panic, rage and so forth that make them very easily herded by socialist propaganda, by the way.

Many vegetarians present the idea of vegetarianism being a dietary practice that corresponds to “evolutionary biology.” However, consider that evolutionary biologists reject that “rationalization” and instead have consulted with anthropologists to identify various sets of dietary practices called primal, paleo, and Epi-paleo ( with Epi referencing the science of epigenetics).

English: Chinese Buddhist Cuisine. Vegetarian ...

English: Chinese Buddhist Cuisine. Vegetarian restaurant buffet, Taipei. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Vegetarians on cancer

Vegetarians will say things like “diet can cure cancer.” They will show rates of remission proudly and that is understandable, right?

Scientists on cancer

Evolutionary biologists and linguistic anthropologists may say things like “cancer is just a rudimentary diagnostic label and is not itself a tangible physical reality, though physical tumors can signal health issues which can be labeled as cancerous.” The diagnostic label “cancer” is used in some social groups and religions to refer to a form of demonic possession promoted by their priesthoods of witchcraft and of curses. The priesthood is called mainstream science and mainstream medicine, with the exception of the more effective models within those broad traditions, such as the specialty of “functional medicine.”

Lung cancer

Lung cancer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most of the mainstream personnel working in the disease management industry will say things like “Room 318 has cancer.” They mean that the chattel organism warehoused in Room 318 (let’s call “it” Bob) has been possessed by a demon called cancer.

They then generally ignore Bob and instead focus on the demon (and exorcising the demon). It is a very lucrative system and also very useful for enslaving human resources, which is why mainstream institutions promote that system of mythology and religion and call it science. Note that mass media, government and of course the health care industry are all businesses for promoting the interests of certain groups relative to all other groups.

The solution for cancer?

So, what is “the solution to cancer?” Study the diets and lifestyles of a long list of primitive tribes who live in ways that promote the functioning of the immune system (rather than systematically suppress it and attack it with medications) and thereby produce zero incidence of cancer (along with impeccable physical health in general).

The Ruling Class

The Ruling Class (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ruling elite or zombie herds?

It is also worth noting that linguistic anthropologist and evolutionary biologists may be among the ruling classes of modern societies. They may directly benefit from having huge populations of biochemically-compromised human resources who serve them, such as farm workers and factory workers and soldiers. They may widely promote that others adopt vegetarianism, such as Richard Dawkins, who calls himself an evolutionary biologist.

So, primitives are primitive because of their lack of complex social organization. The ruling elites are privileged because of herds of zombies who follow their command/social propaganda. The complex social engineering (governing) by the ruling elites is what allows them to organize the herds of zombies in ways that lead to the slaughter of primitives.

Peter Paul Rubens - Pythagoras advocating vege...

By the way, what I just laid out for you reminds me of an elitist interpretation of the “two paths” prophecy of the Hopi. In this version, the two paths do not refer to two alternative paths for humanity, but two alternative life paths for humans: zombie or ruling elite.

the cure for common medical misconceptions

February 9, 2013

A BOLD CLARITY: the cure for common medical misconceptions

A brief statement of “the problem” that we propose to resolve is this:

Currently, there is a certain way that it is popular to relate to health in general and, in particular, to the language of diagnostic labels (such as a phrase like “incurable scurvy”). I am identifying that way of relating as “resigned,” “despondent,” and “helplessly victimized.”

People tend to think of diagnostic labels as “having power over them.” They say things that fit the “logic” of statements like this: “I have incurable scurvy which is causing my vitamin C deficiency.”

Now, let’s investigate very briefly how this issue is important to you, then how this pattern of relating to diagnostic language developed, and finally what is available for those who mature beyond that “old model” of how to communicate about well-being. First, here are some more examples of the kind of statements that people may make without really thinking about what they are saying:

Cure For Baldness?

Cure For Baldness? (Photo credit: D’oh Boy (Mark Holloway))

“Well, clearly you have no hair because of your baldness.”

That is obviously nonsense, right? But next let’s look at a very similar linguistic construction that may seem “obviously true” simply because it is so familiar….

“You have a tumor because you have cancer.”

That is simply false. Cancer is a diagnostic label, not a physical substance. Cancer does not cause tumors. Cancer is a label for the presence of physical tumors, like “receding hairline” is simply a label for the presence of a certain pattern of hair growth. When people say “you are genetically predisposed to cancer,” could they be making any inaccurate presumptions about epigenetics (how an issue of gene EXPRESSION is often mistaken as an issue of actual genetics)?

“Your tonsils are inflamed because you have tonsillitis.”

Tonsillitis is merely a label for an inflammation of the tonsils. The label for the symptom does not cause the symptom.

“You have high blood sugarbecause you have diabetes, which runs in your family.”

That is also false. Diabetes is a diagnostic label, not a physical substance.

“You are deficient in Vitamin C because you have contracted scurvy, probably from one of your parents. You do know that scurvy is contagious and incurable, right?”

Again, that is all simply absurd. Furthermore, all that follows from such an absurd misunderstanding of diagnostic labels will be actions that are, at best, inefficient.

So, I gently rebuke those who make the naive presumption that when people notice a set of symptoms and then invent a label for that set of symptoms, then that might mean that the new label (such as “scurvy, cancer, diabetes, etc”) is an incurable pathogenic demon that is “possessing” the organism, thereby causing the various symptoms. That is absurd.

Consider that the label on a jar of of food does not cause the jar to have a particular kind of food in it, does it? If one removes a label from a jar, does that change the contents? What if one adds a second label or covers an old label with a new label? What happens to the contents of the jar when altering the labeling of the jar?

Now, when a diagnostic label is invented for a particular physiological pattern, that label is used to distinguish that physiological pattern from other physiological patterns. That is all. The label does not intrinsically cause physiological patterns or alter physiological patterns.

If you take your dog to the veterinarian and the vet says to the dog “your tonsils are inflamed because you have tonsillitis,” then does that effect any inflammation of the dog’s tonsils? Labels simply do not cause symptoms! So, cancer does not cause tumors. Cancer is a label for the presence of tumors.

Likewise, the diagnostic label “diabetes” does not cause blood sugar imbalance or “insulin resistance.” Diabetes is simply a label for the presence of blood sugar imbalances and insulin resistance and, eventually, for all of the predictable effects of the excessive presence in the blood of simple sugars and complex sugars (carbohydrates)- which all arise very predictably from a single cause: the consumption of excessive amounts of carbohydrates.

Notably, the vast majority of diagnostic communications seem to me to be based on a basic lack of comprehension of the nature of diagnostic labels. Saying things like that “baldness causes hair loss” is absurd. That is simply faulty logic (as in “voodoo” science or “psychopathological” pathology).

Clearly, baldness is clearly not a physical substance, but a linguistic unit (a label). However, because physical brains can respond to language, that means that the “curses” of the licensed high priests (toward whom I have the utmost respect for their technical expertise, but no reverence whatsoever) can be very powerful (creative).

So, to summarize, my purpose for sharing is to clearly establish that our culture’s primary context for relating to diagnostic terminology is presumptive, naive, inaccurate, and disempowering. People who “get” this content will no longer be at the effect of diagnostic terminology (dissolving the sincere “curses” of demonic possession by “allegedly pathogenic” diagnostic labels). They’ll have a huge breakthrough in peace of mind and freedom.

Plus, new actions will be recognized as relevant and so new outcomes will be available. We will detail a variety of well-established resources, such as The Institute of Functional Medicine, as well as offer a brief catalog of the recoveries produced in the work of, Dr. Nora Gedgoudas, Dr. Cate Shanahan, & Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride MD, MMedSci (neurology), MMedSci(human nutrition).

First, I will feature a short version of the recovery (from Multiple Sclerosis) of medical doctor Terry Wahls. To tell recovery stories is powerful, so I will tell several of them, including the story of my own overnight recovery of the ability to walk (after suffering “from” Multiple Sclerosis- as in after I experienced the symptoms that would be labeled as “Multiple Sclerosis”).

That’s where this content will begin to have you saying things to yourself like “there really is something I can do to have power and produce new results with my health and well-being!” The resignation that most people have been trained to have about well-being and even so-called incurable conditions… will simply vanish.



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